Pokemon XD 2: The Rise of Darkrai PART 1

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    This fanfic is sort of a continuation of the Pokemon XD plot, except staged way far from that time period in the future. Here's part 1. I will most likely be putting down 1 chapter per week (since I already have about six chapters that make up all of part one, and one and a half chapters for part 2) and hopefully will put down part 2 when I eventually get that done. Anyway, enjoy the show!

    Pokemon XD 2: The Rise of Darkrai​


    In a world five thousand years after the events of Sinnoh and Team Galaxy, the species (edited out... you know what I mean) sapien have developed the power to become attributed to one of the eighteen different types of pokemon.

    However, this peace did not last for long.

    Only about a hundred years later, a great disaster called Global Warming created an almost Armageddon like situation. Not many people survived the rising waters, heat, and multiple hurricanes at the same time. The affect was like the Black Plague, creating a time where technology went backwards. Almost all technology was completely wiped off the earth, and almost one half of the population of the world survived. When the devastation was over, a time period usually called The Great Revival started.
    Around two-hundred years after the first great hurricane hit, the legendaries decided to help the human race by giving a little bit of each of their powers to a certain group of people. These different groups all started off with one person, but quickly the traits spread to other people like disease, but a good one. The first people of each tribe were the Grand Master, and in some ways are worshipped as well as the god that contributed this power to them.

    In this new society, when person was born they were given a pokemon that was born with the type of the newborn within the past 3 days. Their bond would be for a lifetime. Laws were passed for children to learn about how to control their power at the age of 5, so they could hone their powers and help the whole of mankind. Tournaments every year raged to give the best trainers and their pokemon recognition and fame throughout their land.

    The types tend to stick together, therefore each type have a certain settlement within the five regions: Kanto, Johto, Houen, Orre, and Sinnoh. A rough amount of four to five types lived in each area. The tribes next to each other know the other tribe well, while the farther away tribes have almost no relations with them. Some intertribe marrying cases have been found, though within most tribes this is frowned upon.

    Now closing down on this time, there have been many civil wars breaking out between close tribes, all within the same time period. For a hundred years, this has been happening. And even closer to the year this story partakes in, only seven years before this time the fire tribe teamed up with the Dragon tribe and completely destroyed half of the Ice type’s cities. The Ice type has not been able to fight back due to the dwindling number of types backing Ice up, and most debates have been about what to do with the remaining members.

    Now this story is strictly about what somebody did to try to get this hostile period to end. 1 person from each tribe was taken into a game show, and put in a two trainer team tourney. Now, the teams were formed by taking the hostile types and pairing them together. An example would mainly be Ice and Dragon. This story focuses on many different people, and starts with a creepy new thing called… a reality show.

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    Part One: The Arena​

    Chapter One​

    In a small secluded room, eighteen people were knocked out cold, each lying on a separate bed. The beds were bunks, about six to a stack, three stacks. There was a table in the middle, and a few chairs. It looked like a combination of a bedroom and a living room, packed into a small area.

    After a while, one boy started to stir. He wore a ragged shirt; it looked even a bit too big for his skinny body. His head was covered with a full head of shaggy brunette hair and his jeans reached way too far down his legs onto his shoes, which read “Seclude”, and looked almost like the word said they were. Completely away from reality, though you couldn’t tell why. The boy who fit this description started to move, and even got up on his bed. The air around him felt cold and not understanding. He sat down, twiddled his fingers, and waited for the other seventeen people to wake up.

    Slowly, over a period of about three hours, each person woke up. All had a different personality. One girl with a scarlet pigtail hairdo was slamming her fists on the door, and screaming, “Let me out of here! LET ME OUT!” One looked like he was comforting another, one was pale and soaking everything in, and some were even finding people to talk to. A few really realized what they were: Captives.

    Most of the kids were silently moping to themselves the unfairness of the situation. The cold room was a death sentence to them: their old lives were dead, only to be reborn imprisoned in a lonely concrete room. Some denied the existence of the circumstances. It was all a dream, they said. A few cried for lost pets, parents, sisters, brothers, and material possessions that were a faint memory now that they had lost it all.

    One person kept very composed, and looked questionably shabby in his skinny composure. His ribs were slightly showing, but he was not eager for food. He hungered for knowledge, studying every inch of the room. His eyes eventually went over the first to wake up. He looked like he was deep in concentration, trying to place this mysterious new character in a category. He settled on lonely. Now, assured that he knew all that he could glean from a first impression, he spoke.

    “I see you’re from the diminishing Ice Tribe.” A few stopped fiddling around and looked at the pitiful boy.
    A few moments later, the adolescent responded. “You are correct. Not like I could be anything else.” The words crept around the room like frost on a cold day.

    Now heads turned to the person who knew the adolescent’s tribe. He took his time weaving his words. “Yes, you are a bit… chilly, if you catch my drift. My name is Lucian. And yours?”

    Many heads were now turned towards the Ice tribee, who whispered in his weary tone, “My name is of no importance to most, but if you need to know…” he paused for a second, and then continued, “I am Veilend.”

    All introductions before this event struck up again, and the two guys who once spoke went back to looking around, or in Veilend’s case, just sitting there.

    However, only a minute after conversations started up, the door opened. The red haired girl was knocked back by the door opening. The other girl who was soothing a young, crying boy who was immediately ran to her and started checking her injury.

    The man started speaking in what seemed to be a low baritone. He said little words, and none of them were reassuring to anyone, except for the ending. “Do not try to escape. You will be stuck here for a while. Food will be sent in an hour or so.” He then slammed the door shut, and then new subjects about food struck up once again.

    The caring girl was talking to the red-headed one. “So, where does it hurt? I learned this from my elder, who is experienced with aromatherapy.”

    “I see you’re from the ‘fabled’ grass tribe. Hello. It hurts on my left side of my head, thank you. I’m from the Fighting Tribe of Orre, thank you.”

    The small boy who was crying was now walking towards the caring girl. He seemed to be from a family who had at least the money to supply him with good nourishment and clothing. He seemed about the age of eight, and he wore a tank top that read “Splish Splash” and had a slashing insignia around it. He looked pretty strong all around, especially his upper body, and it showed real well with the tank top. His shorts looked like they came from Dewford. In fact, Dewford was exactly where he came from. He walked up to the girl and hugged her. She seemed a bit surprised, but then turned her head around and saw who was hugging her. She patted his head, and left him hanging on her body.

    “Awngely, howsee you doing?” He spoke like an eight year old would talk, though he had a lot of trouble with the girl’s name.

    “I’m doing fine, thanks! You seem a bit better than you did a hour or so ago, huh?

    “Yeah, Isee doin’ fine!’

    The red haired girl piped up. “Well, that’s just dandy, Isn’t it?” The boy hid behind “Awngely.”

    “Aww, you’re ok Blake. She’s a friend. He name’s…”

    “ Kristen.”

    “Kristen, right. Go say hello!”

    Lucian eyed the other seventeen children. Looked like the emotional boy was the youngest, and a chit-chatty boy in the corner, maybe about twenty, was the oldest. “Frosty” was sitting on the ground, pretending not to care about the dire situation.

    Then, the door opened a second time, about forty-five minutes earlier than expected, but all the better for the captives. It was the man again, but with a silver platter. He walked inside the tiny room, closed the door, and placed the tray upon the table. He then opened it to show a nice amount of fruit and a salad. Not the best meal, but the kids were starving. They dug right in.

    The man slipped out once more, this time without the kids knowing. The kids didn’t know much, but most importantly they did not know much of what was about to happen.
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    Way to fast. Slow it down, add more detail. Another thing, they should be more shocked at being knocked out and in a strange room. Let every one know about the the people in the room. Good luck with it!
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    Yeah, I see where you're going. I'm not exactly the best detailer, but I guess I'll have to learn that. I hope you enjoyed it a little, though!
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    It's really interesting! You have a great idea methinks and I would love to see more. :thumb:
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    Actually, I have already wrote seven chapters, and part of an eighth. I will post the next chapter on Saturday or Sunday, you can count on that.
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    Glad to hear it!
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    Chapter Two

    An hour after the meal started, the eighteen kids were still inside the same room, but now they had fuller stomachs. Some of the kids started sleeping again, as well as Blake, he needed more sleep being the youngest. Lucian and Veilend were staring at each other once again, but now the glares were accompanied with words.

    “Can you guess what tribe I’m from?” That came first, this from Lucian.
    Veilend looked like he was thinking for a second or so, but then responded a few seconds later, “From the Psychic… Clan?”

    Lucian nodded, and the conversation dropped.

    “Awngely”, who’s real name was Angela, was still talking. She did have a thing for talking, and she couldn’t stop easily. Right now it looked like she was talking to one of the other boys, in fact the oldest one.

    “So, you’re, like, our leader, huh?”

    “I guess you could say that. I like the ring of that!” The boy nodded, and then demonstrated his power. He made a rock formation grow out of the ground, shaped like a chair. In fact, that’s exactly what it was, a chair made out of a clay-like substance.

    Angela looked overjoyed. “Ah, you’re part of the Rock Clan?”

    There was an ominous silence in their corner of the room, it seemed that more than Angela was listening. “Yes, I am. I was the best at manipulating rocks to do my will, the best in class if you say so.” The people still awake then started to walk towards the oldest. One boy with a buzz cut and blonde hair piped up.

    “Show us some more of your power!” However, the oldest never got around to doing it, because at that time, the door opened and a different man than the first came in.

    The man was bald, though he had a cape and lustrous yellow eyes. He had a hint of darkness around him, though it was the known trademark of the Dark Tribe. So no worries. Kristen woke Blake up, since the man demanded everyone to be awake for the announcement.

    When everyone was awake, they all took in the man’s features, the nonexistent chin, the huge eyebrows, yet there was one thing about this man that struck everyone’s attention. He was the shortest of them all, sans Blake. Then, the short man spoke.

    “You all have been chosen to be partaken in one of the most wondrous things known to mankind, or at least of this time and age. You will be the first stars of a Reality TV show! And may I add, the only stars.” There were gasps, though a few stood still, not quite sure what to make of the words. “The show is called ‘Bitter Rivalries’. I shall explain, though you must follow me. And there is no choice.” And right at that moment, a few people just like the first man who had given them the first warning when they arrived appeared right behind all the kids, and were pushing them towards the short man. He walked in a straight line through the building. Nobody could stop to look at the weird and interesting building, as they were being pushed by the men.

    However, there was one big room with a HUGE TV on one of the walls, and near another wall there was a huge field painted just like a stadium’s floor. The man then led everyone else into a room a bit bigger than the room that they quartered in. They all had a seat, since the huge pushy men were forcing them to sit. Once again, the short man started to talk.

    “Each of you will be partnered with someone that your tribe would not like. For example, Ice with Dragon. So unfortunate your tribe was destroyed.” He leered towards Veilend, who sat completely still, though the room had a very significant temperature drop. “So, please, C-Men, please guide the partners together. But before we start, I would like to take questions. Yes… you’re name’s Angela, right?”
    “Yes sir. Ummm, why did you choose kids, and not adults? Wouldn’t that make more sense?”

    “Well, this show is trying to tell people how warring tribes could get together. I know you guys are chained up to your spot here, but we know you would bolt first thing. Yes, we know you would, Surge.” The blond haired kid winced. “So, older people would have deeper hatred for the tribe they would be warring with. And that wouldn’t make for a good peace show, right?”

    “I guess so.” Angela said, then nodded.

    “Ok, C-Men, do your thing.” The “C-Men” as they were called, then guided people to their partners. Veilend was paired with a girl with scars all over her. She seemed like a rage burned inside her, but wasn’t showing it as Kristen was all the time. Lucian was paired with Kristen in fact, and the two didn’t seem like they would get along too well. Blake and Angela were paired up, and everybody else was given another person to be with, for a total of nine teams.

    “Ok, so the teams are Fighting/Psychic, Rock/Normal, Ice/Dragon, Steel/Fire, Flying/Electric, Dark/Bug, Grass/Water, Poison/Ground, and Ghost was paired up with the Pure Type.

    “Now, each team will be escorted-” he then looked around at his hit men, “-to a room. I hope most of you can live together, because that’s what all of you are going to do with your partner. You and your partner will be shown on TV going against another team in battle. This shows people how the two types can work together. It’s almost like a sports league. But you and your partner aren’t fighting it alone. You will have one pokemon of your type that you had before we got you here.” He took eighteen pokeballs out of his jacket, and handed one to each person. Lucian found his Alakazam, Blake got a Feraligatr, and the like to everyone. Lucian studied Kristen’s pokemon.

    “Well, I see you have a great style. A Hitmonlee.” Sarcastically, he smiled towards Kristen, who started getting angry.

    “Well yours isn’t that much better! MINE DOES ROUNDHOUSE KICKS!”

    Angela and Blake were admiring each other’s pokemon, and Veiliend was doing his ignoring stare into an open space, while the Dragon Tribee was petting her pokemon, and Dragonite, fiercely.

    “I’m so glad to see some of you are having a good time. Make your stay here the best you can, because you will be here for quite some time. C-Men, usher them to their rooms!”

    Can you guess who the short man is? Cookie for the person who names him first! HINT HINT: Look at the name of the story, and then look for a person related to the title.
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    Greevil? It doesn't make sense, but you've already re-used one name, why not another?
  9. Umbykirb

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    COOKIE FOR YOU! You guessed correctly! Don't worry, I won't always refer to Greevil as "the short guy". I think in the next chapter he is named.

    I found a mistake in the story. Blake gets a Feraligatr, not a Floatzel. I have fixed the unconsistancy.
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    next chapter pleas
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    Didn't Greevil live in XD 5,000 years ago?
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    Well gosh, if you'd just wait and read the story you would find out why this is true. GOSH!!!

    Yeah, that is confusing though, I see where you're coming from.
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    I would say, " Some of the kids started to sleep again, Blake especially needed rest being the youngest."

    You don't really need to put that last sentence. But, if you were going to say that end it where you put the comma after was.

    You should prolly say, " you could say that I was the best in the class"

    Keep it up and I hope this helps!
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    Ok, thanks! Good to know that someone can correct my blatant errors... XD
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    i want to see another chapter its a great story i dont mind the errors i think i have them in my store to
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    Yeah, I would like to see more!
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    this is a great idea to
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    Chapter Three

    “Umph! Hey, I demand that you let go of me! Harumph, this is uncomfortable.” Kristen was picked up by her feet, and was being dragged out of the room by one of the C-Men. “This is not my lucky day,” thought Kristen. Not many people took notice of her, as all of them knew that it was impossible to escape the claws of who the short man called “the C-Men.” At least, all but one. A boy with off-colored blue hair made a few shapes with his hands, and the peon who was carrying him was flung back into the wall opposite to the door. Kristen cheered mentally, “Go him!”

    The short man was not amused. “Hmph. I see that you resist. Even if you can control pure balls of energy, I control you. Watch.” At that moment, the boy looked like he couldn’t move anything, then his hand was twisted backwards, and screams of pain enveloped the room. There was not one eye looking away from the poor boy. His hand then fell limp, and the screams decreased to a heavy breathing, but there were obvious signs of pain in his eyes. He regained control to all parts of his body except one, his arm. Whoever this boy was, he was crippled.

    “That will teach you from messing with me, Rupest. Now, I suggest nobody tries to escape, or you will end up worse than this Pure Tribe member. Now you, Rupest, are just like your ancestor Grand Master.”
    At this point, some of the people reading this account now must be wondering about the pure type. They aren’t a type of pokemon, per se, but they could control spheres of pure energy, making their attacks a doozy. Their Grand Master has been described as a righteous man, having a good sense of justice. This is why the pokemon Togekiss and the legendary Jirachi are affiliated with this tribe.

    Almost all the C-Men were out of the room, each carrying one person. They headed down a corridor that connected to the Stadium Room. Within the hall there were an intersection with a hall that ran straight through from the right, and continued to the left. The hall they were standing in now continued for a little while after having an arch making the opening a half-oval and then stopped. Where it stopped, there were three doors. They had signs above it, reading, “Ice/Dragon” (the far left), “Rock/Normal” (the middle), and “Electric/Flying” (the far right). The arch that connected this hall to the one with those doors was painted red.

    The C-Men stopped at the intersection and waited for the small man. When he caught up, he started to speak, and the prisoners were let down for the time being. “These are your quarters. You will find them much better than the first two rooms you were in, and the only three downfalls are that you will be captive, you will be living with your team partner, and that you will eventually have to fight other teams. More details on the fighting tomorrow. However, I would suggest the lot of you should get used to your surroundings. You will be seeing it for a while. However, I shan’t leave without a housewarming present. Here, take this.” The man then held out a computer. “Shouldn’t be too hard to install. This computer will give you updates on what’s going on. It will be giving you dates for when events happen, or times for the matches between two teams. And you could even be in the battle. You will have to check the computer at least once every day, and no, there are no internet connections. So no checking e-mail or anything. Alright, I think it’s time to show our captives their rooms, right? You know what to do.”

    The men once again picked up the adolescents, and then carried them through one of three locations, straight, right, and left. The halls looked exactly like the others, except the sign over the doors said different things, and the arches were painted differently. The right arch was blue, and the left one was yellow. Kristen, Lucian and Rupest were taken through the yellow arch, Angela and Blake through the blue, and Veilend and the Dragon Girl were taken straight, through the red arch.

    There were six people in the yellow hallway, six in the red, six in the blue. Then, the C-Men walked back into the first hallway, and the small man started to talk once again. The short man then closed his eyes, mouthed a few words in an ancient tongue, and the brick walls appeared in front of the archways. They were really captives now.

    Lucian looked around. He was really good at telling who was who. Rupest and Kristen he already knew, and the signs above the doors read, “Fighting/Psychic” (far left), “Pure/Ghost” (center), and “Steel/Fire” (far right). The three people he didn’t know were standing there, silent, taking in their surroundings. “One of them, a girl, looks very mysterious, almost like a fortune teller. That must be the ghosty. The one with the red hair boy, and what seems to be a fiery personality is… fire. No duh. And the last man must be Steel. He looks the part too, he looks almost indestructible.”

    At last, someone spoke. Kristen walked up to the Steel Tribe member and combed her hands through his hair. “So, you’re cute, so you must be steel type, right?” At that point, everyone, despite the eerie air, and even though they were stuck in a hostile area, they all started to chuckle a bit. “This team seems not to be too hostile towards each other. A good start.”

    The man who was with Kristen then spoke. “I see you have good tastes. My name is Brass. What’s yours?”

    Lucian spoke up. “Her name is Kristen. I’m sure she’s head over heels for you.”

    Kristen turned and looked at Lucian. “And you who aren’t cute… uh, Lucian, right? I know we don’t get along, but let’s make it easier for both of us, and stop fighting.. If we keep on struggling, we will make it hard on everyone. Especially Brass here.”

    The ghost member spoke up as well; she was easily the youngest out of everyone here, though she was ten, not younger than Blake. “Heh, I see you have a thing for him. I forsee a huge crush. Though I cannot tell if it will stay for too long… Ah! I see you guys have not met me before. Silly me. I am, at least in my tribe, Stugafluffariggerticaby. But you can just call me Ticaby. I like-“

    “Hello, I am Blaze. People tell me I am hyperactive but I can’t see why they say that. I like lots of things. I like pie too, as well as many other things-“

    “Slow down there tiger. I can’t believe I have to deal with this.” Brass said, his voice layered with disbelief.

    “Heh, he seems a bit, active.” Rupert chuckled a bit. “I suggest we walk into our rooms.”

    Everybody thought it was about time to do that, so each team went into their corresponding room. The room was a lot bigger than the first room, and definitely more comfortable. Kristen had the computer, and found that if you plugged it in, it started working.

    The room was very posh for a captive’s room, in fact, better than almost everyone’s house. There was a comfortable couch, with a TV (though it wasn’t anything fancy, it was even like the TVs 5000 years ago!) and two beds. There was also a kitchen loaded up with lots of food products. There was even an upstairs, consisting of a psychic and fighting pokemon friendly. There were punching bags, pokefood, and a move training machine. The Alakazam and Hitmonlee were left up there to play.

    Although things looked bleak and yet somewhat good at the same time, things would get much bleaker, from the mysterious small man.
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    "Lol"? Please explain! I want to know why you like my story, so I can make it better.:rolleyes:

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