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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Asutorotorein, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Asutorotorein

    Asutorotorein New Member

    Would like to check prices for a bunch of cards, is this the right section? These sets are not listed on the price guide so I have no idea what the general prices are.

    Pokemon DP:
    • #5 Infernape (Rare Holo)
    • Non-Holo Rare Pkmn from this set
    • #121 Infernape X (Rare Holo)
    • Common Pkmn from this set.
    • Uncommon Pkmn from this set.
    • Common Trainers
    • Uncommon Trainers

    Mysterious Treasure:
    • #4 Azelf (Rare Holo)
    • #12 Magmortar (Rare Holo)
    • Non-Holo Rares (Bastidon, Gyarados, etc...)
    • #51 Uncommon Holo Graveller
    • Common Pkmn
    • Uncommon Pkmn
    • #117 Common Holo Skull Fossil (Trainer)
    • Common Trainers
    • Uncommon Trainers
    • #118 Multi Energy (Rare)
    • #121 Magmortar X (Rare Holo)

    Secret Wonders:
    • Non-holo Rare, Uncommon, Common Pkmn
    • Uncommon, Common Trainers

    Great Encounters:
    • #16 Dialga (Non-Holo I think)
    • Rare, Uncommon, Common Pkmns
    • Uncommon, Common Trainers

    Majestic Dawn:
    • #10 Moltres (Rare Holo)
    • #14 Zapdos (Rare Holo)
    • Rare Non-Holo, Uncommon, Common Pkmns
    • #52 Common Holo Bronzor
    • #41 Common Holo Monferno
    • Uncommon, Common Trainers

    Might be a bit too much, if no one knows the exact prices it would be good enough if you could direct me to somewhere where I can find out myself.

    Thanks! :)

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