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Discussion in 'Trading Figure Game' started by Jigglychu, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    We are trying to collect all the stats and information for all the the figures. If you have any that we don't already know, post them here, so we can have a complete list as soon as possible.

    Next Quest

    1. Charizard
    2. Feraligatr
    3. Groudon
    4. Ho-oh
    5. Kyogre
    6. Lugia
    7. Abra
    8. Absol
    9. Dratini
    10. Eevee
    11. Meowth
    12. Murkrow
    13. Salamence
    14. Skarmory
    15. Corsola
    16. Golem
    17. Mudkip
    18. Pikachu
    19. Raichu
    20. Scyther
    21. Torchic
    22. Treecko
    23. Voltorb
    24. Weezing
    25. Zangoose
    26. Beedrill
    27. Doduo
    28. Ekans
    29. Machop
    30. Mareep
    31. Marill
    32. NidoranM
    33. Sentret
    34. Shroomish
    35. Spearow
    36. Tauros
    37. Teddiursa
    38. Weedle

    Also, if someone has a Beedrill, please post its sculptor.

    PLEASE make sure your percentages are accurate. There is an easier way to do this. On the base of your figure, you can see faint stripes. (There are 72 total on each figure). Simply count the number of stripes for each attack, then divide it by 72. The stripes get kind of hard to see after a while, so I suggest double-checking them.

    Also, please include the Type, MP, and Sculptor in your post. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Oh btw, I am working on a more detailed TFG site dedicated to the TFG itself. Its not finished yet, but I hope to put it on the web soon.
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  2. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

  3. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

  4. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Yeah, this is really needed. I found myself wondering what Beedrill did a few days ago, and I had to find the one thread that had a spoiler for it. This would be very useful ESPECIALLY after more sets come out.
  5. Yggdrasill

    Yggdrasill New Member

    Ah. This list should come in handy. Much obliged.

    Anyway, the Sculptor for Tauros is Nakazawa Hiroyuki. I don't have any of the other figures.
  6. Jedi_Amara

    Jedi_Amara New Member

    Do you want us to add photos of figures?
  7. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    No, there are photos on the Gallery and Bulbapedia.
  8. kalisco

    kalisco New Member

    Scyther, Golem, Machop and Spearow

    Rarity: Uncommon
    Move Points: 2
    Type: Grass
    Sculpted By: Nakazawa Hirayuki
    * Slash
    o Power: 50
    o Probability: 33.33%
    * False Swipe
    o Power: 20
    o Probability: 25%
    * Swords Dance
    o Effect: Spin until you get a result other than Swords Dance. If that result does damage, double it.
    o Probability: 41.67%

    Rarity: Uncommon
    Move Points: 1
    Type: Fighting
    Sculpted By: Enoki Tomohide
    * Rockwall
    o Power: 30
    o Effect: If the Defending Pokemon's attack does 120 damage or less, Golem isn't Knocked Out.
    o Probability: 25%
    * Rock Explosion
    o Power: 60x
    o Effect: Spin until you get a result other than Rock Explosion. This attack does 60 damage for each Rock Explosion.
    o Probability: 41.67%
    * Rock Throw
    o Power: 40
    o Probability: 25%
    * Miss
    o Probability: 8.33%

    Rarity: Common
    Move Points: 2
    Type: Fighting
    Sculpted By: Enoki Tomohide
    * Dodge
    o Probability: 33.33%
    * Focus Punch
    o Power: 40
    o Probability: 58.33%
    * Miss
    o Probability: 4.17%, 4.17%

    Rarity: Common
    Move Points: 3
    Type: Colorless
    Sculpted By: Murata Akira
    * Fly Away
    o Stars: 3
    o Effect: Spearow jumps over the Defending Pokemon, if possible.
    o Probability: 50%
    * Peck
    o Power: 40
    o Probability: 16.67%
    * Miss
    o Probability: 16.67%, 16.67%
  9. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    Thnks Kalisco

    Alright, now we just need 3 more: Shroomish, Sentret and Teddiursa. And the sculpter for Beedrill and Nidoran.
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  10. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    This information will be exceptionally helpful in a probability matrix I'm working on.

    Is % the best way to express the chances or would a fraction with 72 as the denominator be more useful or in a ratio form 48: 21: 13?
  11. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    A fraction with 72 is probably more accurate, but for my TFG site I'm working on, I use %, makes it easier to read. I'm thinking of making a graph for each figure that shows the probability of every attack.
  12. Archaic

    Archaic New Member

    Rarity: Common
    Move Points: 2
    Type: Colorless
    Sculpted By: Murata Akira
    * Step Away
    o Effect: Sentret moves 1-3 spaces away.
    o Probability: 33.33%
    * Tail Smack
    o Power: 40
    o Probability: 25%
    * Scratch
    o Power: 20
    o Probability: 12.5%, 12.5%
    * Miss
    o Probability: 8.33%, 8.33%

    Nidoran M is sculpted by Murata Akira.
  13. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Or a pie chart; no wait, that's it in the first place :biggrin:
  14. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    That's it! :smile: I am proud to announce that the TFG Dex is more or less complete (at least for Next Quest). Thanks to all who helped and providede info. All we need is Beedrill's sculptor but I hope to have that information soon. All the info is up on Bulbapedia and I will try to have my TFG site up and running soon.
  15. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    I have beedrill at gome so I will look at it and post it later...
  16. yelanates

    yelanates New Member

    From Groundbreakers, I have the starter set, so here's the info on that:

    Sculpted by Nakazawa Hirayuki
    6/72 Miss chance

    Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide
    Psychic, 3 MPs
    PokePower: MIRAGE-If Latios is knocked out, remove Latios from the game.
    9/72 Dodge
    24/72 (white) Luster Purge 90
    9/72 Dodge
    30/72 (white) Psychic 40

    Sculpted by Kagawa Masahiko
    Colorless, 3 MPs
    24/72 (white) Hyper Fang 70
    48/72 (white) Tackle 10

    sculpted by Kagawa Masahiko
    Fighting, 2 MPS
    12/72 Miss
    18/72 (white) Slap Push 40
    24/72 (purple) ** Push Away: Move the defending Pokemon 1 space. Then move Hariyama into the empty space.
    18/72 (white) Slap Push 40
  17. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    As soon as I find it...
  18. mtjimmer

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  20. Water Pokemon Master

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    Looks new to me.

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