Prerelease raichu unearthed???

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by garyis2000, May 6, 2013.

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  1. garyis2000

    garyis2000 Member

    Wasnt sure where to list this post so since it deals with one of the great mysteries of Pokemon collectibles i hope its appropriate here.

    A recent post implied there have been legitimate sightings and sales of the pokemon worlds answer to Bigfoot and UFOs. The Prerelease Raichu is no different than the Loch Ness monster.

    All past comments and speculations have not proven anything nor have they caused any of these cards to "wash up on the beach". I believe some very good and knowledgable collectors have been fooled by some of these sightings. I've seen a dozen of the 15 or so submitted for grading and authentication and none passed the comparison test which was done at the same time as documentation research. Some were close and were very cleverly done....but all were post stamps.

    Dispelling this myth may save somebody else from losing thousands on a pipe dream. One of my oldest and best customers got totally ripped because of his belief that this card existed.

    Well, with all due respect, it's time to stop this myth because the hobby will be better off for it. We have enough rare treasures (ie The square cut, no stage Blastoise lol) to hang our hats and dreams on than to have to make up more. The residual effect of believing in Santa Clause is it devalues all that is real.

    An old post here on the gym stated that a sale of this card at a significant price should cause others to surface. Well it never did and it never will.
    Actually...if there are any around then this thread, along with my personal $25,000.00 offer for an authenticated copy, should draw one out. I will assist in the grading and authentication through PSA. A NM/MINT surface will be necessary for authentication.

    I hope I don't only hear crickets;)
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  2. Houndoom

    Houndoom New Member

    in on potentially epic thread
  3. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    Wait, what was that about Santa Clause?

    In all seriousness, I never thought about it in that way, and I can't say I honestly disagree. Interesting to see what others think about this.
  4. Daelum

    Daelum New Member

    Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I do indeed hope there is no such thing as the Prerelease Raichu.
    Why you ask? Because then I won't have that terrible thought in the back of my head that in order to have the best English collection, I'll have to drop $15k+ on one card. Taking the PreRai out of the collecting scene would save me, and other collectors, a lot of time and money.

    Also, who doesn't love a conspiracy theory? :p
  5. mkpokecc

    mkpokecc Member

    Gary, if someone where to "unearth" one do you have $25,000.00 check you can cash? Rusty, who purchased all of those test cards and per-production packaging talked to a WOTC rep who did confirm that 21 cards (or so) were printed. I believe Mike Boozer also confirmed its existence? That is only 21 people we are talking about. The chances of even one of those ex-employees who owns one even being registered on this forum is slim. In addition, one copy was sold to (a previous member of the gym, not the member of the Black Eye Peas) for roughly 10k. After PSA refused to authenticate his card (he claims it was because PSA said it was never an "officially" released card to the public...or something along those lines) it was supposedly sold to David Persin where it still remains.

    Not to mention these two photos: and

    If you look closely at the tail, under Raichu's belly, and under the 80 HP, you will see the same holographic pattern. So there is a scan and a photo. Lastly, the pre-chu is mentioned in these forums: (its history) and (its sale).

    That is all the evidence we have for its existence. If you can refute otherwise, I would like to hear it.
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  6. The "For Position Only" test cards came from a different person from the one who stated 21 made it. The FPO's came from a former designer and the Pre-Raichu statement came from a former production manager. Both worked at WOTC, but the guy who had the FPO's was hired after the big wash-out there.
  7. mkpokecc

    mkpokecc Member

    PSA does not distinguish between the non glossy TMB bilingual Exeggutor and the glossy trainers magazine it is entirely possible for them to write off the Pre-chu as "fake" when the card is completely genuine.

    Also you mentioned all "...but all were post stamps." ...of course they were! How on earth do you stamp a card before it was printed? They have to be stamped after the fact or else it would be a printing nightmare.

    thanks for clearing that up!
  8. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    The card is real. I have seen that copy sold myself. It isn't a myth. I think this is a case of, "I don't have one, therefor no one does".
  9. Darkrai*

    Darkrai* Member

    I know of three legitimate ones, one even "lives"´s very easy to spot any fakes of these in person.
    They are out there and they´re very rare. Please, let´s put this discussion to rest. Believe it or just don´t believe it...
  10. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    While the news of the sale of the PR Raichu to Will.iam was published on an April 1st, it was an "anti" April Fools joke in that it was an incredulous story that was real!

    I helped out in the negotiations of that sale and I had seen the card in person multiple times in the binder of a WotC manager at a WotC Pokemon event.

    It does exist as a card.
    Whether any being put up for sale recently are real is another story.
    With a card like this, having evidence of its provenance, the history of it's ownership, is critical.
    I'd be wary of any PR Raichu card that doesn't have this documented.
  11. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    for what it's worth, i have also seen the card in the binder of that same WotC manager, afterhours at a WotC event. it exists.
  12. garyis2000

    garyis2000 Member

    Jason...In this day and age you don't need to be literally "on hand" to consult assist in verifying submissions lol. Technology is amazing;)

    The rehashed hyperbole will never end until an authentic copy surfaces for all to see. Post-stamps have obviously fooled some but this isn't my first rodeo.
    Let Will et all know about my offer. If it was stamped by Wizards over a dozen years ago we can tell and I will pay that money immediately. If pokepop or Scott would middleman the deal I would certainly trust them with the funds. Once authenticated the card would be mine though...period.

    Great responses here overall:thumb:
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  13. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

    What if Will doesn't want to sell his card?

    I'm really confused Gary... Even after all of the evidence, it's still, "I haven't physically seen it, so it doesn't exist?".

    An authentic copy has already surfaced for all to see...
  14. oldschoolpokemon

    oldschoolpokemon New Member

    so who has it now, and is he selling it. and where can we see the wotc pokemon manager now in days he does come to conventions and stuff

    id really liek to get contact with the wotc managers or ex employees there i know charizard authoruty has maddd contacts
  15. Raen

    Raen New Member

    It is very silly and bullheaded to think that eithe PokePop or Pokemom are lieing about having seen this card. They are both longstanding and respected members of the community in general and as judges in particular. They arent wrong here; its a real card.
  16. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    Will does not have the card anymore. It was sold to David Persin about 4 years ago. Since PSA would not grade it, that prompted William to sell it.

    Gary, I put the word out with a few people who have the resources to find a copy. If I hear anything I will let you know immediately.
  17. oldschoolpokemon

    oldschoolpokemon New Member

    thanks you smpratte
    or should i say
    smart pet :tongue: ( rearranged letters)
    lol hope that didn't come out offensive sorry bro
  18. funmonkey54

    funmonkey54 Active Member

    This just sounds like an attempt to buy a Prerelease Raichu from sources that could not be otherwise contacted.
  19. Daelum

    Daelum New Member

    Hey, whatever gets the job done at the end of the day :/
  20. garyis2000

    garyis2000 Member

    Dang...I just received a reprimand for cbd using a profanity lol. Seems I used it to quote without noticing he did it. At least it was a friendly reminder;)

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