PokePopCast 28: Gentlemen's Agreements and Other End of Match Resolutions

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by PokePop, Dec 17, 2019.

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    Thank you for sharing.
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    Thanks Mike! I used this to mentor judges in my area. I was surprised to find out that some judges wanted to do things like set arbitrary time limits of 10 seconds for Gentleman's Agreements and even to issue DQs to the players having a discussion to evaluate Gamestate! I can understand how judges might be tempted to view discussions where a gamestate is being evaluated as both players trying to convince the other player to concede - but how else can a legal informal agreement based on gamestate be settled except through analytical discussion? Judges giving DQs for that evaluation are in effect creating their own penalty!

    I also liked your important segment bringing reasonableness to the table where allowed legal conversations of comparative gamestates do need to be reined in when they become antithetical to tournament operations for timely round turns.

    I find your PokePopCasts to be a wonderful tool to spread consistent judging for the community. Good work sir.
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    Thanks a lot! Much appreciated and glad I can be useful!

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