Pokemon XY Anime Analysis and Speculation: What we know so far.

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by Fox_Master51, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. Fox_Master51

    Fox_Master51 New Member

    I've never really posted something about the anime to this extent, so please bare with me.

    What we know: Ash is back yet again, and he's travelling to yet another region with his faithful Pikachu in tow.

    Upon reaching the Kalos region, Ash comes across Serena, a Kalos Pokémon trainer (the female protagonist in the games) and fashion enthusiast who turns out to be a childhood friend of his. Her known Pokémon based on the trailers is a Fletchling (which may be her partner), and possibly Fennekin based on my speculation, which she most likely receives from Prof. Sycamore.

    Speaking of, Prof. Sycamore also contacts Ash. What seems clear about him is that he gives Trainer one the Kalos starters (contradictory to the games, where a Kalos starter is given to you by a friend), and that he is seemingly in possession of a Garchomp which he is using to study the details of Mega Evolution. When the Mach Pokémon goes on a rampage, thanks to the ever-present Team Rocket, Ash takes it upon himself to calm Garchomp down.

    Sometime during or after the pandemonium, Ash meets Clemont and Bonnie, the former being the Gym Leader. Clemont is most likely an Electric-type Gym Leader based on his technological prowess and evident in the Dedenne that accompanies the siblings. Clemont initially refuses to battle Ash due to the latter's lack of Kalos Gym Badges. Bonnie is Clemont's little sister and companion, who apparently carries Clemont's Pokémon with her. She also seems to be looking to find her brother a girlfriend (lol). Clemont and Bonnie, obviously end up accompanying Ash and Serena on his trip through the land (cuz Ash's journey wouldn't be complete without a Gym Leader companion).

    Also, at some point, Ash encounters a Blaziken in it's Mega form, which quickly appears and disappears.

    Notes: I noticed in some sequences of the trailers, some of the action sequences are somewhat like the animations of the movies. Secondly, in some instances, Ash looks slightly older. It's unlikely that Ash aged at all since Unova; it's just an observation.

    I know many say this before a new journey in the anime only to be disappointed, but from what I've seen, TPCI seem to be upping their game with the anime. I hope they make it more an all ages thing rather than aiming only at kids. Wishful thinking, I know =_='

    What are you're thoughts and speculations? Anything I may have missed?
  2. precita

    precita New Member

    In other words it'll be exactly the same as every generation before it just with some slight differences here and there.
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Except the personal history bit. There could be some interesting storylines coming out of that, if TPC wants to push it a little bit.

    Also, IIRC TPC is the one making the anime. It's definitely not TPCi.
  4. Fox_Master51

    Fox_Master51 New Member

    Again, I've never really delved into the anime much before.
  5. precita

    precita New Member

    Ever since the beginning of Johto the anime generally repeats itself every generation, with the only difference being Ash's different travel companions, rivals, and the Pokemon on the group.

    After Johto the writers realized neither Misty nor Brock had much of a role in the series anymore, so Misty was axed to be replaced by the female lead of each generation and Brock became background material until he was axed too.
  6. Fox_Master51

    Fox_Master51 New Member

    With what little I saw of the anime from Hoenn to the end of Sinnoh, Ash did seem to retain his experience as opposed to when he went to Unova and forgot pretty much everything he knows. Though now that I think about it, it was probably by comparison to May and Dawn who were both brand new trainers when he met them, and had little to no experience themselves in the beginning.

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