post wizards beedrill?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by psycodad, Oct 12, 2003.

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  1. psycodad

    psycodad New Member

    I was just changing over decks when I came across my old beedrill deck. I wondered, could this still be viable in e on? Well, here's where I'm starting with this deck:
    Pokes 21
    4 beedrill sky
    4 kakuna sky
    4 weedle - 50hp sky
    2 seviper = ex ownage?
    2 zangoose BBP evolution killer
    3 marill zero hp error, use with cyclone, paralyze, mirage and build, retreat and auto poison. How cheap!
    2 azumarill - fire protection , why not?

    trainers 23
    2 oaks research
    4 shaman - hand diruption - anti oracle/delcatty
    3 professor elms training method - get evos
    3 fan club - get basics
    3 pokenav - get nrg - basics - reorder topdeck
    3 lure ball-get back evo's
    2 undersea ruins stadium - who plays stadiums anymore? required for beedrill in this format
    2 mirage stadium - poison and lock - beedrill/seviper
    1 town volunteers

    nrg 16
    4 retro
    4 cyclone-use with my zero retreat pokes active - attach and decide who to play - drop mirage - shaman - Sooo cheap!
    4 rainbow
    4 grass - needed for seviper, beedrill line

    That's my starting list. I may switch seviper/zangoose for wynaut/wobuffet. I'll test it and modify. Any comments welcome.
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