PokeMontoya's Haves/Wants Soon to be updated with MD

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PokeMontoya, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Muskeet

    Muskeet New Member

    Yo Adrian i need 3 Castaways from ya for this Saturday
  2. hk27

    hk27 New Member

    Yo Adrian if you find a way to the littleton cities, i have a extra gallade. Holla. LOL.
  3. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    snap dude I am coming to littleton if it snows enough Ill also be at longmont if no snow Ill be moving 2 tons of rock for $100
  4. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    cml for 3 dragonite ex d
  5. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    updated haves and wants
  6. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    hi there

    from the rules:
    Please respond to the offers when bumping,updating is considered bumping.
    Consider this a warning.

  7. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    hey thysereivuth I see some things I want just not sure they would be enough for my wants look ove my list and yours and see what kinda offer you can make
  8. keMewie

    keMewie New Member

    I have 11 Quick Balls, how many Candys can i get for 11 Quick balls? lmk, thanks.
  9. Muskeet

    Muskeet New Member

    CML for:

    3 Castaway nh
    1 Empoleon
    1 Lucario
    1 Lucario Lv X
    2 Cess Crystal
  10. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    hye ryan I have an extra lucario for your lugia we'll see what your other trades have for you and when you come over WED we'll see what else to trade for
  11. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    cml for up to
    8 ces crystals
    8 non holo castaway
    3 draggy ex d
    1 altaria ex d
    1 blissey
  12. keMewie

    keMewie New Member

  13. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    I would hope to do 2balls for each candy so I would prolly jsut need 10

    and to thysereivuth I want honch x and mortor x and lugia dp3 and 2 bannette dp3 and I need rosannes if you have them I can only do 2 draggys cause I want to keep one for my set and I too need basic darks (we are sad that we need them LOL) and I also need TV Reportor (sad sad sad)
  14. keMewie

    keMewie New Member

    Ok, So Here is my Offer;

    x10 Quick Ball (MT)


    x5 Rare Candy

    LMK, thanks.
  15. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    Ok Im good with that but you gotta send first per the rules Ill PM you my addy
  16. keMewie

    keMewie New Member

    I have no problems What-So-Ever with sending first. I'll also need your ref page. Thanks! PM me.
  17. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member


    I have:

    Lugia SW x2
    Roseanne's x a lot
    Quick Ball x a lot
    Lucario X Tin
    Basic Darkness a bunch

    I need:
    Rare Candy x a lot (foil and non)
    Castaway foil x a lot
    Castaway non x a lot
    Salamence ex PK

    I'd give my Luc X for your Sally ex PK, then I could trade the others you need for some Casty and Candy. What do you think?
  18. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    Mortar X
    2 Roesean
    2 Bantte
    2 Tv R
    8 CESS
    8 Castway
  19. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    Hey Adrian I got 2 Bannette's and 3 Roseanne's extra I would like
    3 Lake Boundry (I only have 1)
    4 Castaway
    LMK ok?
  20. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    man shaw where were you before Ill do the sally for the LUc X Tin and I want some basic darks (sad I need em) tell what like 15 would be worth to you

    Thysereivuth I though you wanted Draggy ex'sI dont think I can do that may trainers

    Chris I can do the lake boundry and maybe 3 castaway unless you can throw in something else too

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