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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by lugia, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. lugia

    lugia New Member

    It is a pyscic/fighting beat down deck in unlimited format.

    3 Abra(base set)
    2 kadabra (base set)
    2 alakazam (base set)
    3 natu (neo discovery)
    2 xatu (neo discovery)
    1 mr. mime (edition 2)
    2 mewtwo (promo from the first movie)
    2 machop (the e expantion??? its a 50 hp card num 117 if that helps)
    1 machop (legendary collection)
    2 machoke(base set)
    2 machamp (base set)
    2 swinub (neo destiney)
    1 piloswine (neo destiney)
    1 hitmonchan (base set)

    3 bill
    3 potion
    1 superpotion
    2 berry
    1 energy search
    1 pokemon center
    1 gust of wind
    1 prof. oak
    1 switch

    energys (20)
    1 rainbow energy
    10 pyscic energy
    9 fighting energy

    the main attackers are xatu and machamp alakazam is used to keep them free of damage counters with his pokemon power.
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    WAY too many Pokemon. Choose one Stage 2 at most (or just a Stage 1 line), use a Stage 1 of the other type as support, and add 2-4 Babies/Basics. Also, your Energy count is a mite high. Your Trainer engine also needs major work. Here's one idea of a decklist.

    Pokemon (14):
    3 Natu (Skyridge)
    2 Xatu (Discovery)
    3 Swinub (Destiny)
    2 Piloswine (Destiny)
    2 Cleffa (Genesis)
    2 Tyrogue (Discovery)

    Trainers (30):
    3 Bill
    3 Oracle
    3 Professor Oak
    3 Computer Search
    2 Item Finder
    2 Town Volunteers
    2 Focus Band
    3 Gold Berry
    2 Gust of Wind
    3 Switch
    2 Energy Removal
    2 Super Energy Removal

    Energy (16):
    5 Psychic Energy
    5 Fighting Energy
    3 Rainbow Energy
    3 Double Colorless Energy

    This version uses Xatu and Piloswine to attack. Note that I changed the Natus to Skyridge. This is because of Removal Beam -- it's an attack and an Energy Removal rolled into one. Piloswine should be your main attacker, though -- High Speed Charge does a lot of damage. Be careful, though -- this deck has higher Energy costs than most Unlimited decks, so it might have some speed issues. I wanted to make sure this deck used cards from your original, though. Good luck!
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