Postdog2Gengar's Top 5 Favorite Video Game Retailers

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Postdog2Gengar, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    With the holiday season upon us, I thought that his was a good post to make. Note that I am not including random Buy-Sell-Trade stores, just stores that most people have in their area.

    5. Wal-Mart This is probably the worst place you can go when buying video games. Few sales occur, so no help there. And when it comes to sampling the video might be easier to find a sale. 5 minutes playing while looking up at those not-so-nicely placed screens will kink even the best gamer's neck. And the selection is not the best.

    Availability of Store: 5/5
    # of Sale Prices: 2/5
    Video Game Sampling: 1/5
    Selection: 2/5

    4. ShopKo This is somewhat better than Wal-Mart, but still not the best. There are hardly any around any more, to start with, and that's not necessarily their fault. Possibly just the corruption of Sam Walton and Wal-Mart. The selection is nothing to brag about, but they do tend to have new releases, and many archived games. IF they have a video game sampling station, it does have the newest games. The TV’s don’t usually kink your neck, but the screens are close to your face. This store is so-so.

    Availability of Store: 2/5
    # of Sale Prices: 1/5
    Video Game Sampling: 4/5
    Selection: 3/5

    3. Target This store is an all-around good store, not just for video games. If you have a long list, I recommend this place. There are an average number of them around; more than Shopko, that’s for sure. The sale prices are pretty common, due to special Target Sales. The sampling is good in the sense that you can sample GBA’s or GBASP’s, and the console sampling doesn’t kink your neck. However, the screens are fairly close to your face, and that can hurt your eyes after a while. The selection is fairly good, with many archived and “Greatest Hits” games. This is a very well rounded store, and I recommend it for much more than just video games.

    Availability of Store: 3/5
    # of Sale Prices: 2.5/5
    Video Game Sampling: 3/5
    Selection: 3/5

    2. Sam Goody This is one of my favorite stores to go into. There are tons of them around, and even if they aren’t around, then an On-Cue or something is around. They ALWAYS have MANY sales going on. Usually, the attendants hand you sale pamphlets right when you walk in. The sampling is above average, due to their usually longer cords to the controllers, which allow you to step back a ways. And some have 2 controllers for sampling multiplayer games. Their selection is average, with some new titles and some old. Nothing to brag about.

    Availability of Store: 4/5
    Sale Prices: 5/5
    Video Game Sampling: 4/5
    Selection: 2/5

    And now…The number one store…

    1. Toys ‘R Us Ah yes, it’s true. One of the titans when it comes to Christmas shopping. Let’s break it down. Well, the availability is nothing to brag about; it’s usually limited to the big cities. The sale prices aren’t very prominent. So what’s Toys ‘R Us got that all the others don’t? Well, it’s the last 2 catagories. The sampling is the best of anywhere, having 2 or more controllers in almost 100% of the stores. The games are always the new releases. And the selection is the broadest of any store I’ve ever seen. Toys ‘R Us takes the cake as my #1 pick. Shoppers Beware! There is one catch. When buying a video game console, it seems as though the employees lean toward one system over the other. Ask them about all the systems before making your choice.

    Availability of Store: 3/5
    Sale Prices: 1.5/5
    Video Game Sampling: 5/5
    Selection: 5/5
  2. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Here's some of my thoughts.
    First, Wal-Mart has some of the best prices. Metriod Prime for $20? Wal-Mart! Yeah! Gamecube/Zelda bundle for $80? Wal-Mart!
    Plus you can match any other competitor's ad and get their sale prices. As far as having their own "sales", EDLP my friend, EDLP.
    Selection depends on the store - most Wal-Marts tend to have a fair quanity of the newer games.

    ShopKo/Pamida - blah. Way overpriced on their games (New GBA titles for $35? Bah... New PS2/GCN games $60? No Way...)

    Target is nice. Clean, organized and decent selection.

    Sam Goody? Hah. Typically higher priced than ShopKo.... Selection? Hardly.

    TRU? Good sales, if you're lucky enough to get in on them (buy 2 get one free was a great sale... too bad all the good stuff was gone...), typically "dirty"/unorganized stores.

    And where are stores like Electronics Boutique or GameSTOP? No local GS in my area, but EB should totally be on that top ten. Sure, they're a little higher priced, but their selection is much better than Sam Goody's...
  3. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Here is one that everyone could agree on...

    Best Buy

    During the Holidays, Best Buy is one of the better choices when it comes to video games. They have a lot of the new games and some of the Greatest Hits/Platinum Collection/Player's Choice titles as well. You will find a lot of accessories for all the systems as well. The Best Buy near my house has about 2 Xbox systems for playability, 3 GCNs for playability, a PS2, and the original PS systems for playability. So whether you're finding or playing a game, make sure to go to Best Buy this holiday for the latest demos on the latest systems. You might not find many sales at Best Buy, but they are most likely going to have one soon for the holidays.

    Availibility: 5/5
    # of sales: 2/5
    Game Sampling: 5/5 (GCN), 5/5 (Xbox), 1/5 (PS2/PS1)
  4. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    How can you give 5/5 to availability? I agree with the other ratings, but 5/5? I only gave that to Wal-Mart because there is one in almost every town over 10,000 people. Best Buy isn't around hardly anywhere, except in the really big cities.

    BTW, a lot of companies do price match, not just Wal-Mart.
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  5. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Hey your forgetting, Gamecrazy, Gamestop, and EB games. They have recent game playability, and all of them have reasonable prices for almost all games. Especially Gamecrazy they sell everything, even from the original NES.
    And EB games sells Pokemon cards :thumb: Thats a 5/5 for me!
  6. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Ok, yes, but I am just referring to your most POPULAR stores, that don't necessarily sell just video games. I'm talking about stores that are not really born to sell video games, just stores where many people do their Christmas shopping. And for anyone who lives in a rural area, half of us have not even heard of EB games, Gamecrazy, etc.

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