Pokemon Reversal's incorrect translation

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by TrEkIeV, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    the next pokemon set in Japan will come out in April and it has Pokemon Reversal in it.

    you can see for yourself here

    Pokemon Reversal has been played as a "flip for gust of wind" in Japan ever since it was first printed.

    When will the American Pokemon Reversal be corrected? do we have to wait until july?!

    Once Worlds comes and all the Japanese players have Pokemon Reversals in their decks, we will all be crying.

    I've waited over two months and still there is no response...
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  2. OHB

    OHB Member

  3. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

  4. OHB

    OHB Member

    not always unless they prove that it was a truly an error and it would be used as the older one or they use the play as is rule
  5. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Um, yes always. You play all Metal energy cards as the ones written in R&S. You play all Darkness energy cards as the ones written in R&S. You play Pokémon Reversal as the ones written in R&S.

    Unless we get an official errata/ruling. Which we have not gotten.
  6. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    that isnt always the case, remember Exp Dark and Metal... they were quickly errated to the old, and rereleased in the next set (AQ) to insure proper play from that point... though that got changed by the new RuSa EX set, it has happened before....

    And seing as how it was sent to japan for review, I will assume that it will stay as written til it is rereleased (which will be within a few sets) unfortunately..... then we can have it corrected back to the right way!!!!
  7. OHB

    OHB Member

    how would the world tourment be played the japan's way or the Us Ex way?
  8. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Most likely the right way!!!!

    Or in otherwords as writen in Japanese...

    woulda been interesting if there was Gen Slowking battle, or if there was one, how that would be played in a global competition....
  9. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    so for people going to worlds, most of them will prolly include pokemon reversal in their decks right? since that's how they are written in japan.

    BTW i think Nintendo hasn noticed this, and will correct it in the next set whenever it comes out, june? since reversal was released in japan in ADV 4 so I'm guesssing we will see that too, hopefully with the right wording.

  10. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    Play Metal and Darkness Special Energy cards as the most recent printing - they're supposed the same. Think of it as the most correct translation.

    I'm not sure how quoting the other thread supports the change of Pokemon Reversal.

    Vincent's current comment reads:

    Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent chooses one of his or her Benched Pokemon
    and switches it with his or her Active Pokemon.
    This card translated wrongly in EX-RS, too.
    This card is really a GOW that need a filp.


    I've asked more than once to verify the RS Pokemon Reversal is correct. The response has been the same result each time (RS is correct). Does anyone have the scan of the Japanese one from the card-e series? I'd like to see if the card is different.

  11. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    im sure RR can provide a scan, theres one in collectors cache but im not sure cause something is blocking the text

  12. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    when Vincent said "This card translated wrongly in EX-RS, too. This card is really a GOW that need a filp."

    he meant that Nick15's translation along with the RS one is incorrect.

    heres a pic (screen-shot from the offical japanese pokemon-tcg website)
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  13. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Was there any variation of text in the Japanese EX-RS from the original one released in Japan (dunno which actual set it was in there, but our Exp set, which was like 2-3 differnet sources combined if memory serves...)
  14. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    i find that hard to believe since i know people who play in japan and they say that the user of the card gets to choose.
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  15. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well, Jimmer has asked for a scan showing the Japanese text.
    If you want to dispute it, get him a scan!
  16. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    here is a screen-shot of the card from the offical japanese pokemon-tcg website, pokemon reversal

    or should we just wait for a scan of it from the next set.
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  17. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    I believe he asked for a scan of the Japanese E-Card version, so he needs a scan of the Japanese version of the Expedition Pokémon Reversal.
  18. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    E-Card Version

    character-for-character, the wording will not be the same (verbatim). the wording was changed in R/S to accommodate 2 vs 2 battles.

    So, unless you have a good understanding of the Japanese language and grammar, you wont be able to see the difference just by looking at a scan of both the cards.
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  19. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well, there are people at PUI that do have a good understanding of the language.

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