Pokemon Mystery Dungeon the great rescue

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    In a land full of Pokemon there was a great earthquake that outraged the Pokemon living in the land. My name is Sara the Bulbasaur and I am here to tell my story of courage. I was sleeping in a cave when a Pikachu called my name. And the Pikachu shocked me to try to wake me up. I said to my partner who was a female Charizard named Hope this: who is this Pikachu? She yawned and said he is named Ash. And he wants to join our team. I said to Ash, you can join our team. Ash was very happy. So we gotten a letter saying that a Pikachu is in danger in the Great Canyon. So, we started to talk about our plans to save the trapped Pikachu. Ash knows that this Pikachu is named Luke. And they had been lost but Hope rescued Ash. I yawned and had my breakfast. So, Ash, Hope, and I set out on our journey to rescue Luke the Pikachu. Hope was the leader of our team called Team Green. So, my partner pulled a map out and said the Great Canyon is near a waterfall called the Great Falls. But we need to get ready because it will be a long and dangerous trip. I set out and my partner followed me out of the cave. Ash was the next Pikachu to follow us to the Great Canyon. But in the canyon were evil Pokemon waiting to jumped on our team. I was tired and I knew that Luke is on floor ten. Ash went all the way to floor five but he was ambush by the evil Pokemon! Hope and I tagged team in a battle to rescue Ash. We had defeated the Pokemon. We went to floor ten when another group of evil Pokemon jump out behind a bush. Hope defeated the Pokemon. Luke was hurt by the evil Pokemon but we saw the exit but the exit was blocked off by a rock. So I used my vine whip attack to move the rock. So, finally we made a quick dash to the exit. And finally we made it back home to the cave. The great rescue was over. This is the end of my story.
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