Queen of the Castle (BR Schoten Belgium)

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Rainbowgym, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    I am not good in writing reports, but we played today at such a beautyfull location.
    So I decided to show you a picture and do a "kind" of report.

    We played in Belgium in the Castle of Schoten
    The Castle

    4 rounds swiss and top 4. (all best of 3)
    I decided to play my Byebye (Blissey) deck again, because ít's the only deck I have and I really like it.

    round 1
    Jeffrey V - Flygon Ex d/Flygon/Ray Ex d/ Exeggutor
    Like I said I am not good in writing but also to remember how games went seems not my "job".
    He is playing Lake boundary and Phoebe Stadium (and if I remember well Crystal Beach) in the deck, so Exeggutor did KO a Blissey somewere during the games, because I could find a FF nrg. But I managed to KO his eggs with Blissey/Boost/PP/PP right after.
    Also Flygon ex d takes a prize because of KO my Bench pokemon with damage.
    All I remember is winning with Blissey doing 240 damage against his flygon d. Bit of an overkill but because it was my last prize I needed for the win I wanted to do it "big".

    round 2
    Arco O. - Byebye (Blissey)
    Sure mirror match and we played it so many times, but it depends on who gets the best hand of wins the Team G wagers he plays. I don't play TGW I hate that card.
    He wins this time.

    round 3
    Maurice M - Byebye (Blissey)
    Oke this is were we traveled so long for to play: a. my own player and than the person I gave my decklist to use.
    Very funny, I sure hope I don't have to play one of me sons too next round, that would be another mirror match.
    I am simply more experienced with the deck and I win.

    round 4
    Herlinda Q. - Kingdra EX d swarm
    I did not play against Kingdra EX d yet, but I know it's very difficult.
    I do remember some more details about this one so I will give a few.
    I have to start with Chansey against a Pinsir d. Attach nrg turn.
    She plays Mentor for Spearow, Horsey, Swablu attach nrg and Delta callsfor a Fearow.
    Auch now I know next turn she will get either a Kingdra EX/Altaria EX or Seadra and I don't like it.
    My turn, I draw a Chansey, bench, I need an nrg so I play TV reporter, got nrg and diss nrg, play quick ball and pray for a Blissey and yesssssss got it.
    Evolve, nrg, but I have 6 cards in my hand left and that stupid body says it reduces 30 when I have 5 or more cards in hand.
    I have to attack both pluspowers to KO the pinsir, what a waist but it's worth it.

    Horsea active, evolve spearow, search for pokemon and yes rare candy Kingdra EX. not really a suprise.
    But she has Elm and another candy, so 2 Kingdra ex in play in her 2nd turn.
    She attached nrg to the active and it's my turn.
    I know I am in big troubles if I can't find my FF nrg, so I play whatever I can to find one and got it.
    Attack and because of the 2 Kingdra ex only 30 damage.
    She gets Altaria ex and Hello Kingdra is fully loaded.
    80 damage on my Blissey, but I can build a new one.
    Attach nrg to new Blissey and attack again for 30 with the damaged one, so this kingdra has 80 HP left, which is dangerous and it's in KO range next turn.
    OF course she plays warp point and my fresh Blissey comes up, no FF so I have to eat 70 damage from her.
    With boost I damage this new one for 40 and with 100 HP left it will stay active.
    Next turn a new horsea comes from fearow, and altaria gives the active an nrg and normal attachment on bench horsey.
    Byebye Blissey, that one doesn't survive.
    I managed to get another Chansey (TSD of whatever don't know anymore)
    I have to deal the active Kingdra damage, even if my Blissey will be byebye next turn.

    On her turn she gets a seadra, evolve, attach nrg to that one and kills my Blissey.
    I am in deep problems, but Night Maintenance, Quick balls and TV reporter are helping me.
    I remember giving that Kingdra EX also damage to bring it in KO range for Blissey.
    I loose one more Blissey but I know I have a new one with 1 nrg and boost nrg in my hand.
    It end up that I can KO Kingdra EX, not being KO myself by the other.
    Play a warp point and KO her Fearow, and later on she brings up Seadra for a smokescreen.
    I can retreat a Blissey because I have WP and Psy nrg under it and KO her Seadra.
    Al she has left was a damaged Kingdra EX or Altaria ex (which has colorless weakness LOL).
    I most have done more things like played Night Maintenance and such but like I said I am bad in remembering games.
    I won and because we play best of 3 I need another win to get into top 4.

    second game
    Now here is why I called this deck Byebye.
    I have no mulligans and we both have 1 active pokemon.
    Herlinda decides to let me start and I think YES YES YES.
    Flip card, my Sableye and her Pinsir d.
    I draw, attach nrg and disable the Delta Call.
    She attaches nrg because she has nothing else she can play and pass.
    My turn I find a Chansey, attach nrg, exvacate, nrg in discard and again disable the Delta Call.
    Her turn she draws a mentor and 3 basics are on the bench, but she cannot search for a evolution so she attaches castform to pinsir and pass.
    Nice, I am starting to find my boost, some more chansey/blissey and while building them I decide to another disable. I know I will get 40 damage next turn, but the turn after her pinsir will be KO and she will have enough basics left but none of them with nrg.
    She attaches nrg, and 40 to my Sableye (and I think she got Candy Kingdra EX).
    Now it's my turn and time to promote Blissey.
    Byebye Pinsir and all nrg.
    Kingdra ex comes up and 1 nrg attached, but that's not enough I can give it damage.
    I get 40 or 70 damage from that one, but that's all.
    I run over her and KO all the remaining Pokemon.

    3-1 I am in top 4
    Arco goes 4-0 and is also in top 4, but he plays the 4th ranked and I have to play the 3th ranked.

    Erwin C - Lucario/Machamp
    I played a lot of Lucario variations last week and I know I can win this.
    Of course he plays Lake Boundary but also Crystal Beach (or was this my first opponent don't know anymore).
    Not much to say about, I run over it 2 times and placed myself for finals.

    Arco wins his game, so we have to play each other.
    Because we have a long trip home Arco gives me the win, but we decide to play at home to see who would have won.
    After a very nice diner we make up to play our final rounds.
    My boys are looking at us and think Arco will win, because I am what they call a n00b.
    But Mom designed the deck and knows very well to play it, so with a little luck (LOL winning most Wagers) I win with 2-0.

    We open the boosters we got and brought home to play for and more luck for me Lucario Lvl X in it.

    So today I felt a bit the Queen of the Castle.
    I went on the balcony during the tournament, to wave to the adience (like our queens always does) but nobody looked at me and nobody took a picture.
    That's why you have to do it with a front view picture I made from this lovely location.

    I hope you enjoyed reading.

    [email protected]
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  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Very good job, Lia. Nice report too.
    I really like that idea with Sableye, might steal that from you. ;D

    (You did play 4-4 Blissey, and 1-2 Sableye, right?)
  3. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Yes I played 2 of them, but you can play Blissey in so many variations however Disable is terrible to run into.
    I used it today against Flygon EX d, Pinsir, Lucario/Riolu, and LOL against Sableye.
  4. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Lia: Nice job! Love the location. I had heard of the sableye tech for a straight blissey deck, but decided to go straight Blissey for Alex's deck. He went undefeated in SRs w/ it for his BR victory. The sableye may just give you that turn you need to build up/evolve that bench poke to deal with the opponent.

  5. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    I have several Blissey builds, also a straight one (4-4 Blissey).
    Even now I don't know which one I like most, it's depending on what to expect in your area I think.
    My first build was with Sableye and Arnoud took that deck, later on Arco followed and I didn't have any Sableye left over. So I also used the straight version.

    Most of the fun, we needed 20 Blissey (and 2 others also wanted to play it so that's 28)
    And we traded for most of them in no time before the BR started. people really didn't see it coming.

    I am not saying Sableye is THE card, but it has a lot of synergy with Blissey.
  6. Kenta

    Kenta New Member

    GJ Queen :D

    Also, for winning the Mario match (you know how I hate that..)
  7. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Mario is not the biggest problem for Blissey.
    I will try to write another report next weekend.

    Decks I had to play these last 2 weekends
    Nidoqueen/Toxicroag 1x
    Mario (Machamp/Lucario) 2x
    Flygon EX d/Ray EX d/Eggs 1x
    Kriketune 1x
    Luigi (Lucario/Raichu) 2x
    [email protected]/Cloyster 1x
    Shiftry Ex 2x
    Lucario/Empoleon 1x (lost)
    Blissey (byebye) 6x (lost 2x)
    Manectric/Raichu 1x
    Kingdra EX 3x
    Blastoise/Gatr d 1x
    Gatr MT/Delcatty 1x (lost)
    Special Machamp 1x

    So a lot of Fighting decks or partly fighting around.
    If there wasn't holon FF, Blissey would have been binder filler.
  8. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Good job ;) Really nice location, i should have come to ;3 Hope to see you again in a STP in Norway.
  9. Drich

    Drich New Member

    GJ Lia.

    At a poker table, I would have said "Back in the business". Well done.
  10. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ...I fail to see the Borat reference!

    Either way, good job. :D
  11. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Well after being for 2 years "on the bench" I am back as player.
    Not many people realized I really can play this game.
  12. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

  13. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Way to go! Moms can play and even win! I made my first top cut at a BR this past weekend. Congrats on your win and deck building skills. The location looks awesome! It brings to mind visions of Pokemon players sitting at long stone tables in elaborately carved chairs. I hope that the entire family had a fun time.
  14. Leonners

    Leonners New Member

    Well Done, Lia!

    Nice Report. Compliments to Arco, too!
  15. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Great Job! Nice Detailed Kingdra Matchup!

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