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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dek, Oct 29, 2003.

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  1. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Well, the following decks are actually gonna be my first 2 on 2 decks.

    =15 Pokemon=
    3 Lileep
    3 Cradily
    4 Shroomish
    3 Breloom-SS
    2 Dunsparce-SS

    =26 Trainer=
    4 Professor Elm's Training Method
    4 Root Fossil
    3 Professor Oak's Research
    3 Moo-moo milk
    3 Switch
    3 Relic Hunter
    3 Dual Ball
    3 Power Charge

    =19 Energy=
    9 Grass Energy
    6 Fighting Energy
    4 Rainbow

    Ok, heres the strategy. Get a Cradily and Breloom in play ASAP (that's all I can say for now), put Cradily and Breloom out as Actives. Use Breloom's Super Poison Breath, and you get an instant hit. With this strategy, you will be able to KO more pokemon using the Super Poison Breath and Super Suction Cups abilities.
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  3. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Find a way to add more nrg, then add a 3/3 Wubba line. Take out the elm's method, 1 Shroomish and 1 Dunsparce. Then find room for some psy nrg. I recomend using Lannette's Net Search and Lady Outing if you use my advice. Hope I could help!
  4. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Have you checked out r/s weezing? It goes smashingly with Cradily, and, in my opinion, is actually better than Breloom for the purpose you're suggesting. It's quick, status effects in a variety of ways, and wipes out the bench. Also has that nifty double-poison thing.

    With that, you can drop rainbow energy, power charge, and relic hunter, because there's really never a need to play relic hunter when Oracle is out there. I'd also drop dual ball, since it can't get you a fossil, and therefore won't help you quicken the deck that much, especially since it's flippy. With Cradily, the emphasis should be getting out that lileep and using its first attack to get your other lileep out.

    Here's a few things you might consider:

    -Azurill: interesting way to search for fossils, since it'll snag any trainer from your deck.

    -Oracle: even without bill/mary, it's still nice.

    -any other large, splashable BBP, since both weezing and cradily only require one grass apiece to use their heavy attacks, and none to use their lesser ones.

    -More card drawing, like copycat, birch, or (haha!) Mary's Impulse.

    -Some recovery? (Town volunteers is nice)

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