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  1. evil eyeball

    evil eyeball New Member

    Where can i find a price guide for the really old sets

    I started playing when Base set came out and quit purchacing cards at the end of neo (revelation) or what ever the 3rd neo was called)

    I recently dusted my collection off and decided it would be better to have the money from it that have the cards gathering dust

    So where do you guys find price guides?? what is the best one??

    Oh and some highlites from my soon to be auctioned collection

    1st edition Pokemon breeder (Base set)
    1st edition Machamp (base set Factory sealed) (cane in a little plastic wrapper in the starter set)
    Promo Foil W Mistys psyduck
    Promo Nintendo power Foil Dark persian
    Promo Gameboy Meyowth (Cat punch)
    Promo Reverse foil Entai (X4)
    Ninteails (base set) Foil (x3)
    Alakazam (Base set 2) Foil
    1st edition Magmenite (Base set)
    1st edition Primape (Jungle)
    Vileplume Jungle (x3)
    Erikas vileplume (Gym heroes) FOIL
    Beedril (Base, base 2) (x3)
    Gyarados(Base Foil)

    In total i counted 45 rares
    and i cant remember how many uncommons and commons

    Im just looking for an accurate price guide and i fugured i should give you some highlites at the same time

    Hows the one at pojo for accuracy?
  2. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    I always go to; It has all the sets values and promos, too.
  3. CoolTrader

    CoolTrader New Member

    Bookpriceing is generally what you'd expect to be payed for a specific card. theres a "high mark" and "lowmark" displaying the lowest and highest prices these have sold for. Thats not necessarily what people actually pay, It depends on how badly the person who's buying it wants it. you cant expect top dollar for everything all the time.

    There are soo many priceguides out there. scrye,beckett,pojo.. the list goes on. I personally prefer beckett because each price guide is different, some display higher values and some lower values on the same card then others, Scrye is extremely cheap when it comes to bookpriceing. their cards always seem to look lesser valued, Beckett on the other hand has slightly better prices and pojo is the most outrageous of all. Their bookprices are waay too inflated for this TCG. But, Pojo is a free internet resource and can be used as an "estimate" of the actual selling price. For example, one third or one half of pojo's price is normally what you'd see in scrye.

    By the way, I pmed you concerning some interest
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  4. sjmp

    sjmp New Member

    I Find The Best Way To See How Much You Would Get For Your Cards , Is To See How Much People Are Buying Them For!
    The Best Way To Do This Is Probably By Visting eBay.
    And Remember There Only Worth What People Will Pay For Them! There's No Point Not Selling A Card Because A Price Guide Says It's Worth $10, But The Top Anyone Will Pay For It Is $7. Just Ask Offers On The Cards, And Take The Best Offer.

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