Pre-release report from Ceda Grove NJ

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by BloodDraek, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member


    Deoxys normal
    Deoxys speed
    other stuff not that great

    I bought a kingdra from my friend Jeffy though

    deck: just random stuff, only got 3 trainers so I just used deoxys and some other stuff.

    round 1 some guy

    don't really remember that much I just used deoxys and swellow to win


    round 2 some other guy

    he took first 3 prizes and I start

    round 3 forgot

    forgot what happened this round but I won


    round 4 Aziz al yami

    he basically just used hitmonchan, top, lee and tyrogue and my 1-1 mightyena beat him. He had luxio but t didn't help him too much


    round 5 Robert Chirco

    T2 I had deoxys sniping stuff so he didn't really have much of a chance.


    I entered the draft

    prizes to top 4
    4 rounds

    I got a rhyperior lv.X and really good drafting stuff like 2 unown? a phione MD (good one) because there was 3-2 LA/MD. 2-2 Swellow, 2-1 crawdaunt, 2-1 prinplup, 2 of the cat that evolves into purugly. Though I got only 2 trainers the unown?s were amazing

    round 1 against same guy from round 1 pre-release

    I just went through his pokemon with my speedy unown?s drawing cards.


    round 2 against Robert Chirco with psychic stuf

    I just sniped everything with prinplup.


    round 3 against M2

    I got a quick Crawdaunt and trampled him. He only had 2 basics.


    Round 4 against Dana with Deoxys/Bronzong

    she gets T4 Deoxys defence and I can't do enough damage as she has Snowpoint in play.


    because I lost to a Master I got 2nd place and got 6 packs with another pack of sleeves. I got another kingdra in the pax


    2 kingdra
    6 extra pax
    rhyperior Lv.X
    good day overall
    the judges


    rhyperior Lv.X going to be a tin card
    my mom getting a flat tire

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