Prerelease Raichu for Sale

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by DarkPersian, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. DarkPersian

    DarkPersian New Member

    Anyone else see the Prerelease Raichu for sale? How much do you think it will sell for?
  2. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

    Funny how this card likes to make appearances around April Fool's Day....
  3. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

    You know it's fake, right? The stamp is completely wrong. I have a comparison picture if you'd like to compare.

    Hopefully it'll get reported enough it'll get removed before someone gets ripped off.
  4. LV18 Slowbro

    LV18 Slowbro New Member

    Anyone have a link to it? I'd like to see :)
  5. Dweaver

    Dweaver New Member

    Type in prerelease raichu on ebay.

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    How can u tell if the stamp is fake.
  6. DarkPersian

    DarkPersian New Member Stamp of Card that was shown on this forum a few years ago its known to genuine one thats on ebay currently

    I lighten up the first one so everyone can see.

    How can you conclude from those photos that the card for sale is a fake?

    You shouldn't accuse someone of selling fake Items unless you can be 100% and you could lose the seller a potential sale by your accusations. If the Card for sale is indeed fake the buyer would be to get a refund.
  7. AnUnown

    AnUnown New Member

    50 bucks shipping... Sheesh. Card doesn't look obviously fake to me though. Perhaps someone is trying to dissuade competitive bidders ;)
  8. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

  9. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Remember he bought 2 Raichus if you saw his feedbacks.
  10. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    The photo's that are posted in the auction are of a fake photo shopped card. This article has the exact same fake shopped photos. The holo patterns are the exact same on the ebay auction as in the fake photos.

    Moreover, the seller has not provided additional photos on multiple requests. They provided photos of the back of the card...but not the front. They also purchased 2 base raichus recently.

    If you know your prerelease stamps you can tell right away that this one is not legitimate. Here is a comparison photo courtesy of Sammy (same as the photo posted above). You can clearly see the difference in an actual stamp and the photo shopped one on the raichu. The indent of the stamp can be seen in the actual stamps on aerodactyl and clefable, the raichu however is flat and blurred. The clarity is not there.

    Until the seller provides a unique photo this auction is an obvious fake. If you truly own an actual preraichu it would be more than obvious to take a photo of your actual copy.
  11. soleosnip3rv2

    soleosnip3rv2 New Member

    This card is fake, can't wait to see how high people are going to bid it up to. Already up to $600 :eek:

    If you look in the photo, the stamped is messed up. Some of the 'E's are different sizes, and both of the 'R's look different. Not sure about you guys, but if I was purchasing something as rare/valuable as this, I would want more of a background story than, "I acquired this card in 2008 after purchasing it from a WOTC employee and its been in my possession ever since." Sounds like a story any person with minimal knowledge of this card could make up.

    A little late for an April Fool's joke, but whoever wins this auction is going to get burned really bad. I messaged the guy to see if he would give me a better story than the one in the description, so we will see what he says on that.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2013
  12. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Next Year I'm going to try to get tape a prerelease on a charizard and be the first one to sell a prerelease charizard =] that'll be my april fools joke
  13. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    You guys are good. As someone who is just semi-familiar with old pre-release stamps, I wouldn't have been able to tell that it was a fake that quickly. Sure, that close-up picture looks a little poor, but i wouldn't have thought fake. I'm sure you guys have stopped many a fake seller from tricking people, so keep up the good work!
  14. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    If there was a prerelease Raichu, I would need to consult with Scott or Pokepop or other people to inspect the authenticity of the card. I don't think I'm ready to fork over big bucks over a prerelease raichu... already wasted a lot of money on the pokemon sample set.
  15. RareCandy93

    RareCandy93 New Member

    This card is not very Rare my Uncle has 3 of them.
  16. Haze

    Haze New Member

    ^^ Not sure if serious lol
  17. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    @Haze... he's just a troller
  18. RareCandy93

    RareCandy93 New Member

    smpratte is Just jealous he will never own prerelease raichu or prerelease charizard
  19. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

    Tries not to laugh...:lol:
  20. RareCandy93

    RareCandy93 New Member

    I challenge you to a battle raichuforyou the winner keeps prerelease charizard

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