Professor Elm's Battle Road Experience (#3)

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Professor Elm, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Well, I just got back from my 3rd battle road here in SAtown.
    I wasn't really sure what I wanted to play during the week, but then on like Thursday or Friday I was flipping through my binder and noticed my 3 Gardys, 3 Gallades, and Gardy Lv. X.

    Now if you know me I ain't the kind of guy who will commit to an archetype deck that easily. For this entire season my choice of decks has been Tier 2 decks really. From Speed Empoleon in September to Ape in Cities and States to Beedrill in the 2 previous battle roads, I had NEVER played GG or Magmortar or "New" Empoleon this entire season.

    Well, today I changed that. Partly, I wanted to ensure that my chances of getting a Victory Medal were good, and playing Rogue decks you can never guarantee that. The other part was based on the fact that I knew I may never get a chance to play this deck again as Nationals is out of my reach and Worlds is a really long shot. AND, lastly I had done some good trading to get a hold of 3 Gardys, 3 Gallades, and Gardy Lv. X so I didn't want them to go to waste b4 they become useless.

    Without further ado, I'll get to the list and report.

    Here's the PLOX list I used

    Pokemon (24)
    1 Gardy Lv. X
    3 Gardy
    2 Gallade
    3 Kirlia (would've been 2, but I was anticipating heavy Omastar play, and I was right. I think half the decks had Omastar in em)
    4 Ralts
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy
    1 Dusknoir
    1 Duskull
    3 Pachirisu
    1 Tauros
    1 Phione

    Trainers (21)
    4 Wager
    4 Celios
    2 Roseannes
    2 Stevens
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Warp Point
    1 TSD
    1 Maintenance
    1 Moonlight Stadium

    Energy (15)
    4 DRE
    2 Scramble
    2 Call
    5 Psychic
    2 Fighting

    Anyway, I show up at Alien Worlds with my deck and decklist, get all the dirty work done and do some talking with Frank, David, Robert and Vince about Nationals and the insane amount of PLOX decks that are gonna be running around. I find out that I am the 8th person in our bracket so it's gonna be 3 Rounds with a Top 2 cut. BUT, all of us Masters were good, experienced players so I knew it wasn't gonna be an easy one.

    Round 1 vs. Frank (EmpoStar)
    OK, so I go second and get a Tauros start and Celios for a Claydol and get my bench setup. He T1 Wagers me AGAIN! (This happened at the first Battle Roads on T1 when I had Claydol in my hand and was playing Beedrill, it was an epic loss and I have never let him forget he won because of Rock-Paper-Scissors game lol). Luckily, I won the Wager and drew back my Claydol. He gets out an Empoleon none the less and I proceed to set up a Claydol and use a Rare Candy to evolve my damaged Ralts. I then also get out a Gallade but am forced to Sonic Blade. He goes and gets another Empoleon with Scramble on it and KOs my Gallade I think. Anyway, it ends up with me Warping back his undamaged Empoleon sending up Gardy Lv. X. Then I dropped my Dusknoir tech and sent his Empoleon back to the deck and Psy Lock'd him. That was the turning point in the game as he never really got another Empoleon setup and I had him locked with Dusknoir. Time is called and I'm up by 2 prizes. Good Game.

    Round 2 vs. Alex (Leafeon Lv. X/Claydol/Meg. d)
    This was an interesting match. I get a T2 Gardy and start Psy Locking him and using Telepass. Then he ends up sending up a Scramble'd Espeon which really screwed me up cause he was dishing 90 to my Gardy for 1 energy. I forget what happens but I end up getting setup and we start to trade prizes but I become wary of his playfield. He gets down to 3 prizes and still no Claydol (both were prized) so he struggled getting setup. It came down to my turn and I used Telepass twice. I honestly had never read the text on Gardy except quickly skimming over it and Alex hadn't called me on it until the judge noticed what I had done. I end up getting a prize penalty, which was more than fair, due to my stupidity. I guess that's what I get for never playing Plox before lol. I should've known that though. Anyway, time is called and we are tied on prizes so I Bring Down for game.

    Round 3 vs. Ben (Speed Lucario)
    Honestly, you would think this would be an easy matchup for Plox but due to the fact that I can't OHKO Lucarios with Gardys and those annoying Cesation Crystals it became a pretty good matchup. I get setup as normal with my Pachi on T2. He gets out a T2 Lucario with Cessation and starts attacking. I'm forced to play more conservatively than I would like anticipating and preparing for the Lucario Lv. X drop at any time. I am forced to attack with Pachi to eliminate Cessation Crystals and slowly get setup while he takes the first couple of prizes. Scrambles help me quickly recover while my Gallade took some easy prizes until we were tied. Then we started trading prizes and it becomes an intense game where he abuses Premier Ball, Night Maintenance and Stance. I use my 2 Warp Points accordingly, and it come down to the game being tied at 2 prizes each. I have a Gallade with Psychic and Scramble and time is called on my turn. He played Lucario Lv. X and Stance'd last turn, so my Gallade was just a sitting duck. SO, I end up going and thinking that its really hard to pull off. I look through my discard and realize I still had a chance if I could get Gardy Lv. X out. It was in the discard and I had Gardy on the bench and a DRE in hand. I put down the DRE and frantically drew as many cards as I could with my 2 Claydols and Gardy. I draw into the Night Maintenance after I use Stevens for 4 cards. I then proceed to Telepass his Celios and grab the Gardy, retreat and Bring Down for game. GG.

    TOP 2 vs. Ben (Speed Lucario)
    Ben has the highest resistance as a 2-1 so we get to play again.

    Round 1
    I will say that this was good game for me. I get a T1 Roseannes for Pachi and energy and free retreat my Ralts with Moonlight Stadium. I get setup while he uses Mimic with Chatot and proceeds to get Lucario. I end up taking over the game with quick Gardevoirs and decide to try to lock him in with Psy Lock so he can't Stance me 10 times in one game lol. He starts getting multiple Lucarios out and starts to make a comeback, but once I candy into Dusknoir sending his benched Lucario into the deck and KO his active Lucario, he scoops as he only has a Riolu and Solrock and Lunatone.

    Round 2
    I get a REALLY EXTREMELY HORRIBLE hand. I get a Phione start and Candys and DREs but no basics. I topdeck a Ralts and use Phione to get the Kirlia. He gets out his Lucarios and starts owning my Phione.
    I topdeck a Call Energy and use it to try to get setup. He KOs my Phione and some other Pokemon and then I finally begin to setup with Claydols and Gardevoirs. I get Gallade out and start owning his Pokemon. Then a nicely timed Gardy Lv. X and Wagers and I ended up making a great comeback. He scoops once he realizes he can't really make the comeback. I tell him he can keep playing as it doesn't matter, but then time was called anyway.

    YEAH! I won a Spring BR!
    I must be one of the best players alive now!

    Overall, a good day for Plox. All my games were close, but good games none the less.

    Getting my Spring Victory Medal
    Gardevoir, even though it's overrated it's still one of my fav Pokemon (*remembers the days of Gardy ex*)
    Ben, honestly he really deserves to win something prolly more than me. He's a great player who isn't as noticed as he should be.
    Everybody else who was there, I figure they'll get mad at me if I don't put em here lol
    Jack in the Box afterwards
    Jose, Well Run event
    8 Packs

    Me for playing an Archetype
    Plox for being an extremely good deck and limiting creativity
    Not pulling a Lv. X
    Not having time to trade
    Having 2 Leafeon Lv. X and Porygon Z Lv. X BUT no Glaceon Lv. X or Garchomp Lv. X
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  2. Psyco Pedestrian

    Psyco Pedestrian New Member

    GJ Kyle! You won!
  3. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    You've won 2 already too, right? Congrats to you too.
  4. Psyco Pedestrian

    Psyco Pedestrian New Member

    You're welcome. I've won 5.
  5. PokeMasterFlabface

    PokeMasterFlabface <a href="

    Bah Kyle, I knew I should have chosen Scissors. You have stooped to a new low Kyle, PLOX cmon now. Na jk, but a very good game man. Hopefully we can play again next Sunday and I still haven't played David at any of the Battle Roads yet. :p
  6. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    well, arent you special then
  7. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    good job to you Kyle!
    Win more!!
  8. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    I dunno I could win more but that would actually require me to go to waste my time going to more tournaments.
  9. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    just one more, and you can be double happy =)
  10. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    gas is spensive and my brother and I have to share using the car right now.
    And he never lets me use it, so I have to bug my parents to take me.
    There's 2 more this weekend so we will see.
  11. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    well if you go, win them both,

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