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    Press Release:

    Effective Tuesday March 23, 2004, the Pokémon TCG Rulings Compendium can now be found at a new address: http://compendium.pokegym.net . This change of address will allow us to give the Pokémon Tournament-playing community fuller service by expanding on the resources that we make available. The Compendium has been a resource for Pokémon players, judges, and tournament organizers for over 4 years now, since February 2002. It has become the de facto source for finding all official Pokémon TCG card and game rulings. It is the one place where all rulings made by Wizards of the Coast and Pokémon USA can be found; the rulings that determine the correct way to play card effects and card combos in official, sanctioned play.

    The Compendium site offers a searchable, organized database of rulings. The Compendium is available in a variety of formats to fill the needs of Tournament players. It also makes available records of all WotC chats that have been held, and a detailed guide to the Pokémon Tournament Manager Software. Look for more resources coming soon to make your Pokémon Tournament run as smoothly as possible.
    The Pokémon TCG Rulings Compendium is managed and compiled by Team Compendium. The members of TC run Leagues, are Tournament Organizers, and have been Judges at various Premiere Pokémon tournaments including Super Trainer Showdowns, Gym Challenges, Gym Stadiums, and the Pokémon World Championship. They have Moderated the official Pokémon TCG Message Board while the game was under the control of Wizards of the Coast and currently run the Pokegym.net website. Finally, Team Compendium holds weekly meetings with Pokémon USA to ensure that the Compendium official rulings stay up to date with the needs of the Pokémon TCG community.
    For further information, contact: [email protected]

    We ask that any webmasters visiting the site use this information to get the word out on their site and update all of your links to the Compendium.

    We have been the number one response from Google when "Pokemon rulings" is searched for, but now it brings up the old Hypermart site that is closed. It is important that links be ipdated on the various sites that link to us so that this information can easily be found by new members of the TCG playing community.
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