R&S Challenge Event, Rockville, MD Aug 24

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pokidad, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. Pokidad

    Pokidad New Member

    I received Dream Wizards newsletter and they will be holding the Ruby & Sapphire Challenge Event on Sunday, August 24.

    Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire-EX tournament comes to Dream Wizards!!!

    Nintendo Premiere Events & Dream Wizards are excited to announce:

    The Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Tournament!
    Date: Sunday, August 24.
    Where: Dream Wizards.
    There will be two separate tournaments, arranged by Age Category:
    *Ages 10 and under-- Registration 10:30 to 11am, Play begins at 11am. Players in this age group must be accompanied by an adult who can assist with deck registration.
    *Ages 11-14 and 15 or older-- Registration 3-3:30, Play begins at 3:30.
    All tournaments will last approximately 4 1/2 hours.
    Entry Fee: $15 plus tax, includes 6 Ruby and Sapphire: EX card packs.
    Requirements: In order to participate, you must bring either a Game Boy SP or a Game Boy Color loaded with either a Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire game cartridge. Players are responsible for charging their Gameboy prior to arriving at the tournament. Batteries and recharging facilities will not be available on the premises.
    Format: The tournament will consist of 6 rounds. There will be 2 rounds of Sealed Deck-Ruby & Sapphire Trading Card Game. There will also be 4 rounds of Ruby & Sapphire Game Boy game - Battle Tower Format. Gamers must play both formats.
    Prizes: Prizes will be given to each age group. They include Booster Packs, Trophy/Award, and Nintendo Gift Certificates!


    Dream Wizards
    11772 Parklawn Drive
    Rockville, MD 20852


    Please go to their web site to get directions.
  2. FlipsAreCool

    FlipsAreCool New Member

    R/S Challenge

    BTW sorry about reviving an "old" topic but since this hasn't happened yet asking a question about it can't be too great a sin right? ; )

    The way you have it stacked is that the 10-under will end right before the 11-up begins. Can two people in the same family use the same game-boy and Battle Tower team? My sister loves playing pokemon but in order for her to go she would need to complete her game (she's only halfway through Saphire) and then take a lot of time and train pokemon up to level 50. I on the other hand have logged many an hour on my GBA and have a great Lv. 50 Team. Could she use my GBA team for the 10-under tournament and then I could use it later? I know it would be best for her to raise her own Pokemon and it might sortave seem like cheating to some of you others out there but she just want's to play in the sealed-draft, and in order to do that she would need a GBA team which she doesn't have. If that is against the rules then that's fine, I was just asking to get a clarification.

    Flipping Out
    --FlipsAreCool :lol:

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