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  1. Thegodofwar

    Thegodofwar New Member

    Well,i was thinking about a deck with porygon-z,and i think this:

    3 xporygon-z GE
    3x porygon 2 GE
    3xPorygon GE
    4xPachirisu GE

    4xcelios network
    4xlake boundary
    1xHolon mentor
    1xwarp point
    4xFelicitys drawing

    4xPsiquic(VS gallade)
    3xFighting(Vs blissey)

    Strategy:This deck may depend on the coin flip,but it got lots of advantages.We start with pachirisu,our starter,and get a sentret and two porygons.Then we bring with celios a furret and try to get a porygon 2 and a porygon z.With porygon 2 in bench we have the advantage to use two supporters in a turn,making very powerful combos.
    Example:We have a porygon 2 in the bench and a porygon z active with two energies.Lets say in my hand i have a scott,we use it with the power of porygon 2 and we bring a lake boundary,castaway and other useful supporter.Then use castaway and bring an energy according to the defending pokemon weaknessand finally use porygon z power.With this you can hit 80 damage (with just a head),160 with two heads ans 240 with 3 heads.

    Hope u like it!
    Make your opinion!
  2. JeffroR13

    JeffroR13 New Member

    i like the idea actually thought of making a deck like this as soon as i seen porygon
  3. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    with energies i would go with an even 4-4-4-4 water (magmorar), fighting (blissey), psychic (gallade), and holon ff (no weakness).
    stuff like grass and metal definatly are not going to do you any good.

    maybe a magneton line so you can get your energy back.
    or claydol/delcatty for draw support.
  4. Thegodofwar

    Thegodofwar New Member

    The energies you put on the deck depend on the metagame.The grass goes as a tech for pokemons with than weakness,holon ff may work vs gallade,but i dont think there is space on the deck.
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