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  1. Thunder

    Thunder New Member

    (First post.)
    If my opponent uses a Pokemon Power, and I cancel it with Alakazam's Power Cancel, which reads:

    "Once during your Opponent's turn, when your opponent uses a poke-power, you may discard two cards from your hand, and prevent all effects of that poke-power. (this counts as that pokemon using that Poke-Power.) This power can't be used if Alakazam is effected by a special condition."

    does my opponent's failed attempt at using it's power still activate Tyranitar's Dark Fighting Spirit?

    "Whenever one of your opponent’s Pokemon uses a Poke-Power, after the effect resolves, search your discard pile for 1 Basic Darkness Energy card and attach it to this Pokemon."

    So, if my opponent used a poke-power, and Alakazam Power Canceled it, would T-Tar be able to attach a darkness energy to himself from the discard pile?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Can't answer questions on cards that aren't out yet.
    Especially when the text you are quoting doesn't sound like the text PUI will use.

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