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  1. burnpsy

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    could someone explain prereleases to me in a timeline sort of fashion? (I'm going to my first prerelease in a week of two :smile:) I want to make sure that there are no suprises when it comes to how it's run...
  2. Rai

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    When you show up: Pay the $25 dollars, and... Basically wait for people to arrive. You'll receive 60 card sleeves (which you can use that day, and any tournament thereafter) and a promo card (mothim for the next set. The prerelease card will have a little stamp on the picture of the pokemon. You can't use it for the prerelease, but you can use it in any other tournament)
    Whenever it starts: Receive 6 packs. DO NOT OPEN THEM until you are told to do so.
    Once given the okay: Build the 40 card deck made ONLY of cards you pulled out of booster packs or borrowed energies. You can play as many copies of one card as you like (none of the 4 card copy limits exist). Since you aren't familiar with prereleases, I'd advise that you do three main things... 1) Sort the pokemon into types to figure out what types of energies you'll need. 2) Set aside any unplayable cards (IE: Stage 1s without basics, etc.). 3) Leave room for around 18 energy; that's usually a good number given the severe lack of helpful supporters or powers. Remember you can borrow basic energies as you like for this event, and most prereleases let you proxy basic metal/dark energies (since those haven't been distributed yet). A final note that can be missed if you aren't paying attention: No trading during deck building. The cards you put in your deck must have been cards you found in your booster pack.
    After a deck is built: Play a number of rounds based on how many people are there. I know we play normally around 4 or 5 rounds over here in Washington. It's just like any typical battle roads or other modified tournament in how it's run (computer pairs you against opponent, report your results to the judges, etc.), though you won't earn any ranking points. There isn't a top cut either. Extra prizes given to the first place player basically are given if the PTO feel nice.
    Once rounds are over: Return the borrowed basic energies. You DO get to keep every card that you pulled from booster packs, and your TO will pass out 2 additional booster packs to everyone.

    Usually there's booster drafts after the prerelease. If you aren't familiar with them... You'll still get new cards from the next set, but instead of merely opening booster packs and building a deck from those cards, you choose what cards you want from various booster packs. Everyone gets the six packs that they would receive in a Prerelease, but only opens one at a time. Whenever you have a booster pack, you select one card and keep that card. Then pass it to the next person. Select another card from that pack, and pass again. Repeat over and over again. Just like a prerelease, build a 40 card deck ONLY from those cards.
    If you're thinking of doing the Booster drafts... Booster drafts give you more control over what cards you get then a Prerelease, so you're more likely to get multiple copies of the cards you want. Also, there's a fairly good chance of getting several rare cards with all of the boosters in circulation. Prereleases are good though for getting several of the common cards. You'll need 4 eevee to put together an Eevee-lution deck, for instance, and Prereleases give you a good sampling of different cards while offering a fun tournament to try out card effect you aren't familiar with.
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    Couldnt have explained it any better myself/.
  4. burnpsy

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    thanks... I needed that...

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