Prerelease tourney and the state of blaziken ex

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by JasonthePwnda, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. JasonthePwnda

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    brief tourney report:

    Magmas Groudon
    Magmas Aggron (no lairons tho, they are rares)
    The Magma Belt/Ball/Statium/Conspirator/Energy
    Got some raichu too.
    Brother got a Sceptile EX

    All my magma stuff
    Aqua for tech vs a maxied aggron (ack!)
    Tons of energy (24)

    Round 1:
    got lucky, groudon swept the floor
    Round 2 (i forgot):
    See number 1 above
    Round 3 (some guy):
    More difficult, got groudon with trainers, zangoose too, and swept floor.
    Round 4 (HypnosprojectHQ):
    We were the only two undefeated. I got a bad hand, he got a worse one. He sent out aron, i sent out rhyhorn. After 4 long turns, his guy was dead and he had no more basics....meh.
    Round 5 (BrokenLizard):
    We decided we'd both win if we drew. So we did, and wow, we won. But we played a game just for fun.
    Groudon in opening hand
    He got some other magma stuff
    eventually, groudon gave him a beatdown, i got some other sucky magma pokemon to attack him, charging groudon after a costly retreat (ouch!)
    He got his groudon (which he never used)
    He beat me down with his houndoom, and i was waiting for energy in my 24 energy deck that mulliganed a total of three times with just 7 energy. I never got any, my magma energy was in my prozes, and he won. Oh well, still got my box! (and the winner oran, winner multi, and winner metal for winning, and the metal, multi, and aqua's cacnea for entering)

    Box contents:
    boxtopper-type absol :p
    2x Jirachi
    Entei, Raikou EX (only 2 exs )
    Manectric (YES!)
    Other random stuff

    I traded my sceptile ex for blaziken ex.... yummm....blaziken rh for catty rh.....yummmm.....jirachi, groudon (i had 6, and no aqua kyorge), and amphy ex for another one (i figured theyd be hard to get, but it was worth it) , 2 raichus and a double rainbow to some random guy for delcatty (6 double rainbows now, they are really common geez), some ex to another random guy for aqua's manectric, and a TV reporter to Dave II for 2 minor errand skittys. Tore apart my charizard (tooo slooooooooooow) and assembled the godliest deck i have had the pleasure to play.

    I gathered all the cards i need, and created what is probably the first english "rambo," though i prefer to call it "bang bang you're dead." Warning to all: This deck is unstoppable. i am serious. I built a seriously godly wailord ex, stacked my hands, and i still won with blazi ex (maybe its cause my sucky brother who got 6th played it). manectric ownz amphy, the trick is you just stack all the energy on manny, then when you're ready, BAM! to some other guy. 2 normal blazi is the optimum number, 3 just becomes a nuisance. 4-2-2/2 is the best. dunsparce is just annoying, you always pray your opponent has some desire to kill it, while you let it idle in your hand. POR is a must, soo much drawing decks you out fast. Juggler is amazing, and rayquaza is just sick. blazi ex is surprisingly strong, you warp out high retrat weak pokemon, then snip off their 100 hp gardys. double rainbow, then discard on blazi ex is just godly.

    All around the most powerful deck in existence, beating gardy is really ez after sniping their normal psyshadowing cards, just WOW. the biggest problem is bench space.
    Currently working on Magma deck, uses the extreme speed of magma, with magma energy, and the magma ball/ supporters. when im done, it should be sickening. but nothings as sickening as blazi ex. it will take a genius to figure out how to defeat it. better get started. if you dont have any blaziken, i suggest you get it on ebay, as the state tournaments are very close to the official release date.

    All all together well-run event, only thing was my box sucked, coulda had 12 blazi ex, but noooo what do i get, crap. Not even an extra rare when you get a holo! Well, at least i get an extra sentence in my sig.
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