pokesam's regonals report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by pokesam128, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    pokesam's regonals report

    so after months of testing i go to states with luxpluff it's terrible

    Round 1 vs... kid from washington with fire formation
    he donked my friend at states so i want revenge. I open with god start he gets bad start but god draws by turn 3 this is his field 3 ninetails 2 charizard 1 typhlosion prime i get t2 lux x and pluffs but die from there. 0/1

    my freind played a kid from washington that i played round 1 of states i played flyclops him gengar/duskinaur at regonals my freind played him round 1 with gyra him flylock (auto loss for gyra).needless to say my friend scooped

    Round 2 vs?? w/arceus
    his list wasn't that good so i 6/0 him with t1 pluff and ko eveything he played.

    Round 3 vs?? w/randomness
    i t1 pluff and kill her gengar AR not shadow skip darkrai and cresselia??

    round 4 vs kaj w/fire formation
    i take a prize then he brings up charizard then attaches a water and we think it was a fire so after he kills three things i kill it it was belted so we notice it was a water energy but then we call a judge and i get to take a two prize penelty and win two turns later.

    yes i might top
    deathly collapse

    round 5 vs kyle w/luxchomp

    we both get bad starts only mine is 3 hopip jumpluff palmers night maitinence grass energy?
    i die in a matter of turns

    i can still make top

    round 6 vs mark w/flygon wevile
    ughh this is the biggest misplay i have ever made i have a terrible start with hopip and nowi play a BTS he plays luxury ball flygon virava flygon DCE donk

    no so my terrible list ruins my regonals experiance.
  2. Nugget_

    Nugget_ Member

    lolwut? States isn't even here yet, let alone regionals.
  3. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    it was last year and im new to pokegym and just found out how to post new threads
  4. Nugget_

    Nugget_ Member

    Oh ok. You have quite the memory to be able to remember that. xP

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