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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Not So Tuesday, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Not So Tuesday

    Not So Tuesday New Member

    I was playing earlier and my opponent used an Entei and Raikou Legend. He was down in Prize Cards so he used a Black Belt. He then used the ERL's second attack which does 80 damage to all pokemon with pokebodies. He claimed that the Black Belt added 40 damage to the attack. I let him go with it (I still won), but I don't think that the Black Belt adds 40 damage to ERL's Thunder Fall attack, because the "80" is not next the attack, but instead in the attacks effect description. Who is right?

    Here is a link to the ERL for reference:

  2. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    It would do 120 damage to the active Pokemon IF it damages the active Pokemon at all. It would not add that 40 damage to anythign hit on the bench. It doesn't matter where the attack is in the attakc text, but where the damage is in comparrison to where the damage addiiton card states it can be, which for Black Belt, is to the active Pokemon.
  3. Not So Tuesday

    Not So Tuesday New Member

    Thanks a ton, I'm glad to have that cleared up. The good news is that we played according to what my opponent said, the bad news is that I just realized that ERL's attack only affects pokemon with PokePowers and not pokemon with PokeBodies, so the attack wouldn't have affected my Active anyway XD
  4. carpengui

    carpengui New Member

    Further Clarification Request - Black Belt on attacks doing no initial damage

    Let me ask this follow-up question - just to be very specific about your answer:

    Let's suppose I am 'attacking' with Dialga/Palkia Legend and use the Time Control attack. Its damage is 0 to the Defending Pokemon, though 2 prize cards are added from the opponent's deck. There's two possible outcomes with Black Belt attached to D/P Legend -- (a) Black Belt adds nothing because there is no damage to the Defender from the base attack; or (b) the Defender is damaged 40 (0 + 40).

    By the way your answer is worded, it sounds like (a) is the correct ruling. Am I interpreting that correctly?
    Thanks very much.
  5. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Answer is indeed A. You need to have a base damage before you can add to it. You can stack 4 Pluspowers, an Expert Belt and Black Belt on that Dialga/Palkia, it just won't work, it'll always do 0 damage.

    I believe (its been a while since I read it) a page in the rulebook states that "if at any point during damage calculation the damage becomes 0, stop further calculating" or something along those veins.

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