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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Michel, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. Michel

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    POP Floor Rules say :
    Card Interpretation
    Tournament judges will base their card rulings and interpretations on a card, based on the event location’s local language. Major tournaments that span multiple countries will default to the original intent and design of Pokémon cards produced in Japan. Pokémon Organized Play will issue card rulings based on that information.

    Some questions/remarks :
    1. which language will be used as reference in countries where cards have not been translated in the local language ?
    2. which language will be used as reference in countries where 2 or more languages are official, like French, German and Dutch in Belgium, French and English in Canada, ... ?
    3. we know that many mistakes do appear on translated cards. Will the judge have to use the wrong text in the local language as reference ?
    4. if cards are, for example, translated in French with translations mistakes, which text will be the reference in a city like Brussels where both Dutch and French are official languages ?
    5. does that rule mean that, for example, a Belgian player who goes to Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Italy to play tournaments (what we've done the previous years) would have to know the eventual differences in the cards texts due to translations mistakes/interpretation ?
    6. If we do consider that the 'Major tournaments that span multiple countries' refers to the country of origin of the players, it is very clear that any main European event has players from different European countries.
    In that case, would the reference language be Japanese at any event like Gym Challenge or Stadium Challenge ?
    7. According to the POP Floor rules, POP will issue card rulings based on the original intent and design of Pokemon cards produced in Japan. New, or modified, rulings for the same card in the same country depending on the level of tournament ?

    As I live in Europe, and especially in a country with 3 official languages, that 'card interpretation' section of the POP Floor Rules is very important for me and other GL/judges.

    I think that, instead of talking of different local languages and/or Japanese, it would be really easier to say :
    'Tournament judges will base their card rulings and interpretations on the English version of the card that is officially presented in the Card Reference List'

    Like Wizards did, an official Card Reference list would be available on the web and would be the only reference. It could be an appendix of the POP Floor rules too.

    I may assure you that this would prevent A LOT OF problems, questions, discussions, ... and a unique source would be, IMO, more 'Woldwide oriented' for the game than multiple possible sources of interpretation.

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