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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by P_A, Feb 13, 2004.

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  1. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I realize there is a website called GAB. Good traders Against Bad. I don't go there very often to be honest. I try to be as patient as I can when trading, because I know there have been times packages have gone missing and have shown up later, or as I found out today, even times when packages haven't showed up, even months later, that can cause some hurt feelings. I'm hoping I'm wrong about these people I'm about to mention. If they are you, please talk things over, and I'll be happy to edit my posts, and apologise to you if you can convince me I'm wrong. I had a problem with a few people, some not from the gym. It wouldn't be fair to bring those person's name down if they couldn't be here to comment, so I won't do that. And it may be possible that only I had this problem. Let's see what happens.

    I went into a deal with Light Venusaur, and actually sent one of the cards we agreed upon to another trader for him, along with a few Skyridge rares to this address:

    Joe L.
    Nesconset, NY 11767

    I never received a thing back from him even though I assumed we were going to send same time. That was back in August. He doesn't answer any emails, or private messages. Then there's Cooltrader. We went through quite some time trying to come to an agreement on a good trade, but it ended up with me sending over 100 cards, a lot of them 1st editions. In his defence, a portion of those were damaged, but he entered into the deal fully aware that they were damaged. But I only got sent part of his deal, mostly from other traders who were sending for him from their own collections. He doesn't answer emails or private messages either. Here's his name and address:

    Craig C.
    Elkhart, IN 46516.

    I'm hoping these people have sent their packages, and I'm wrong about them, but months have gone by, and they refuse to enter into a conversation. Anyone else have problems with these characters, or others of the same bad manners? Even some of my packages have been delayed. but only one of mine has been totally lost, and I do a lot of trading. I hope the mods keep this thread unlocked, but if it does get locked, I do apologise, but I'm just trying to get what is owed to me, and warn others, or at the very least have a thread available to show who might be a bad trader. Hope all your trades are as good or better than mine.

    [Edit: I understand your frustration, but people's full names and physical addresses can NOT be posted by another party to a public forum...especially when these individuals may be minors. I will bring this up with the other moderators/administrators of the 'Gym, and if they agree this information may be posted, we'll let you know...but right now I have to err on the side of caution. Thanks for understanding...~'mom]
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  2. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    well there is no possible way that it couldnt have arrived they got you thats why ide make sure and get plenty of refs or make them ship first
  3. EeveeTrainer

    EeveeTrainer New Member

    Yeah is there possibly someway we could get the mods to set up a referencing system here as well...most boards that have trading do use them now...just a thought
  4. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok, thanks 'mom. I appreciate your candor. Frustration is one thing, but laws are another. I understand.
  5. Heres a trading tip.Let them send 1st or if they put there PO box instead of street adress and you have to send 1st don't trade with them.
  6. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    Hey this is not fair a fair assumption about P.O Boxes, there are many people such as myself who live in small towns in which there is no mail delivery to homes, and we have to set up P.O. Boxes to get our mail, so dont jump to conclusions if someone has a P.O box for delivery.
  7. Okay okay I am sorry NMScizor I am realy sory.Wont say that again I'm not that old okay I didn't know.
  8. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I want to say, I have a lot of faith in people, and trust everyone until I get burned. Perhaps it's the nice guy in me, perhaps it's just that I want to help people, but sometimes it backfires. I guess if I'm stupid enough to let these things happen I guess I shouldn't complain, but every now and then, just like everyone else, I need to complain a little too. Now I have a list of lots of great traders (over 50), and only a short list of 3 that I won't ever do business with again. With those 50, close to 30 I've done multiple trades with. Bertrand, I've done quite a few with, Rainbow Richards, and Oak as well, I've been extremely happy with the way all of those trades worked out. Overall, I'd never stop trading online, just due to the fact I have met some good friends this way that would never have happened otherwise. If you think you'd like to try trading with me, I'm still hoping to get lots of new friends, and keep up current relationships, with honesty and trust. Let's trade!
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