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    Okay. I didn't see that response.
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    Working on chapter 10. Will be up tonight.
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    ^Didn't I ask for Pichu Bros, not Pachirisu? I changed it remember? Oh well...
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    ^ It's a bit late now.

    Man, why don't I carry any Revives or anything with me?
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    oh, whoops. I just went by the list i had.
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    ok well, i guess it is too late. oh well. just make pachi 2 times as powerful (for 2 pichus)
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    whens chapter 10 gonna be up?
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    yesterday....wait a minute.....
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    Patients young kricketune.

    School work comes before pokemon.IF I can I will finish it up and put it up tonight. I will be away for the weekend, so do not expect any new chapters on Fri-Sun.

    EDIT: Did not finish,

    Consider this a small break then, The next chapter will come within 4 days.
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    sorry for the delay, I got food posioning followed by a cold, will get chapter 10 up eventually.
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    Chapter 10 – Cutting the Losses

    Chapter 10 – Cutting the Losses

    Guys, sorry for the long delay. I had a campout, then I got really sick, and I was completley out of it. This chapter isn't super exciting. Chapter 9 will see to beat that. This is the end of the first "Book" as I call it. There will be several different "books" in my fan-fic. It is a lot like how Avatar is layed out. There are Books, and within them are chapters. Of course this is not as long as a normal book, but hey 90 or so pages ain't bad:thumb:


    Moza looked around; making sure all opposition had been crushed. He saw Cameron and his Hitmonchan, both unconscious in the corner. Over to his left he saw Richard hovering over his Furret. Next to that was Daniel; clutching his bleeding arm and his unconscious Bibarel and a few feet near him was Sedaka, who was laying unconscious on the ground. Derek, Jason, and Michael were all sitting in another corner. Directly in front of Moza stood Jeremy, who was next to Anthoy’s body; the Espeon still sitting next to its deceased trainer’s body. His mission was done.
    It hit him like a rock “WHERE’S JAKE!!”
    At that moment Jake jumped on to Moza from behind and pinned him to the ground.
    “YOU STINKING TRAITOR!!!!” he yelled as he punched Moza in the face repeatedly.
    “You FOOL! Try all you want, I won’t lose to SCUM like you!!” Moza said as he snapped his fingers.
    A Lucario came out of the shadows and its fist glowed as it punched Jake in the stomach. Jake flew into the air and landed back on the ground with a thud. He got up, not hurt badly.
    “WHY DID YOU DO THIS MOZA?!!” Richard screamed
    Moza looked at the Team M members who were still conscious. “That’s none of your business. I do what I do for my own reasons.”
    No one moved, and most of them couldn’t; everyone was stunned.
    Suddenly the intercom buzzed on.
    Richard picked up his Furret and rolled over to his right. Within a second a wall flew up from the place Richard was sitting separating Moza and everyone else.
    “GUYS……..RUN…GE….OUT…..NOW” The voice was garbled in static.
    There was a knocking sound on the wall.
    Moza’s voice was heard from the other side. “Very nice Jeffrey, I had no idea the base had this.” He followed with a confident laugh.
    Richard stood up, Jake, and the three Pokemon brothers did as well. Jeremy who was also up, went over to them.
    Richard rounded them up “You three” he pointed at Derek, Michael, and Jason, “Get any and all Pokemon in to their Pokeballs that aren’t in. Jeremy, Jake, you guys help me carry, Cameron, Sedaka, and Daniel out.”
    “I….am…..fine.” Daniel struggled to get out as he pushed himself to the limit to stand.

    The others got to work Jason, Derek and Michael recalled their own Pokemon and helped the Hitmonchan and Sedaka’s Exeggutor to their Pokeballs. Richard, Daniel, Jake stored the other’s Pokemon and started to lift the unconscious. Richard held Sedaka, and Jake held Cameron. The group, now numbered at seven conscious ran down the halls towards the entrance they came from with Richard leading the way. There was an explosion behind them and they saw Lucario running after them. It was closing in when suddenly another wall, like the one before shot out of the ground. There was a loud thud and the Lucario was gone.
    “THAT……..TWO……OWE…..ME…..RICH….” Jeffrey’s garbled voice came over the intercom.

    Back in the main computer room, Jeffrey had dragged himself up to the computer again. He had wounds all over his body, and could not move his legs. His Absol was standing, even though it had a broken leg. Jeffrey was watching his friends escape as he typed in some codes. There was a noise coming behind him, he turned his head and saw Moza walk into the room.
    “Tried to cut me off from the others, hm? You just won’t die will you?”
    His Metagross waited impatiently for the command. Jeffrey glanced at the computer screen and saw his friends loading everyone into a Team E black van. His hand hovered over the keyboard.
    “Moza, Moza, Moza” Jeffrey taunted “no matter how powerful you think you are, I am still better then you and I am STILL Team M’s Leader!”
    Jeffrey noticed the van was gone, it meant his friends were on their way out.
    “HYPER BEAM, METAGROSS!” Moza yelled at the same instant that Jeffrey pressed a button.
    A new door slammed up over the hole in the old door. The Hyper Beam hit the door and left not even a mark.
    Jeffrey yelled from inside the enclosed room “HEY MOZA, YOU STINKIN TRAITOR! HERE’S A GOING AWAY PRESENT JUST FOR YOU, FROM ME!!!!”
    A red light started to flash in every room around the base. A computerized voice turned on.
    Smoke poured out from below the newly risen door. In a matter of moments the computer room blasted off into the sky.
    Moza was shocked “An escape pod!”
    Chaos once again ensured within the Team E base, this time everyone ran towards the many exits in the base. Holes were being blasted in walls, and everyone was trying to escape their own way. Moza looked around. He recalled his Metagross and Lucario and calmly walked out of the room.

    Jeffrey reached about 1,000 feet before the engines ran out of fuel and he began to fall. A parachute opened up and he guided the pod down. He saw the base explode below him in a brilliant flash of red, orange and black smoke. Meanwhile in the van, the vehicle shook, even though they were several miles away from the blast. It was so massive, that it could be seen for miles and debris was flying as far as twenty miles. Richard fought to keep the car in control and he drove to the rendezvous point that had been agreed on. Jeffrey too, up in the sky, aimed for the planned spot. They suffered their losses, it was time to re-group.

    Josh woke up and looked around. Where was he, he wondered to himself. His arms and legs were bind and bolted to the wall. Was it a dungeon? A torture chamber? He had no idea. His Pokeballs were gone too. He must have been knocked out for some time. Was he taken prisoner by Team E? He closed his eyes and attempted to contact someone with his powers. As soon as he did, an electrical shock torn through his body and felt like one-hundred needled legged centipedes crawled up and down his spine. He quickly realized that he was trapped. There was also a weird aura presenting itself around the room. His telekinetic powers were completely shut off and disabled. Whoever his capturer was, he was very knowledgeable about psychic powers.
    “Whoever you are” call out Josh “just come out. The waiting is annoying.”
    An ominous voice echoed from somewhere in the room.
    “Finally awake, eh Josh? Or may I call you the Saffron Serpent?”
    This got Josh’s attention and his head jerked up.
    “What did you call me?”
    The voice laughed, “Don’t play coy with me Josh. It may have been fives years since the academy, but I still remember!”
    Josh raised an eyebrow “Who are you? What are you talking about?”
    “Still clueless as ever Josh. You never were good at solving puzzles. Not then, not now.”
    “Reveal yourself!” Josh demanded.
    “I’m shocked!” the person replied mockingly. “You don’t remember your old pal Bull?”
    A man walked out of the shadows. Josh gasped. A man standing 6’1” with tan skin walked into the room. He had a Sneasal and Jynx by his side.
    “Bull died five years ago at the academy, you are not him!” Josh yelled at his captor.
    The man walked right up to Josh and stood a few inches in front of him. Josh could feel the man breath on his face. The man turned around and walked back six steps away.
    “You are correct Josh.” The man said as he faced Josh again. “I am not Bull. I am Yami, and I am ten times as powerful as Bull ever was!”
    Josh looked unimpressed.
    “You really don’t remember do you?” Yami said in surprise. “I suppose I should remind you of that fateful day.”

    He looked up as if trying to remember something.
    “It was back at the Saffron City Institute for Psychic Development. You and I had entered our 4th year there. You always beat me at tests of our psychic powers, so I agreed to undergo experimental treatment to further my abilities. It was being run by your old girlfriend.”
    Josh kept his cool
    “You know who I mean.” Added Yami “Unfortunately the experiment failed and I was left for dead!” Yami smiled. “I survived though, and became Yami. I took revenge on the city of psychics and attacked the populace.”
    Josh’s eyes widened. “That was you!” he exclaimed.
    Yami laughed “Oh it was!”
    Yami smile widened “You are too kind Josh. Too bad some lame brain wanna-bee guy messed up my plans and got me imprisoned. Some idiot who called himself the Saffron Serpent.”
    Josh looked away, remembering his past.
    “At any rate, turns out you had a few enemies, Josh. Team E was using the phrase, ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.’ We had a common enemy, and now, I am destroying that enemy!”
    There was a pop.
    A woman appeared next to Josh; she had long bluish-black hair, and stood tall.
    “No Yami.” She calmly said. She put her hand on Josh’s arm and the two of them disappeared.
    Yami’s smiled turned into anger and he barred his teeth. He cursed under his breath. “You stupid gym leader, you are next!”

    Josh and the women appeared in a building. He knew where he was instantly.
    “Hello Sabrina” he said with a grin “how are you?”

    Too Be Continued…..
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    I'm knocked out. :-(
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    and the plot twists continue...
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    Again, I have to say it. This time twice.

    Absoltrainer: I approve.

    Master of Puppets: I approve.
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    And I still do nothing...

    So, where's the meeting place? The Berry Master's house?
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    Ok I want to let Everyone know that I WILL be continuing the story. Stuff is coming up in school, and a few other issues have come up that have given me a LOT less time to write. I will see what I can do though.
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    sorry to double post.

    With Spring break comming up, I hope to at least post 2-3 chapters.

    Again sorry for the wait.
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    I hope you continue writing.
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    I'm still waiting for chapter 10 of this thing. This is really good.

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