R&S challenges in the NW or anywhere else?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pidgeotto Trainer, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Well I've been planning my team for like 1 & a half months now, I have my team all planned out, training my last pokemon, spread the word of a possible GBA tournament to all in my league & am ready for battle.
    But, it's August 18th & no tournament closer to Washington than Utah. No Washington, no Oregon, no Idaho. (and this is Nintendo's home territory) In fact, there are only 4 scheduled tournaments west of Illinois. :eek: I know the east coast has a lot more large populated cities for tourneys but this is ridiculous. This started out looking like a SBZ-type thing, but there are only 18 tourneys, far from the 50. I'm sure the Northwest area I've mentioned isn't the only area being 'snubbed' in fact I bet there are many others checking pokemon-tcg every night losing hope as August nears it's end. (Central USA looks very empty too.)
    Does anyone know if Nintendo is scheduling more R&S events? (Arizona has been the only one added in the last 2 weeks)
    Does anyone know of an R&S in the northwest?
    Can someone brighten up my day? PLEASE :D

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