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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Absoltrainer, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    This situation came to mind, and I wonder what would happen, or how judges would call it. It involves Mewtwo Lv.X, so obviousy it can't be awnsered by "Ask the Masters" yet, but I wonder what you guys think.

    The chances of this happening are most likeky near impossible, but still possible.

    Player A has:
    Active Mewtwo Lv.X
    Benched Unown Z

    Player B has:
    Active Mewtwo Lv.X
    Benched Unown Z

    both players are tied on prizes and have no energy left in their deck, and the only energy they do have in play is on Mewtwo lv.X.

    Now Due to Mewtwo's poke-body, basics cannot attack him (if I am remembering the translation correctly.) This would cause a stalemate of which neither player can attack with their Mewtwo's or basics.

    Since they both have unown Z, they can't deckout either.

    This could potentially lead to a never ending game.

    What would happen?
  2. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Intreresting. Maybe POP will word it better and put (excluding lv.x) on the card. The japanese, as you may have noticed, don't always word their cards perfectly.
  3. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    I don't think they will add that, as there is nothing wrong with such text. What would happen here is since the game would go on forever, you would shuffle, and do a sudden death game. I'm not entirely sure that that's the right thing to do, but it's how I would make a ruling on it if I were judging.
  4. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    hmm, a very interesting situation you have brought up Absol, however i think that DarthPika is right, you would just go to a Sudden Death game, reshuffle with 1 prize
  5. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    If I'm not mistaken- the head judge at any event has the ability to rule creatively for unique situations like this. The tournament will not go on forever due to a match like this. This would most likely end in a draw or start the game over and play with 1 prize a piece.

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