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Discussion in 'Ask The VG Experts!' started by P_A, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok, so a person gets their quad, quint, or perfect IV'd pokemon, and they decide to EV train it up to competitive level. Which training benefits which type of pokemon? Or ... which type of training benefit which stat?

    You can tell I haven't done much EV training in Pokemon X. I just need some tips to help make my training experience worth it, Thanks.
  2. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    In XY, you want to do level 3 training if you can. Level 1 Training gives off 4 EVs in a stat. Level 2 training gives 8 EVs in a stat and Level 3 training gives 12 in a stat. The game will tell you what stat will be trained once you hover over the training. Everything is pretty much streight forwardThe higher a Pokemons stats are for their training area, the better they do. Each time you do a training, you are rewarded a training bag. There are many of them. You can get a small training bag for that stat you trained on. It will be only worth 1 EV so I would trash them. A medium bag is worth 4 EVs so they are worth keeping but not in bulk and the large bag is worth 12 EVs. These are the ones you want. If you have any training bags for the stat you want, I would use them. I prefer to do the level 3 training because it goes into a even 252 EV split but if its too hard, level 2 is also good. Keep in mind Pokerus does not work with super training. I'm not sure if EV items work or not.

    Another training bag to keep an eye out for is the x2 training bag as it will double the EVs you get for super training. So you can turn 12 EVs into 24. You also want to keep that bag around if you have them.
  3. Bigbowlr1037

    Bigbowlr1037 New Member

    The super training method takes significantly longer then battling hordes. Its fun to do but not practical for a lot. The fastest way is to battle hordes. It also takes some preparation to do. U need 1 of each power item(takes 80 BP from the Maison, which isn't difficult just using you hall of fame pokes), u need a pokemon with pokerus to spread to the pokemon. U want to train. You need a pokemon with sweet scent and preferable a pokemon that can hit every poke at one time(your surf poke works perfectly). Once you have all that u can ev train a poke in 20 minutes.

    1) attach power item to the poke u want to train(ie power anklets for speed)
    2) spread the pokerus to the poke u want to train(with the exp share OFF, so u dont risk giving it unwanted ev)
    3) use sweet scene t to attract a horde. If it a proper horde(ie training speed and wingull horde appears) then ko all those poke. If its not a proper horde(ie training speed and mareep horde appears) RUN!
    Repeat step 3 5 more time tonmax out your Stat. Then move to the next spot to train another Stat and repeat step 3. The last 6 points can be done using super training.
  4. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Agreed, horde training is so much faster compared to super training, there's no comparison. Just make sure you have a spread attack like Surf or whatever on the main Pokemon (preferably at a high level) to make OHKOs a lot faster (as long as you have exp share on, the Pokemon you're EV training can just be holding its power item sitting happy on the bench). But you're getting a minimum of 25 EVs in a stat, 50 with Pokerus. It's so fast you don't even need to bother with vitamins unless you really want to speed it up a bit faster (talking like saving a few minutes at best though). Super training should only really be used to fill in specific EVs (example you horde train till you have 250 EVs in a stat, then do basic lv 1 training for the last 2 since you cannot go past 252 EVs in super training, whereas if you KO another horde your EVs will go to 255).
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    That pretty much finishes that idea! Yeah, I'm gonna go get me some hoards! Mwaaa, ha ha. (/maniacal laugh)

    ..... when I'm ready of course.

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