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    I haven’t done a report in a long time, so I figured now would be a good time. I have a lot to write about here. :p

    Hands down, Origins is the best time of the year. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and, most importantly, play Pokemon! Even though the main goal is to win Nationals, my first priority was to have fun.

    On Wednesday morning, Matt (Rulemaster) and Eric (PokeWisconsin) came to pick Abe (CMT) and me up. After getting there late due to some horrid traffic, we found that nobody was in the convention center, so we just took the Fun Bus back to the hotel and played a little bit. If I remember correctly, this was the night we almost died from the tornados and thunderstorms. Anyway, since Abe and I were the only ones who were pre-registered for Nationals, all the others in our room wanted to go back at 7 AM the next morning to ensure a spot in the main event. So, after we did that (by the way, we saw soon-to-be Professor Cup Champion, Bullados, on the way – congrats!), we crashed in our room Thursday morning until about noon. Then, the real fun started to begin.

    On Thursday, I got to see all the old friends; there’s way too many to name. After a little while in the convention center, we (Matt, Eric, Abe, and I) went back to our room with AJ and Bianchi, and we started to test. At this point, I had three decks I was choosing from. First, there was Empoleon/Bronzong, the deck I used to win the Lafonte Open and was completely comfortable with. Then, I had two different variants of Eeveelution decks, both of which I wasn’t too confident with. However, I knew Empoleon would be teched against heavily, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable running it. I knew I didn’t want to play Gardy because I hate the deck… and that left me with the task of making my Eevee lists better. For a while I had been testing Leafeon/Cresselia, but after testing, the deck lost to GG because of Dusknoir. After a few games, AJ and Bianchi left to go “have some fun.” When they came back, they actually started playing better, which was surprising given what they had done. In fact, it was amazing that they even found our hotel.

    On Friday, we all decided to play in the Modified side event. Basically I wanted to get some practice before the big event, and I wanted to get a feel for what the field would be like (even though the decks are never the same for Nationals). I decided to use Empoleon/Bronzong, and, oddly enough, it seemed like quite a few other people had the same idea. My first round was pretty much a giant signal telling me not to use Empoleon the next day. Opening with a Holon’s Castform, I passed for three turns against a Meganium deck that played Crystal Beach. Now, I don’t run any way to counter Stadiums, and Meganium resists Water… not cool. At this point, I knew whatever I played tomorrow had to run several ways to counter Crystal Beach and Windstorm. Somehow I won that game, but I dropped after I got my first loss handed to me around R4 by Jim Roll, a very cool guy from Florida. Then, it was back to real testing with the guys.

    After GG AND Empoleon dominated Leafeon/Cresselia numerous times in testing, I knew the deck had to change. So, I went back to a previous build that I had tested with Chad (Scizor) for a while, Leafeon/Magmortar, which we had named RG for convenience. Although I loved the potential plays Cresselia offered the deck, it was clear that the deck needed an alternate attacker, and Magmortar fit the role well. While Magmortar seemed to be the key against GG, Vaporeon was added to help against Empoleon, so the big two decks were covered. At about 1 AM, I put together the list and didn’t play a single game with it; however, I knew it would be my choice for Nationals (note to others: don’t do this before the biggest tournament of the year). It looked like AJ, Chad, Fulop, Eric Craig, and Pramawat all chose to run the deck, too.

    Well, I’ll stop boring you with those stories. Let’s get to the games; it’s time to play some Pokemon! I got put into the Yellow Flight, meaning I’m going to have to go against Drew, Chad, AJ, Matt, Eric, Abe, Jimmy, Ness, and many more of my friends and quality players; that’s not cool. Oh well, I came to have fun!

    Round 1 – Eeveelutions/Sceptile/Tangrowth

    Hands down, this was my worst start of the day. Even though I got a Claydol out by the second turn, he used Tangela’s attack to bring it Active, and I missed my first three Energy drops (and I play a LOT of Energy). After he took the early lead with Leafeon LV.X, I was coming back very slowly with my own. Once a Magmortar got out with about five Energy, it kept rolling through his stuff. The fact that he played so slowly irritated me a bit, but he was a parent, so I understood. With me up two prizes, time got called on his turn, and he couldn’t tie the game, even though he dropped Treecko, RC, Sceptile, and Tangrowth all in the same turn. So, I can’t even finish my first game of Nationals… sheesh. Oh well, good game!


    Round 2 – Gardevoir/Gallade/Dusknoir (Con L.)

    I had heard about Con from others, but this was the first time I met him. He’s one of the coolest people I’ve met, but I was not happy to be facing GG this early in the tournament, especially against a quality player. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play a real game. On the second or third turn, I KO’d his lone Duskull, getting a cheap win. Sorry, man. I can’t remember the last time I did that to someone. Regardless, it was awesome meeting you, and I’ll see you at Worlds!


    Round 3 – Absol/Houndoom (Ryan S.)

    Well, I knew this wouldn’t be a fun game for me. I hate Absol with a passion, I hate Crystal Beach with a passion, and I hate Cessation Crystal with a passion. Hey, he’s playing all of them in one deck! Ugh. Well, he starts out with Absol, so I go for Chatot immediately to setup. On the second turn, he nails my Windstorm and Mew*, two VERY key cards in the matchup. From the first turn, I am completely locked by Cessation and Beach due to my inability to draw Windstorm. Thankfully I play a lot of Supporters and Basic Energy, and Chatot is a wonderful card. Unfortunately, Vaporeon is prized, so this matchup is a lot harder than usual. I know I have to Night Maintenance Mew* back into the deck so I can use it later, so I do that right after my first Eeveelution dies. We trade Leafeons and Houndooms for a while, and the turning point is when I use Mew* with my Fire Energy to copy his Houndoom for a KO (due to Water Weakness). After that Houndoom dies, all of his Cessation Crystals are gone, meaning I’m free to use Claydol. Still, Crystal Beach is making my life a nightmare, and I haven’t drawn Vaporeon from the prizes.

    At a crucial point in the game, I send out Magmortar LV.X with one Fire Energy, Burn him, and hit for 20. Thankfully a couple of Burn flips go my way, and I’m in a great position to win again. My Magmortar LV.X has 60 HP left, and he has no Energy in play! However, he counters his own Crystal Beach with Moonlight Stadium, plays a DRE, and KO’s me with Houndoom… what? Didn’t see that one coming. At this point, I’m rushing to take prizes because time is low; I’m panicking. I make a small error by playing Warp Point before using my Powers, allowing him to send out Absol with Cessation to lock my Powers again. This makes me use my last Windstorm to counter it, meaning I am locked by Beach for the rest of the game. I tie the game at one prize each, and there’s no way Houndoom can KO me back, but I’m 10 short of the KO with Verdant Dance thanks to DRE. Even though he probably cannot win the next turn, I Cosmic Power for 5 to see if I can draw my last Warp Point, and I… hit it! (Vaporeon was my last prize, by the way.) Good game, Ryan!


    At this point, I’m feeling pretty confident. I know I have a good chance to make the cut; however, I’ve started at least 3-1 at every major event (Nationals and Worlds) in the past two years, and I haven’t made the cut at any of them. I know it’s a long day, and it’s only begun.

    Round 4 – Gardevoir/Gallade

    Great, another GG. I don’t mind playing against this deck, but I do mind playing against it in Swiss. I have to change my strategy if I want to win in a timed game, which is very irritating because I try to play my games to win the full game, not win when time is called. At any rate, I get a pretty strong start. I notice he is going for Gardevoir instead of Gallade, so I decide to start taking prizes with Leafeon LV.X. With my Leafeon at 50 damage, my opponent announces Bring Down, thinking he can KO my Active… forgetting I have Espeon in play. The judge comes over and rules that he must use Bring Down since he announced it, so he can decide to KO either his Ralts or my Chatot (tough decision). Thankfully this allows Leafeon to score a KO on his Gardevoir, and it lets me bench another Pokemon to start powering up (I fear Dusknoir, so I must keep my bench at three). Gallade comes out to take out Leafeon, and Espeon responds with 90 and moving Castform to Magmar. Once again, my opponent forgets about Espeon’s Poke-Body, not flipping enough prizes and allowing it to live another turn. So, I evolve to Magmortar, attach DRE to Espeon, KO Gallade, and move the DRE to Magmortar. At this point I have a loaded Magmortar vs a lot of Ralts in the discard pile; it’s looking good. The next Gardevoir comes out, and Magmortar scorches it immediately. After that, time is called, and all he has left is a Pachirisu and Claydol, so I would’ve won anyway. If he hadn’t screwed up due to Espeon, I may not have won on time, but I had the full game won regardless.


    Round 5 – Empoleon/Pidgeot d/Gallade/Furret (The Beeblonian)

    I had no idea who he was at the time, but apparently this was The Beeblonian from PokeGym. In this game I started with Mew*, but nothing else besides a Call Energy unfortunately. However, Mew* is the best possible starter against any Empoleon deck, and it showed here. I feel comfortable against Empoleon in general, but starting with Mew* is just icing on the cake. I recall copying his Sentret to use Grope and finding a Celio’s, which got me a Claydol to setup with. Then, he got out Pidgeot d and Empoleon instantly, but didn’t have the Energy to attack or lock. However, he had an Energy attached to his Holon’s Castform (he started with it), and he didn’t use Delta Draw when he had Pidgeot d in play! It was a minor mistake, but still possibly game-changing. Anyway, the big mistake on his part was playing the Empoleon before attacking with it. Because of that, I started using Dual Splash with Mew* and wrecking his field. Then, he had to KO the Mew* (or keep getting Dual Splashed into oblivion), so he lost the ability to use Scramble Energy. From there, Leafeon set up shop and never left. At the end, I was swinging for 140 a turn with Leafeon LV.X and even more with Magmortar if it would’ve come down to that. This may have been the most one-sided game of the day for me.


    Round 6 – Banette/Blissey

    I open with two Baltoy and five Supporters this game, not really an ideal hand against something fast like Blissey. Of course, he Cessation locks me T1, and I can’t find a Windstorm ever. On the third turn, he has three Energy on his Blissey, so I figure he can’t KO my Leafeon after a Leaf Guard… well, I was wrong. He dropped a Boost and three PlusPowers to hit me for the KO. After going down four prizes, I mounted a comeback with Magmortar, but couldn’t find a Windstorm again. If I had gotten the Windstorm, I could’ve prevented the KO from Banette by healing 20 via Flame Body, but it wasn’t meant to be. I get my first loss of the day.


    Round 7 – Eeveelutions (MadHatter)

    Once again, I get a pretty poor start. I think at the beginning he says he also has a bad hand, but he gets T2 Claydol/Leafeon/Espeon and T3 Leafeon LV.X, so things aren’t looking good for me. Thanks to Magmortar, I’m able to crawl out of the hole I’m in. At one point, he has a Mew* with a Castform and Call attached, and he uses TSD, gets three Heads, and gets his second Castform back – not good! If he attaches the other Castform to Mew*, he can copy Flame Blast for the KO on Magmortar (80 + 30), basically ending my hopes of a comeback. However, he decides to Verdant Dance for 80, allowing Magmortar to live and KO Leafeon LV.X. Whew! Then, the game starts picking up.

    I’m getting very worried about time, so I’m playing my turns very quickly. I try to KO his Vaporeon with Claydol, but I forget about Espeon giving Vaporeon the extra HP… d’oh! I could not believe I made such a dumb mistake, but I have to play on (and quickly). I KO the Vaporeon next turn, and then KO his Leafeon with my Magmortar following that, so I think I have the game sealed. All he has is that Mew* with a Castform and Call attached, and he attaches to his benched Jirachi ex, so I figure I’m safe from a KO. After all, he has to do 80 + 30 to KO Magmortar… Lake Boundary! Uh oh. So, he copies my Leaf Guard for the KO on Magmortar – not good. Now I know I have to draw a DRE or Scramble for Espeon, or I’m going to lose on time. After a Cosmic Power for 5, I don’t draw either… But wait, there’s a Steven’s Advice! I draw my five cards one by one. Whiff, whiff, whiff, whiff…

    Double Rainbow, the prettiest card in the deck! I attach, Energy Forcing to attach the DRE, and KO his Mew* with Espeon, leaving him with just Jirachi ex in play for an attacker. Just as I thought, time was called on his turn, so I would’ve lost had I not drawn that. All he can do is send out Jirachi ex, attach, and Shield Beam for 60. I play Warp Point, and all he has on his bench is Baltoy, Claydol, and Espeon. If he sends out Baltoy or Claydol, Leafeon wipes them out. If he sends out Espeon, my own Espeon KO’s it thanks to Lake Boundary. I win a very close one here, and I’m so nervous that I’m shaking.


    With six wins, I know I just have to win one more to make the cut. Let’s do this!

    Round 8 – Empoleon/Omastar PK (Brian G.)

    Great, my first Magmar start of the tournament, and it happens to be against an Empoleon deck. Fortunately, I start with Call Energy going first, so it’s not all bad. On the flip side, Vaporeon is prized AGAIN, and he gets an attacking Empoleon T2 – not looking good. However, he benched two Piplups, so Magmortar hit his active for 40 and the two Pips for 20 each. Now, this is huge; if he hits Tails on Surf Together, all of his attackers are in two-hit range for Leaf Guard (with DRE attached), making my life easier. So, he goes for the Surf Together KO on Magmortar… TAILS! Still, he has a pumped Empoleon vs. my field of no Energy, so it’s not that great. I respond with a Leafeon and Leaf Guard, and I start getting back into this game.

    We trade hits back and forth, but there’s a crucial turn where my Holon’s Castform is prized, and I don’t draw a Grass Energy or DRE, so I have to PASS instead of attacking with Leafeon LV.X. Unfortunately, this gives him an opening back into the game instead of me sealing it completely. We go back and forth more, and he spreads out damage; I really wish Vaporeon wasn’t prized. Now time is winding down, and the game is getting close. After getting 70 on my Leafeon LV.X and 50 on my Claydol, I’m aware that he can use Pull Down to take two prizes and the lead. However, I’ve prepared for it by benching a second Baltoy and pumping up Magmortar. During his turn, I’m just praying that I get another turn; I know I win if I do. After he does LOT of stuff (Cosmic Power x2, Night Maintenance, Wager, Quick Ball…), he finally has no decision but to attack with Omastar. As fast as I can, I scoop up my evolutions and send out Magmar. I draw my card, evolve to Magmortar, Claydol, and Leafeon, and then time is called on my turn. Whew, I barely got the turn I needed! I cannot stress how much I hate timed games. I’m one of the fastest players I know, and I can’t even finish a game! Anyway, I attach Scramble to Magmortar to hit his Omastar for 120, tying the game and leaving him with no Energy in play. So, he sends out Piplup, uses Claydol, RC to Empoleon, attaches, and passes. Thankfully I have the Warp Point in hand, and I can KO any Pokemon on his bench. Who says Magmortar is bad against Empoleon? Great game.


    I’m in for sure! I could care less about the last round.

    Round 9 – Absol/Gardevoir/Gallade (ChicoBlanco)

    I had not met Ian before, so this was cool. Basically he starts with Jirachi ex and starts shutting off my Powers on the second turn, but I’m setting up fine anyway. I get two Leafeon (one LV.X) and Magmortar in play. I don’t worry about bench space since I’m assuming he plays no Dusknoir with Cessation Crystal and Absol in his deck. By the time he starts attacking with Gallades, I’m way far ahead, and he can’t come back. I’m swinging for over 100 a turn, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Cool meeting you, and I’ll see you at Worlds, Ian!


    Now I’m more awake than I have been all day. It’s starting to sink in that I made the cut again at Nationals for the first time since 2005. I’m 4th in my flight, so I get paired against a 6-3 player.

    Top 64 – Gardevoir/Gallade/Alakazam/Crawdaunt ex (James F.)

    Game One: For this match, I get to sit next to Chad and Jason, two of my close friends and fellow Lafonte Senators. Oddly enough, we’re playing the same matchup (GG vs. RG). I learn that, like Chad, my opponent is from California, and it turns out James is a really awesome guy. We laugh a lot throughout the match and just have a good time; this is how Pokemon should be. Sadly, Chad gets some really bad hands, so he loses to Jason pretty quickly… I know that feeling! Sorry, Chad. L Anyway, on to my game.

    When he opens with Abra, I breathe in a sigh of relief knowing I can fill my bench. I mean, there’s no way he runs Dusknoir AND Alakazam, right? Then, I realize the implications of Alakazam… no Energy Forcing, yikes. I could be in for a tough one here. Well, we both get VERY slow starts. I mean, I’m using the first four or five turns to use Mimic with Chatot. (Side note: I used Chatot in every game of the tournament.) He can’t even use Telepass when he gets Gardevoir out because I haven’t played Supporters! The game was that slow. Fortunately for me, both his Alakazam and Crawdaunt ex (which I didn’t know he played) were prized, making this a simple game against Gardevoir and Gallade. I started dumping a bunch of Energy with Leafeon LV.X, but he didn’t want to attack me, fearing Scramble Energy. After I felt like I had enough stuff in play (and 15 minutes into the game), I drew first blood with Leaf Guard. Since I didn’t play any draw cards, he was struggling big time to find a Rare Candy, so he didn’t have a Gallade out by the time I was attacking; however, he did draw the Rare Candy that turn to get it out. When Gallade came to Psychic Cut for the KO, he flipped too few prizes because of Leaf Guard, but I let him flip the last one because I wanted to play a real game. He was a nice guy, and I didn’t want to win like that.

    After my first one died, another Leafeon LV.X came out to do 130 for the KO on his Gallade. After he managed to KO that Leafeon, Magmortar responded with 140 and another KO. That one Magmortar swept through the rest of his Pokemon, and I won the game in about 30 minutes.

    Game Two: I knew I could play slowly in this game and make sure Game Two doesn’t end, but I hate winning on time. Throughout this game, I play very quickly, allowing him most of the time for the game. This time around, he goes after me early with a Psychic Lock on T3. I’m able to respond, and the game goes back and forth. The game is a lot like the previous one, but Espeon plays a major role by attacking and conserving Energy for other attackers. I feel like I’m in a very good position to win, but there’s a major problem – I’m running out of attackers! First of all, my last two prizes are Leafeon and Magmortar. If I had either of them, the game would swing into my favor. Secondly, I cannot draw a Night Maintenance, and all of my attackers are in the discard pile. So, I have to attack with Umbreon and hope he doesn’t have his Night Maintenance and Celio’s to get his Gardevoir LV.X back. If he doesn’t, I’m in a pretty good position to win. If he does, I’m in trouble. After a Cosmic Power for two, he plays the Night Maintenance that he drew immediately and plays Celio for the LV.X to Bring Down for a prize. Now he has one prize left, and my only hope is to get Vaporeon to discard all of his Energy (or find Night Maintenance, but that didn’t happen). I go to Celio for it and… time. Sorry, James. I don’t like winning on time, but I can’t hand him the game when I know it’s not over, and he has a clear advantage in Sudden Death with Gallade. I tried my best to make the second game play out the whole way, but this shows that a legitimate game cannot complete in 30 minutes even with both players going quickly. Either way, it was awesome meeting you, James, and I hope I get to see you at Worlds.

    So, I make Top 32 for the first time since 2005, which feels great. Although Matt had a brief argument with the judges, he also made Top 32, which I’m happy to hear. I know it means a lot to him, and he deserves it after last year’s Nationals. A lot of people I know are still in the tournament, so I know I’ll have to play against one of them the next day. I can barely go to sleep, but I manage to get about 3-4 hours before the big day…

    After arriving at the convention center at about 8:30, I look around to see who’s still in the tournament, and I see a lot of familiar faces. Jimmy, Coates, Omar, Fulop, Eric Craig, Jason, Mikey, Tyson (fellow Wisconsinite), John Silvestro, Colin, Drew, and Matt are all in; that’s a lot of people that I know. While we’re sitting there waiting for pairings, I’m talking to Mikey about the GG vs. RG matchup. Oddly enough, we get paired up and have to play the matchup out a few minutes later!

    Top 32 – Gardevoir/Gallade/Dusknoir (Magnechu)

    Game One: After the previous round, I’m feeling a little more confident against GG. In the first game, my start is decent, but nothing great. I try to buy time by using Bind Down against Tauros, and then I Warp Point to hit something else with Leaf Guard so I don’t let him access Scramble. Unfortunately, I don’t have much else after he KO’s my Leafeon LV.X with Gallade, so I have to use Mimic with Chatot. Immediately after I use Mimic, he drops Cessation on his Gallade, Wagers, and KO’s Chatot. At this point, I know I’m in a GREAT position because he’s flipped all of his prizes, yet he’s only taken two. Unfortunately, the three cards I drew off my Wager were Fire, Call, and Castform… three Energy. If I had drawn anything good off that Wager, I believe I could’ve won this game. I manage to take a prize with Magmortar, but after a few turns of drawing nothing, I decide to scoop and play the next game.

    Game Two: With the time situation, I knew I had to go aggressive in this game and hope for the best. Since I started with Eevee, Call, and Celio, it was a possibility! Unfortunately, he started with Ralts, Call, RC, and Gardevoir – T1 Gardevoir and Call Energy – meaning this would not be a quick game. I’m forced to Warp Point right away so I don’t get T2 Psychic Locked, and he’s just ahead of me for most of the game because he has access to everything through Gardevoir while I’m struggling to draw evolutions. I manage to make it a game, but not drawing things at the right time combined with Cessation Crystal shutting off Espeon’s Poke-Body did me in. At the end I was using Claydol and Espeon to take as many prizes as possible, but I couldn’t get that last Leafeon out or Scramble for Magmortar in time. By the time Magmortar got promoted, he had one prize left. Even though he couldn’t KO it, I knew Bring Down on my benched Pokemon would end the game, so I had to hit his Dusknoir with Flame Bluster for 90 instead of taking out the Gallade. However, he had the Warp Point to KO my Leafeon with 50 HP left to win. Good games, Mikey! You played them well. See you at Worlds!

    So, my Nationals run ended there, one round short of a T16 invite! Oh well. Thanks to my R9 win, (which I thought was irrelevant) it looks like I might get a rating invite anyway, so that’s cool. With the way the bracket turned out, I would’ve had to face GG in every elimination round all the way to the finals. How sick is that? That’s six Gardevoir decks in a row! Regardless, I had a great time, and I had a lot of fun not using a deck named GG or Empoleon. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys at Worlds!

    Random Quotes of the Weekend:

    “Get me some water…” – Pramawat
    “Ding Dong… BRONZONG!” – Everyone
    There is no God…” – Bolt
    “Who wants to DIE?” – The Ace
    “Do you know who I am? You can buy my World Championship Deck at Toys’R’Us… or steal it from Wal-Mart.” – Jason, after getting his high-five rejected by some little kid
    “My name is ____, yeah… I… never mind.” – Seena
    “COATES? You told COATES?” – Seena


    - Chad, for the deck and testing and everything.
    - All of the people who made this a great weekend. AJ, Bianchi, Chad, etc… you all know who you are. I wish there was more time to hang out, but that’s what Worlds is for I guess.
    - Magmortar, the reason I’ve won so many games this season.
    - Leafeon, the reason I get to use Grass Pokemon again.
    - Getting an invite to Worlds (possibly).
    - The entire judging staff for all the hard work they put into this event. Ken, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, but you were the best Head Judge I’ve ever seen for a Pokemon event in my life. I’m grateful we had you to run this tournament. Thank you!


    - Gardevoir
    - Gallade
    - Gardevoir/Gallade
    - Time limits
    - Dusknoir
    - Team Galactic’s Wager
    - Cessation Crystal
    - Crystal Beach
    - Absol
    - Gardevoir winning Nationals
    - Gallade winning Nationals
    - Gardevoir/Gallade winning Nationals
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    A very beautiful report!
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  7. Wow, very long report
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    Opening with a Holon’s Castform, I passed for three turns against a Meganium deck that played Crystal Beach. Now, I don’t run any way to counter Stadiums, and Meganium resists Water… not cool. At this point, I knew whatever I played tomorrow had to run several ways to counter Crystal Beach and Windstorm. Somehow I won that game,

    Now thats Pro, congrats Pooka hope to be sitting next to you in Flordia.
  10. Hey Pooka....I never once heard a Pooka Chant...How come?? Even tho I dont look forward to the word Pooka any more due to the Chicago team chanting it in the top 2 of MO States (?) with lil Ballard & my daughter Heather years ago...lol It was her 1st major win like that & it was very disruptive! Needless to say, I was looking forward to it actually this past weekend...lol

    GJ by the way!
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    Jason: Thanks, see you there!

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    Scizor: How did we both make it? This can't be happening.

    HoennAsh: Thanks!

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    Magnechu: Congrats again, Mikey. See you there.

    Jaeger: Yeah, that was a highlight of my weekend. Thanks, and see you in Florida.

    UnstoppablePokeMomx4: I'm not sure why the chants stopped, but I don't miss them. Thanks!

    ColdCoates90: Congrats, David! See you at Worlds.

    Apache: Yeah, I think a lot of people agree with my slops. Thanks.
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  18. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Seriously Kyle I had to give that canadian kid 40$ because you drank ALL the beer.

    Let the testing continue bud, and I'll cya at worlds.
  19. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    “Get me some water…” – Pramawat

    I had to ask 3 different people before someone got me some. :p
  20. Pooka is MY nats champion

    <Pookaveli> This sucks, I can only go to GenCon 2 days <OwN> pooka does hogwarts need u or somethin?

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