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Discussion in 'Judges' Chambers' started by break, Jun 7, 2017.

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  1. break

    break New Member

    Hello everyone, it looks like I have just earned the basic rank of pokemon professor.

    Since I am brand new...I was wondering if you all could give me some direction into what my next step should be.

    I really want to start Judging Pokémon VG events and even TCG events if possible.

    Currently staying in Nashville, Tennessee and willing to travel to events.

    Hmm, more or less unsure how I go about this...thanks in advance !
  2. RichD

    RichD Member

    Hey there!

    First the obvious, have you taken the judge exams for TCG and VCG judges yet? If you haven't, that's the next step.

    After that, getting to judge events is largely down to getting the local tournament organizers to feel comfortable letting you judge events.

    Are you going to any of the middle TN leagues? There is one in Madison, two in Murfreesboro, and one in Franklin. That would be a place to start.
  3. break

    break New Member

    I believe I have taken the basic VGC exam, and it looks like I have to wait a few days before taking another one.

    I am going to stop by the next level games this weekend to inquire about this.

    Thanks again for the heads up and looking forward to hosting a premier challenge soon.

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