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    PART 1
    Prologue - Prologue
    Chapter 1 - A Trainer, a Rebel, and a Giant Metagross
    Chapter 2 - Meet the Team
    Chapter 3 - Isolation
    Chapter 4 - TRUK Stop
    Chapter 5 - The MadHatter
    Chapter 6 - A Tale of Two Jeffs
    Chapter 7 - Taken Down
    Chapter 8 - Infiltrate and Initiate
    Chapter 9 - Break-Out and Break-Down
    Chapter 10 - Cutting the Losses

    PART 2
    Chapter 11 - Take Over



    There was a flash of lightning, followed by a thunder clash. Just another rainy day. It rained a lot these days, but no one really noticed. Everyone went about their business, people lived their lives. Jeremy did what he always did on rainy days. He sat in his room staring out at the window. He was bored. There was nothing to do. The cable was out so he couldn’t even watch the Shinoh Grand Festival that was going on. His best friend was already out on his Pokemon journey so there was no one to hang out with. Jeremy was still nine years old and thus still had to wait one year. With nothing to do, he sat in his room with his 3 legged pet Growlith, Ed who was sleeping on his bed. More thunder crashed, and the lights went off.
    “ED!!!” Jeremy heard his mother call.
    Ed perked up and ran out to the den where Jeremy’s mother wanted the fire Pokemon to light the fire place to warm up the house. Jeremy decided to get up and see if there was anything to do elsewhere in the house. He didn’t expect there to be however, it was just going to be another boring day.
    There was another crash of thunder, except….it didn’t sound like thunder. It sounder more like an explosion. Jeremy did not really care nor did anyone else. Jeremy assumed the wind was playing tricks on him, until Ed started to growl.
    “What up Ed,” Jeremy questioned with a slight bit of interest. “What is it?”
    The Pokemon just growled and stared at the door.
    There was another clash of off-sound thunder. This time much louder and closer. Ed growled even louder now. Ed looked out the window, and dismissed the noise as a blown transmitter or something the storm caused. He was walking back to his room when suddenly the front door blew open with a crash. Jeremy’s mom rushed to the room.
    “What happened?! Did the storm blow down the door again?”
    Jeremy looked up and saw a shadow standing in the doorway. It had a horn on its right, and in the light looked like a giant Ying-Yang symbol. It said in a low bold voice.
    Jeremy’s mom had already gone to get the plywood used when the door was blown down in the past. She had obviously not seen the creature standing there.
    “Absol” It repeated in the exact same tone and voice.
    Then, suddenly as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared. Jeremy just stood there, jaw open. He noticed that his Growlithe had stopped growling and was sitting and wagging his tail. Then something hit him. He had remembered hearing that Absol only appeared before a disaster or great tragedy. That was all the time he would get.
    In an instant there was another crash of off-sound thunder and another creature stood in front of him. Not the Absol like before, this time it was a giant Poke-ball, no it was an Electrode.
    “Electrode!!!!” it yelled in an almost computerized voice, and then proceeded to explode.
    Jeremy saw a flash of yellow, then darkness.

    Comments? This is my first fan-fic and if it's recieved well I'll make more.
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    Looks good.
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    Wow. What a surprise. Absoltrainer put an Absol in his story.
    Yay! Electrode! BOOM!
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    CHAPTER 1 –A Trainer, a Rebel, and a Giant Metagross

    CHAPTER 1 –A Trainer, a Rebel, and a Giant Metagross

    Jeremy shot up. He was dreaming again. It was the same dream as before. Not so much a dream as a memory, a distant memory from a time long gone. He stared at the stars. It had been 6 years since that day. All he knew and held dear, his mother, Ed, his friends, and family. They were all gone. On that fated night, his town had been chosen as the location for the first attack by Team E; a team of trainers who had strategically used their Pokemon and members to take over all of Shinoh, Hoenn, Kanto, and Jhoto. All the regions were under their control. Systematically Team E had taken out Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, and even Team Galactic, and had quickly won control. It had all started on that night. It had been the beginning of the end. No one knew anything about Team E’s inner workings or who its leader was. The region’s militaries had been destroyed from the inside out by insurgents. Governments had begun to crumble, and Team E rose to power without effort.

    Jeremy sat in the grass, staring up at the stars. He had heard rumors that an underground resistance known as Team M had been formed a few years after Team E took over. Unfortunately all television and media were censored and thus no information was ever known about Team M, or even if it existed. There had been people had tried to fight Team E, none survived. Of these the most notable was a boy named Ash Kechtum who had gone up against Team E and lost not only his life, but the lives of his Pokemon. A stuffed Pikachu is said to be mounted on the Main office of Team E, Shinoh, in Hearthome City. However anyone who has seen it has never returned to tell the tale.

    “What to do?” he thought to himself
    Since that fateful day 6 years ago, Jeremy had but one mission. Survival. Any survivors of the original attack were to be executed or recruited. Jeremy had managed to escape the putrid stink-hole of a prison that he was kept in for months after the attack and craved neither vengeance nor reparation. He simply wanted to survive.

    It was dawn, most likely around 5:00 A.M. Jeremy got up and began to walk down the mountain towards the city located below. He was not sure where he was, but as a wanderer, he really had no need to. As he approached the city he came across a small toll booth like building.
    “HALT!” said a man dressed in a black uniform in the guardhouse. “Please register yourself and Pokemon before entering the city.”
    Jeremy received the load of papers and began to fill out the paperwork. This was nothing new, he had to do this at all cities. He had no Pokemon so the work was much less. He filled out the paper work and turned it in to the guard.
    “Enjoy your stay at Eterna City.”
    Jeremy rolled his eyes and continued down the path towards the city. It was getting late, so he needed a place to stay. As he walked down the streets looking for a hotel, he noticed that the city was run-down, and far from the glamorous Pokemon Contest and Gym challenge famous city it once was. The city had obviously fallen in to bad times. As walked past the decaying buildings, he heard a commotion. Suddenly he spotted someone, so he paused to get a better look. There was burst of red light and a Pokemon appeared from the now clearly visible boy’s hand.
    “GO ESPEON”, the boy cried

    Jeremy heard more voices and saw shadows approaching.
    “Ha! The kid wants to fight.”
    “That’s cute kid.”
    “Well if the brat thinks he can fight…”
    There were 3 more bursts of red light and a Mightyena, Gallade, and Fearow appeared.
    “Ok kid, let’s see if that weakling of a Pokemon can fight!”
    The others roared with laughter.
    “Fearow, DRILL PECK!”
    “Mightyena, SHADOW BALL!”
    “Gallade, SONIC BLADE!”
    The three Pokemon came at the boy and his Espeon. Jeremy didn’t know what to do. He had no Pokemon. He could not help the boy. All he could do is watch.
    The boy stood his ground and stared defiantly at the 3 Team E Grunts.
    “Espeon, DIG!”
    The Espeon buried into the ground and disappeared, the surprised Fearow Drilled Pecked right into the ground and got its beak stuck. The Shadow Ball whizzed over the spot previously occupied by Espeon and the boy swiftly dodged it. The Gallade however cancelled its own attack and patiently waited, using it’s psychic powers to sense the Espeon below.
    “Where did that stinking thing go” yelled one of the enemies.
    An instant later the boy yelled,
    The Espeon surfaced from the ground right below the Mightyena and head butted it in the stomach. The dark Pokemon flew into the air. Then while still coming out of the ground the Espeon fired off a thunderbolt directly at the Fearow who was still stuck in the ground. The owner of the fried Fearow yelled in anguish and the bird was beamed back into its Pokeball. The Mightyena was still standing as was the Gallade.

    “DOUBLE TEAM” screamed the Mightyena’s trainer
    The dog Pokemon began to duplicate its image and it swirled around the Espeon.
    A ball of dark energy appeared in each one of the Mighyena’s mouth.
    Simultaneously the man yelled “FIRE” and the boy yelled “DIG.” The Espeon dug into the ground and the Shadow Balls flew around the battle field. When the smoke cleared the Mightyena was laying unconscious on the ground.
    “What are you doing, attack him!!” The grunts yelled at their third, who’s Gallade had remained unmoving throughout the battle.
    “You cannot rush perfection, my friend” he said calmly and coolly.
    With a simply movement of his arm, the Gallade sprinted towards the panting Espeon and its trainer. It raised its arms menacingly.
    “GALLADE!!” It screamed.
    Then in a flash the Gallade disappeared. It had been replaced by a Golem, or rather the Golem had fallen from the sky. Jeremy stood there jaw open as the Golem stood up from the 2 foot crater with the Gallade at the bottom.
    “Gallade!!” the man yelled and returned his Pokemon to the Pokeball.
    Jeremy saw the boy look up and looked up as well. In the air he saw giant ship. It hovered above the battlefield some 500 feet in the air. It was shaped like something oddly specific, what was it? Then Jeremy saw it, the hover ship was shaped like a giant Metagross. The boy took something from his pocket.
    “Richard, what took you so long, my butt was just about fried!”
    Jeremy did not know what was said back to the boy. The 3 grunts had disappeared and were no where in site. The boy looked up at the ship again and said something into the communicator. He started walking over to Jeremy.

    “So, did you enjoy the battle?”
    Jeremy stood there jaw open still looking at the Golem wedged in the ground.
    “I know what you’re thinking. I was cheating by using my buddy’s Golem to flatten the Gallade, but it was three on one.”
    Jeremy just stood there.
    “Hey you need to quit gawking and start talking” the boy continued with enthusiasm. “Nah, I’m just joking, but in all seriousness, you need to come with us. I can tell by your look that you aren’t from here and aren’t part of Team E. If you feel like living I suggest you come with me.”
    “WHAT?!?!” exclaimed Jeremy with shock.
    “Yeah”, the boy continued, “The E Goons are about the level this city. I was here trying to stop it undercover, but I was discovered. I say we have about 30 min.”
    “Well I guess it’s better then dying”
    “That’s the spirit!!” said the boy with a grin. “Ok Richard, we are ready for extraction.”
    A “POOF” came from the Giant Metagross in the sky and a sphere floated down to the surface.
    “Ok, get in” the boy said, pushing Jeremy in.
    The two boys sat down in the metal sphere as it closed around them and floated back to the hover ship.
    “By the way”, Jeremy questioned. “What’s your name?”
    “OH! How could I be so rude? My name is Anthony C. of Team M, pleased to meet you.
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    lol anthoy gets a part.
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    Most of the Team M members do.

    I also plan to use some rather well known players from the Pokemon community in it.
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    Wow, Team E.

    Poor Pikachu.
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    I would have done Team Chaos, but that was alredy being used

    So then I tried Team Dark, but that was corny

    Then I went to Team Evil and it got shorteted to Team E

    Chapter 2- Meet the Team

    The metal sphere, which Jeremy now knew was call the “Gyro Ball” was transporting Jeremy and his new accomplice Anthony to the giant hovering Metagross, which was known as the M-ship. This was the first time Jeremy really got to get a good look at the boy who he had seen battling. Anthony appeared to be Italian, wore sunglasses, and was a little round.
    “Well, as long as you are part of the team, you should meet everyone.”
    “Part of the team?!” Jeremy question.
    “Yep”, answered Anthony “It’s official now, you are on the team!”
    “And if I refuse?”
    Anthony smiled, “then we drop you back on to the ground and watch you go boom.”
    “I’ll give it a chance”, Jeremy said with a nervous smile.

    The Gyro Ball arrived at the M-ship and the two boys disembarked the capsule.
    “Anthoy, you survived? Shoot I wanted your stereo.” The voice came from behind them.
    “Anthony’s face flared red, “DON”T CALL ME ANTHOY!”
    The man attached to the voice had appeared. He was tall and wore a black bandanna.
    “But Anthoy, you said it yourself, that that was your name.”
    “I DID NOT”
    Unfortunately Anthony’s opponent had much more experience in logical warfare.
    “Did you not submit a report with the name on top reading “anthoy”?”
    “I might have!” Anthony said slightly taken aback
    “Well then Anthoy, I guess your name is Anthoy.”
    Anthony glared at his opponent and stormed off grumbling.
    “Take care of the newbie!” he yelled over his shoulder, before going back to his grumbling.
    “The tall man looked at Jeremy.
    “Hello newbie, my name is Richard, code-name Psyco, the Team’s strategist. I hear, you’re our new cabinbo— …..I mean teammate.”
    Jeremy looked at Richard uneasily.
    “Don’t worry, I scare everyone. Tis a gift.” Richard looked around, “Well newb, follow me.”
    Jeremy followed Richard through the hanger bay and down the halls. They reached a room with no windows and only one door.
    “This is out training and sparring room, where we practice our battling skills.” Richard looked inside. “HEY JAKE!!” he screamed “YOU IN HERE??!!!”
    It echoed very loudly throughout the room.
    “GEEZ!” a voice came out from the equipment closet, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU SCREAMING ABOUT! I’M RIGHT HERE!!!”
    Richard smiled his evil smile again. “I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU. WE HAVE A NEWB I WANT TO INTRODUCE”
    Jake was standing 3 feet away from Richard and had a look of pure confusion and anger on his face.
    “Why on Earth do you act like Anthoy all the time?”
    “Why not?” Richard answered with a smile. “At any rate, newb, this is Jake, the Team’s premier battler, Jake, this is newb.”
    Jeremy looked up “….uhm…er…I have a name.”
    Richard’s eyes narrowed. “What…Was…That…Newb?...Were…You…Back…Talking…Me?”
    Jeremy was clearly intimidated. “No Sir” he said shuddering
    Richard looked hard at him, then smiled and said, “By the way, what is your name?”
    Jeremy stood there, speechless.
    “J-J-J-J-Jer-Jerem-Jeremy-Jeremy sir!” he said with a salute.
    Jake cracked up, “Richard, you’ve done it again.”
    Richard smiled, “I’m cool like that.”
    Jake offered out his hand, "pleased to meet you Jeremy."
    Jeremy was still confused, but shook Jake’s hand firmly.

    Next Richard and Jeremy headed down a winding hall and passed ten different rooms that Jeremy assumed were bunks, along the way. They took an elevator at the end of the hallway and exited in a room full of electronics and controls.
    “Welcome to the bridge!” Richard introduced
    He pointed towards two guys sitting at a control stations “That’s Justin, code-name Sedaka, our Pilot, and Daniel, code-named Old School Player or OSP, the co-pilot.”
    “Yo!” acknowledged Justin.
    “Sup” added Daniel.
    “You already know Anthoy, who is our radar and battle analyzer .”
    “Yeah right Anthoy” continued Richard.
    Richard then pointed to the two seats up on a raised platform. “The short one is Jeff, and the other short one is Jeff.”
    Jeremy looked puzzled.
    “Well technically the taller short Jeff’s name is Jeffereson, but we all call him moza, and the other short Jeff is just Jeffrey and we call him absol”
    Jeffrey rolled his eyes.
    Richard continued “You see how both their chairs are even?”
    Jeremy acknowledged with a nod.
    “Well, they both think that they are the leader of Team M. Jeff/moza founded the Team, but Jeff/Absoltrainer, runs all the technical stuff and helps the team function. None of us really give a Rattata’s butt one way or the other, so we installed two identical chairs for them.
    “Well technically I’m the REAL leader of Team M.” Jeffrey announced confidently.
    “Over my dead body!” countered moza.
    “I run the Team and all of the technical stuff!” Jeffrey commented
    “Oh, yeah!” moza started angrily. “I made the Team, it would not even be a Team without me”
    “Well you’re as ugly as a Purugly!” Jeffrey said, voice rising.
    Moza gasped. “You take that back nerd!”
    Within seconds the two were punching and kicking each other.
    “Should we do something?” question Jeremy.
    “Nah.” Richard smiled “I like the entertainment. Come on, there are still more people to meet.”

    Jeremy followed Richard down the elevator. The doors closed and Jeremy could still hear blows being thrown by the two Jeffs. They went down a different hallway this time and Jeremy wondered what he would come across next. The tour took them next in to a room of mirrors. Inside was a guy sitting cross-legged in the center. A Girafarig stood next to him. He was silient, and so was the Pokemon.
    “This is Josh, code-name MadHatter. He is the Team’s…..well I dunno, but he has cool psychic powers that link up with his Pokemon and stuff.
    Jeremy didn’t even bother trying to comprehend. He just smiled and nodded. Richard didn’t like that and gave Jeremy a noogie, a very painful noogie. Jeremy wiped the pain away as Richard showed Jeremy to his quarters and gave him a schedule of the next day’s events. He then left for his own quarters. It was simple enough, except it seemed that Richard had added some notes to it.

    6:30 A.M. Wake up --this is a real pain in the butt
    7:00 A.M. Breakfast --the food here sucks, I sneak my own stuff
    7:30 A.M. Status check-- work work work, oh well worth it to not die
    8:30 A.M. Personal training time-- it’s a good time to make fun of anthoy
    9:00 A.M. Pokemon --Mock Battles there is such a thing as fun on the ship
    11:00 A.M. Lunch --same as breakfast
    12:30: P.M. Free time --here you either sleep, train, or make fun of anthoy

    i ripped off the rest cause i needed a napkain sorry

    Jeremy looked up at the clock. It was already 1:00 A.M, but he wasn’t tired. He was excited. For the first time since he was 8 years old, he had a reason to live other then survival. He had thought that there was no way to defeat Team E and that it was just a fact of life, but after seeing the battle today, and after seeing Team M, Jeremy believed that there was hope, that there was a chance.

    Jeremy noticed a note pinned on the wall. He took it down and turned on the light to read it. It said in obviously Richard’s handwriting:
    Welcome to the team mate. Congrats on not being rejected by team m. Your new code-name is “venasaur”. If you refuse it, I will destroy you.
    Good night,
    You friendly neighborhood terror, Richard.


    Jeremy turned off his light and smiled. Jeremy was happy for the first time in ages. He was home, his new home.

    Meanwhile up on the bridge Anthony was doing some last minute scans, when something happend. The ship violenty shook.
    "What's going on? Status Report!" asked Jeffrey.
    Anthony's normal cheerful disposion was gone. He had gone wide-eyed.
    "Sir, I think something big is heading out way. Something REAL BIG!"
    "Is it a Pokemon?" Moza questioned.
    Anthony actually looked scared.
    "God I hope not, I really do."
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    You just had to put yourself in the story, didn't you!

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Can I be in this story? :thumb:
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    PM sent

    Anyone who wants a potential part in this please PM me.
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    With josh's ideas, I don't either =D jk

    You forgot about kempley btw =( He was co-founder too, don't forget.
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    I haven't =)
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    Ya im the weird psychic dude wooooooooooo :D
    great, I can't wait to read more !
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    Chapter 3 – Isolation

    Chapter 3 – Isolation

    That was the sound heard by all the members of Team M, everyone fell silent.
    There was another explosion.
    The ship shook violently. Suddenly all the power went out.
    “Activate the emergency generators” moza commanded.
    A few back-up lights came on. Richard was just coming out of the elevator followed closely by Jeremy.
    “Oy!” Richard exclaimed, “How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep with all you making such a racket?”
    No one laughed, even Richard realized how serious the room was.
    Anthony stood up “That weird energy reading is back!”
    The ship shook again. An alarm begin to blare. More explosions were heard.
    The team looked around wondering what would happen next.
    Jeffrey got up from his chair next to moza, “Richard come with me, let’s check out the damage, moza stay and command the bridge.”
    Moza looked angry “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, I RUN THE SHIP! You go with Richard and check out the damage while I stay and command the bridge.”
    Jeffrey and moza glared at each other.
    “Richard interjected, how about I go with Jeffrey and check out the damage and moza, you stay and command the bridge?”
    “Who made you the boss?” Jeffrey and moza said together.
    “Cause I can beat you both up, that’s why.”
    Jeffrey and moza quieted themselves. Jeffrey followed Richard down the elevator towards the engine room where the explosion had been while moza stayed on the bridge.
    Jeremy looked around and walked up to moza.
    “Uhm, what’s going on?” he inquired.
    “Well” moza started, “Either there is engine trouble and we are going to crash OR we are being attack.”
    Jeremy’s eyes widened
    Moza continued “although I guess we might survive too, but who knows.”
    Jeremy decided that talking to moza was not the best thing to do.

    Meanwhile Jeffrey and Richard had arrived at the ship’s left engine.
    Over the intercom, the bridge heard Richard’s voice, “HOLY..….WHAT IS………”
    Then static, moza listened for a moment then got up from his chair, “OSP, Sedaka, stay here, Anth-”
    He was cut off by the opening of the elevator door.
    Hatter stood there in the doorway.
    “Moza, I will go with you.” he said in an collected voice.
    Moza agreed and the two of them rushed down the elevator towards the engine room that Richard and Jeffrey were sent to. They rushed down the hallways. Moza was out of breath when they reached the engine room, but Josh was cool and collected. They opened the door and gaped at what they saw. Jeffrey stood in the corner with his Absol with him, both were badly beaten up. On the other side of the room, Richard was standing next to his Furret, they do where bruised up. The biggest surprise however was hovering outside the hole in the ship. It was a large snake like Pokemon. Everyone recognized it as Rayquaza. This one was different though; it was grey and black and had glowing red eyes.
    “RAARGH” the Pokemon screamed
    “HYPER BEAM” both Richard and Jeffrey yelled.
    The Absol and Furret let loose two beams of power. The Hyper Beams struck the Rayquaza with full force. However when the smoke cleared the Pokemon remained unscathed.

    “ICE BEAM” yelled Jeffrey to his Absol
    “FURRET, USE BLIZZARD” Richard added
    The two ice attacks struck the Rayquaza and still had no affect. The Rayquaza then reared it’s head and attacked. A blue beam blasted from its mouth. The Beam covered half the room and left a large amount of mist. When it cleared everyone saw Richard and his Furret, frozen in a solid block of ice.
    “We got to help!” moza told Josh.
    They both cast out their Pokemon. A Girafarig appeared by Hatter and a Purugly by Moza.
    “We have to get out of here!” Jeffrey screamed at them with a voiced filled with terror. “This thing can’t be hurt, RUN NOW!”
    They didn’t get a chance. The Rayquaza roared again and thunder clashed in the sky. There was another explosion somewhere else on the ship. Moza’s communicator went off. It was Anthony.
    “Moza…….tons of them……oh my god…..get……run……AHHHHH!”
    Josh gasped and moza looked back up. Just in time to see three more black Rayquazas rise up into view. The ship shook again, and all three Rayquaza’s blasted out blue beams leaving the entire room and its occupants frozen.

    Back on the bridge Jeremy peeked over the chair he was hiding behind. He saw two gaping holes in the wall. He saw Daniel and Sedaka frozen in their seats, and he saw Anthony lying face down on the ground with an unmoving Espeon next to him. Jeremy scanned the area and saw no sign of the Rayquazas. He didn’t know what do. It happened again. Everything good had been taken away from him again. He looked around at the smoking machinery and what remained of the bridge of the Team M ship. He tried to comprehend what was going on. The ship had begun to tilt downwards; he knew it meant they were crashing. There was a great cracking noise of metal bending and tearing. He heard a voice.
    Darkness rushed over Jeremy’s face. He was out cold.


    Jeremy came to, he could feel his eyes open, but everything was blurry. He rubbed his eyes a bit until things cleared up. He got up; a great pain shot up his arm. He looked down and tried to move his arm. It was broken. He ignored the pain and looked around. He saw smoking chunk of metal near him. He realized that he hadn’t been captured. He was lying on grass. The ship must have crashed, he thought to himself. He looked around more and saw debris. Then he heard some brush move behind him, he reared back, and stared at the bush. He was relieved to see Daniel come out of the bush.
    OSP looked up, “hey, you’re alive! I thought for sure you would be dead, like your buddies there.”
    Jeremy looked over to where OSP was pointing. He saw a person and a Hitmonchan laying limp over some rocks. Jeremy shuddered.
    “Yeah, I was lucky that I slid out of my seat and the ice broke my fall.”
    “And the others?” Jeremy asked nervously.
    OSP’s face straightened, “I don’t know.”
    They both looked down.
    “Well I ought to make a splint for that arm of yours”
    Jeremy remembered the pain and grimaced.
    “Sorry.” OSP said regretfully. “Well I suspect that Team E attacked us. I don’t know what happened to the others, they might have been captured, or…well...” he trailed off. “At any rate, I set up a shelter”
    “Where are we” Jeremy interrupted
    Daniel paused.
    “The ruins of Eterna City.”
    Jeremy gasped, it was the very city he had been in yesterday when he had met Anthony.
    “ANTHONY! What happened to Anthony!”
    Daniel paused again.
    “I don’t know, last time I saw him was fighting the Rayquazas, then well……”
    There was a moment of silence. Jeremy was just glad that he was alive and not alone. Daniel helped him to the make-shift shelter he had crafted and put the splint around his broken arm. There was a crackling fire lit near the shelter. Jeremy was starting to doze off, while Daniel fed the fire when suddenly the bushes rustled again. They both looked up.
    “Must have been a wild Pokemon”
    Daniel took a pokeball from his belt and a Bibarel came out in a flash of red light.
    “Bibarel, keep watch”
    “B-b-b-bibarel” It said joyfully and stood by the shelter.
    The bushes rustled again. This time Jeremy and Daniel ignored it.
    A cry burst out of nowhere “RAMPARDOS CHARGE!!”
    A Rampardos burst from the bushes. Daniel and Jeremy were so startled that Daniel almost fell in the fire and Jeremy got up on his broken arm.
    “GAH!” they both screamed.
    The fire went out.
    Before they knew it, Jeremy and Daniel were surrounded by people. One of them was riding atop a Rampardos. The Rampardos edged closer to Daniel.
    “Who are you?” demanded the Rampardos’s Rider.
    Daniel remained quiet
    Daniel hid his fear and fearlessly said “And whose territory might this be?”
    The Rampardos rider was growing impatient.
    “This is the territory of the TRUK SQUAD!”

    To be continued….
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    Woo I am in, nice read thanks!
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    Hmm, the argument with moza is funny.

    Now what in the world is the TRUK SQUAD?
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    May I have an appearence...Like in the near end - with lots of $18 and poles reference? xD
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    Chapter 4 – TRUK Stop

    Chapter 4 – TRUK Stop

    Daniel looked up at the man riding atop the Rampardos.
    “Truck?” he asked.
    “NO!” roared the Rampardos man, “We are TRUK, T-R-U-K.”
    Daniel looked baffled “You do know you spelt it wrong, right?”
    The TRUK tribe’s leader turned red “It’s spelled that way on purpose!”
    Daniel stifled a laugh.
    The man on the Rampardos began to lose his patience. “Pick-up TRUK, take these trespassers away!” he commanded.
    A man stepped forward and saluted.
    “Yes sir TRUK leader sir!”
    He and some other men took Jeremy and Daniel away into the forest. A man yelled
    Once again Jeremy was out like a light. When the two of them awoke, they were tied to separate masts coming out of the ground. They noticed that there were also three other guys tied up next to them. Two of them were twins and the other was younger then them, but most likely their brother.
    The twins looked up, “Hello, I see we have company.”
    Jeremy looked at him, “I’m afraid to ask, but I have no idea what’s going on.”
    “Welcome to the TRUK camp.” The twin closest to him replied, “The TRUK are a nomadic tribe of trainers that worship some Pokemon trainer named TRUK, he was supposedly a Pokemon Master or something.”
    Jeremy looked confused
    The other twin looked up, “I’ll explain brother. Basically, these guys are nuts. Every time a city gets leveled by Team E, these guys come and loot the town, and call it their territory. They worship a guy named TRUK, who they think is their god. Their Pokemon reflect the ones that their supposal god, TRUK had. This includes Pokemon such as Rampardos. Others have Empoleon and Blissey, and even more have Arcanine and Blissey.
    Daniel who was listening interrupted, “Does TRUK stand for anything.”
    The youngest boy perked up now “OOH , I know, TRUK stands for Toys R Us Kid!”
    Daniel and Jeremy looked at each other.
    Jeremy leaned towards Daniel and whispered “Not to break the fourth wall or anything, but what the heck is a “Toys R Us Kid” reference doing in this story? I doubt half the people reading this even know about the TRUK craze and the mayhem it caused. I question the sanity of the person writing this for making that kind of reference.”
    Daniel looked at Jeremy as if he had cracked. “What?”
    Jeremy grumbled, “Oh forget it.”

    The twin closest to them spoke up. “By the way, my name is Michael, I like Meditite, they rox!”
    “The farthest twin continued, “and I’m Derek, I like Charmander, it rox!”
    Finally the youngest sibling introduced himself. “I’m Jason, I love the cartoon The Pichu Bros. I think they rox!
    Daniel held out his one free hand, “I’m Daniel, and this is Jeremy, nice to meet you.”
    With nothing to do but wait, they five boys stared into the sky watching the stars.
    “We need to find a way out of here”, Jeremy brought up.
    “You have…” started Michael.
    “any ideas?” continued Derek.
    Daniel thought about it and realized that his Pokeballs were still on his belt. He used his one free hand to flick open the Pokeball. In a burst of light a Bibarel appeared.
    Before it could speak, Daniel put is foot in its mouth.
    “Quiet!” he exclaimed.
    The Bibarel nodded in understanding.
    The beaver Pokemon cut the ropes holding the five trainers to the masts.
    “Let’s get out of here.” pointed out Jeremy. Jeremy clenched his arm as he ran. The splint that held his broken arm in place was not that sturdy.

    The three Pokemon brothers followed Jeremy and Daniel thought the forest. They stopped once they reached a clearing. Within the clearing stood a Rampardos, and a Blissey. Behind them approached an Empoleon, and an Arcanine.
    The TRUK leader, once again mounted on the Rampardos pronounced, “YOU MUST BE SACRIFICED TO THE GOD, TOY’S R US KID!”
    Daniel was plenty mad at this point, and said with his temper flaring, “No way, I have a better idea, GO BIBAREL, HYDRO PUMP THE ARCANINE!”
    A jet of highly compressed water spewed out of the Pokeball as the Pokemon came out and headed straight towards the Arcanine. The Fire Pokemon jumped out of the way.
    “We agree” the twins said together.
    The youngest looked up, ‘ME TOO!”
    There were three more bursts of red light and a Charmander, a Meditite, and a Pachirisu appeared.
    “You cannot defy us” yelled the TRUK leader. “WE WILL TRUK YOU”
    From within the shadows commands to subtle for them to hear were said. The enemy Pokemon attacked. The Arcanine engulfed itself in flames and wheeled towards the group in a ferocious Flame Wheel attack. The Empoelon shot a beam of Ice Shards at them, and the Blissey spun itself at high speeds and started to Roll-Out towards the group.
    Daniel acted fast “BIBAREL, PROTECT!”
    Michael copied the move, “MEDITITE, PROTECT AS WELL!”
    Two green balls engulfed the team and absorbed the attacks.
    The TRUK’s leader was furious “HASTY HEADBUTT, RAMPARDOS”
    The Rampardos charged forward, its attack broke through the Protect and hit Bibarel hard. The beaver went flying and hit a tree. Meanwhile, the twins were busy battling the Blissey and Arcanine.
    However the Arcanine jumped in front of the attack and absorbed it.
    Somewhere in the trees a man yelled “EGGBOMB, BLISSEY!”
    The Blissey shot eggs in to the air and they began landing with a boom, boom, boom! Michael was well prepared and avoided every attack.
    “Meditite, get ready”
    However the defensive move was fated to eventually fail and a particularly powerful eggbomb hit the Meditite, knocking it unconscious.
    Derek who was momentarily distracted by his brother’s defeat did not notice the Arcanine use Extreme Speed and knock out his Charmander. The two boys recalled their Pokemon and looked over to see the their brother frantically trying to fight the Empoleon. Unfortunately, Jason’s low level Pachirisu could not do enough damage to the fat penguin. Thinking fast Jason commanded his Pokemon to use agility and stop under Empoleon’s legs. The Pachirisu hesitated at first then obeyed, the instant it was their Jason, commanded it to use Thunder. A bolt of lighting came from the sky above; it went straight through the Empoleon to connect with the Pachirisu. The Empoleon never stood a chance, but unfortunately the KOed Empoleon fell right on Pachirisu, knocking it out as well.

    All the while Daniel’s Bibarel was in a standoff against the Rampardos, both were using the attack, double-edge, and it was just a matter of time until one of them broke down. The TRUKS were not playing fair however and the Blissey came over to assist its fellow Rampardos. The Arcanine had a more sinister plan. It approached Jeremy who was alone near the corner of there clearing and snatched him up. It held him in its mouth by his shirt collar and ran back to the TRUK leader.
    “I HAVE CAPTURED ONE OF YOUR GROUP!” yelled the Cheif. “I TRUKED YOU ALL! As punishment, I sentence the boy here to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the GREAT TOYS R US KID!!”
    The Arcanine began to warm the fire in its belly. Jeremy could feel the heat on his neck. He sweated as he awaited his doom.
    There was a “whoosh”
    Flames shot out of Arcanies mouth.
    Jeremy was gone.
    Daniel cried out “NOOOO, Jeremy, NO!”
    The Pokemon brothers also gasped, there was no sign of Jeremy. He was dead, vaporized by the flames.
    Temporarily distracted, the Pokemon were back to battling. The Bibarel and Rapardos were giving an equal amount of force both ways, and the Blissey and Arcanine encircled the Pokemon brothers and prepared to attack.

    Then there was a Hyper Beam. It came from the forest. It ripped across the clearing and knocked the heavy Blissey into the air, where it landed ten feet away from where it was. A split second later an orange flash passed the TRUK leader and Daniel. It went straight towards the Arcanine. Then the speeding Pokemon came out of its Agility and went in to a point blank Double-Edge which knocked out the enemy Arcanine. This time it was the TRUK’s Cheif who was distracted.
    Daniel Bibarel fired a blast of pressurized water four feet away from its opponent and right into the Rampardos’ face. The force of the attack knocked off the TRUK leader and his unconscious Rampardos landed on top of him. Daniel looked over as he heard the Pokemon brothers gasping. Where the enemy Arcanine once stood, now stood another Arcanine. It had only three legs and a collar wrapped around its neck with a Pokeball swinging from the collar. The collar read:


    Riding on top of the three legged Pokemon was none other then Jeremy.
    “JEREMY” Daniel shouted in delight, “You’re alive, but how? We saw you get barbequed. Where did this Arcanine come from?”
    Jeremy explained that Ed was his pet Growlith years ago.
    “I have no idea how Ed survived the attack on my town 6 years ago, nor do I know how he found me but he did.”
    “Well” Derek started “Arcanine are known for their EXTREMLEY POWERFUL noses…..”
    “and their super quick speed” continued Michael.
    “and of course their loyalty” finished Jason.
    “I guess Arcanine has been sniffing you out for a while, but you said he was Growlith, I wonder when he evolved.”
    “Look” pointed out Jeremy, “his Pokeball is tied to his collar. Do you think someone was training and taking care of him for the past few years?”
    The others looked stumped. No one knew, but whether by shear coincidence, or by fate, Ed had saved their lives. Jeremy tapped Ed with the Pokeball and in a flash of red light Ed was sucked back in. Jeremy hooked it on his belt and said with a smile, “I CAUGHT MY VERY FIRST POKEMON!”
    Jason tapped his shoulder, “technically the Arcanine caught you when it rescued you, then it voluntarily let itself be returned to the Pokeball. You did absolutely nothing!”
    Jeremy hung his head in shame as they walked back to the camp Daniel had made.

    It was about 3:00 A.M. as far as they could tell. The group fell asleep under the stars. They thought it would be better if they wait until morning to try and find their friends. Jeremy was up late and was the last one to fall asleep. He sat with Ed’s Pokeball in his hand and wondered to himself, who had sent Arcanine? How had his old friend survived this long and find him? How did he evolve? So many questions, Jeremy fell asleep thinking of the possibilities.

    To be continued….
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