Pokemon Selection

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    Pokemon Selection

    If you’re making a deck what is the first thing you put in? well, what else the Pokemon.

    There three type of pokemon

    1. Baby Pokemon- A special type of basic Pokemon card. They can evolve into another basic pokemon. Baby Pokemon have one of two special powers. One is the baby power that reads if this Baby Pokemon is your active pokemon and your opponent tries to attack, your opponet flips a coin (before doing anything required in order to use that attack) if tails your opponent’s turn ends without an attack. The other one is a Poke-Power called Baby Evolution that reads once during your turn (before your attack), you may put (a certain basic pokemon) from your hand onto this card (this counts as evolving this card),and remove all damage counters from this card.
    2. Basic Pokemon- a pokemon you can play directly from your hand into play.
    3. Evolution Pokemon- a pokemon you can play on a basic pokemon to make it stronger.

    When making your deck you should have some sort of strategy here are best strategies to use

    1. Haymaker-this is a basic strategy where you have many good starting pokemon (usually you wont use evolved pokemon but sometimes it works) so your opponent cant develop their pokemon into higher levels and are forced to use pokemon which are not as good as they could be.
    2. Back Up- these are pretty strategic decks and should not be attempted until your pretty experienced. You use a good attacker supported by another pokemon with a good a good poke-power and poke-body examples are cargo/enti and scizor/furret
    3. Boost- these are also simple decks to make. Use a pokemon’s attack poke power or poke body to power up a strong pokemon. Good examples are Meganium/Executor Blasiken/Camepurt
    4. Power Support- A pokemon with a good poke-power or poke-body supported by a stronger attacker example Gengar/Espeon
    5. Attack Support- this is when you have a strong attack supported by a poke-power or poke-body example Chansey/Unown N and Midreveus/Dark Gengar and Dark Amphoros/Dark Espeon
    6. Power Mesh- this when you use one or more poke-power and poke-body and base your deck around it examples Beedrill or Havest Bounty Charizards
    7. Stall- this is probably the worst one to use but I like it. Simply use a lot of pokemon that are hard to knock out due to an attack, poke-power, or poke-body and trainers to heal these pokemon so you can easily deck your opponent.

    What would make you want to use a certain Pokemon Card?
    1. Quick Attack- you should always throw in some of these even if your playing in an e-on format (with no Best Star Promos) means throwing a pokemon ex.
    2. Heavy hitter- you should have at least one of these in each deck if your deck is going to be based around a heavy hitter try to use a back up, boost, or attack support strategies
    3. Baby Power- all your decks should have at least two of these pokemon unless you are playing in e-on format then you might not have any even though it is still helpful
    4. Poke-power or Poke-body- these pokemon are usually the ones that make the deck complete, but you should use them in a back up, boost, power support, attack support, power mesh, and stall strategies.
    5. Stall- any pokemon that might take the opponent time to knock out. You can use these in any deck so you can take time to go through the bad cards, and of course put them in a stall deck.

    When choosing types for your deck you should keep in mind
    1. Have no more than two types of energy unless you have a reason in that case go for three types, but have a good supply of lady outing
    2. Have more than one weakness, because you can get real screwed by any one who has that type.
    3. Have more than one type just incase of resistance its okay just to put in a colorless pokemon to avoid resitance issues

    To finalize your pokemon you must use this checklist
    1. Have at least one basic Pokemon in your deck
    2. Never have only one of any particular card especially if its part of your strategy.
    3. Have at least 2 baby pokemon if your playing any other format then e-on (use babies with free retreat costs like cleffa ng, elekid ng, tyrouge ndis, or igglybuff promo). Also use at least 2 quick hitting pokemon in your deck
    4. Never try to have 2 different strategies in your deck it just doesn’t work
    5. Check the the type choosing checklist above to make sure your are not going over board
    6. Have at least one pokemon that’s your heavy hitter and deals the damage (remember never have only one of any particular card).
    7. Use 16-2O pokemon in your deck (If you are using the haymaker strategy 12 pokemon is plenty) you should use at least 8-1O basic pokemon to prevent muligans from happening often.
    8. DO NOT use two stage two pokemon unless absolutely necessary to your stategy.
    9. Try to limit your self two (or 3 stafe 1) families of Pokemon remembering not to use 2 different stage 2 pokemon.

    Finally add your trainers and energy to complete your deck try it out at league or with your friends before using it in a competitive tourney, so you can work out any flaws that you may have with your pokemon selection

    Please :D write any feed back that you may have this was fun making this hope it going to help you in your strategy. Go ahead and post about anything you want.
    :D -BYE
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