Psychic Cut Death

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Tehhax, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Tehhax

    Tehhax New Member

    Your typical gardelade deck but with a small twist

    The list goes like this:

    4-3-3(gal)-2(garde)-1(garde lv x)

    2-2 furret

    1-0-1 Metagross

    Pokemon- (19)

    Buck's Training x2

    Prof Oak's Visit x2

    Rare Candy x4

    Warp Point x2

    Bebe's Search x4

    Roseanne's Research x3

    Team Galactic's Wager x2

    Pluspower x2

    Cynthia's Feelings x1

    Team Galactic's mars x1

    Trainers -(23)

    Fighting Energy x5

    Psychic Energy x 7

    Multi Energy x3

    Call Energy x3

    Energy- (18)

    The Strategy is pretty much to get an early gallade out and do as much damage. The idea behind the metagross tech is to psychic cut whatever you want. Ive played many magmortar decks that were able to sacrifice a bunch of benched pokemon to my psychic cut giving them time to build up but with the metagross i can switch out whichever one of their pokemon i want hopefully destroying any hopes of building up against the gallade. Not too complicated just throwing it out there. The multi-energy also allows metagross to attack which is nice. and i know the trainers are weird. im waiting for more buck's training. Any suggestions would be great.
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