Pokemon Ranger Batonnage First Impressions

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Nu Gundam, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Nu Gundam

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    Well, the second Pokemon Ranger game just came out in Japanese along with the 1-hour Pokemon Ranger special in Pokemon DP anime. Since I have been playing the game for a bit since the you know what came out (I will probably end up buying the game when it is released though since not being able to read Japanese is a big hinderance :lol: ), here's my first impressions and some of the changes in the battle/capturing mechanics I know of so far: (Beware of Spoilers, yada yada)

    First Impressions/Notable Non-Battle Changes:

    - The game's graphics looks almost the same as the first one, not THAT surprising.

    - You can actually take Pokemon from Location A to Location B without restrictions (unlike in the first game where you have to finish the game first)

    - In addition to Pokemon, environment is now also a hazard. However, you will have to be more careful this time around since hitting those hazards WILL cost your Styler some energy (ranging from 1 such as slipping on Shello's water trail to a whooping 10 by getting rammed by a Walrein). So you will have to be extra careful.

    - Aside from the main Missions, Quests are now available as "side missions". You go around the Almia region and help people or Pokemon, when you complete these quests, you will receive upgrades for your Styler (some upgrades reduce damage taken by a certain type of element, while other increase the Styler's stats such as Line Length, PokeAssist Time, and such) or even acquiring new Partner Pokemon.

    - Speaking of Partner Pokemon, you will be able to switch between them when you go back to your hometown. Each Type has a Partner Pokemon, which makes it 17 in total ...

    - Electric, Dragon, and Steel type Pokemon now have their own PokeAssists. However, Electric Pokemons' PokeAssists is split into two categories, Recharge (similar to the first one) and Discharge (similar to Plusle/Minun)

    - You can Capture Floatzel, Empoleon, Mantine Staraptor, Doduo, Torkoal, Drifloon, and Drifblim to ride them as Field Moves. (Cross is now replaced by them in various occasions, and Staraptor replaces the Dragonite in the first game)

    - Aside from the regular Cut, Tackle, Crush, Burn, Soak, Gust, and Flash Field Moves. Two new ones, PsychoPower is used by certain Psychic/Ghost types to open certain doors and Fart (Skuntank only) is used to scare the antagonists in one of the stages.

    - Field Move level limit has been upped from 3 to 5 (5 is required to get the Regi-Trio into the Almia Browser)

    - You can download Ranger Net missions through WiFi, there are two right now (first is to retrieve yet another Manaphy Egg and second one is for a Riolu that knows Aura Sphere, but the second one can't be played until you finish the game). However, can't transfer them from the Japanese game to English D/P :frown:

    Now, onto changes in the Battle Mechanics:

    - Your Partner's PokeAssist is now only consists of a single bar unlike the previous game where there are five levels, which also unfortunately means that the Partners' PokeAssists are weaker than the ones from wild Pokemons (since all of your Partners can't evolve).

    - You will only need to Capture one Pokemon at a time unless the plot requires it (Quests, the antagonists sicing multiple Pokemon at your face, and such)

    - Instead of having a number telling you how many loops are left until a successful capture. There is a yellow bar to be filled, naturally the stronger the Pokemon, more is required to be filled. However, if you stop looping (such as avoiding the Pokemon's attack), the bar will slowly decrease. And the bosses' bar is HUGE ... which will take a LOT of loops.

    - Capturing Pokemon is now ranked, Ranks range from C to S based on the EXP earned from the Capture. Each Pokemon has their own EXP for Capturing, plus the following bonuses. (I am pretty sure not all are listed due to my lack of knowledge in Moonspeak)
    1) Quick Capture
    2) Mach Capture
    3) Uninterrupted Capture (Capturing the Pokemon without lifting the Styler off the screen)
    4) No-Damage Battle (0-Damage due to reduction by Upgrades do NOT count)
    5) Group Capture (Capturing multiple Pokemon at once)
    6) Boss Capture
    7) Nice Capture (Capturing the Pokemon while it is affected by a super-effective PokeAssist)
    8) Power-Up Capture (Explained below)

    - Some of the PokeAssists have changed, Water doesn't trap Pokemon anymore, Electric (Discharge) doesn't cover the whole field, Psychic doesn't levitate the whole field, and so on.

    - You don't have to loop the Pokemon in order to flee.

    - During the midgame, your will receive a better Styler that will allow you to "Power Up" in battle by touching the screen without moving for a while to charge up. It can be charged up by up to 2 levels and when the Styler is Powered Up, 1/2 loop = 2/3 regular loops (which makes it much easier against bosses). The Batonnage Styler is acquired at end game and is even more powerful.

    EDIT: Not stuck anymore, almost @ end of game
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  2. Jran Sakarra

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    From what I can tell form the game and have played...
    (I can't read it!)
    It seems to be a very good game.
    (Only got to play it for 5 min)

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