Rainbows (My Meta-Game Twist Deck)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by smacktack15, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    This is my deck that I created (Team Lesage) I just copied and pasted it from my forums so the links for the scans are from the Pokebeach website. Enjoy:smile:

    Creator: Zachary Lesage (Smacktack15)
    Deck: Rainbows
    Format: (HP) - (GE)/(P7)
    Date: Monday/March/3rd/2008

    Pokemon: 16
    2- Togekiss (GE)
    1- Togetic (GE)
    2- Togepi (GE)
    1- Claydol (GE)
    1- Baltoy (GE)
    1- Milotic (GE)
    1- Feebas (GE)
    2- Pachirisu (GE)
    2- Rayquaza ex d (DF)
    1- Mew ex (HP)
    1- Mew * d (DF)
    1- Mew d (P5)

    Trainers: 25
    2- Crystal Beach (CG)
    1- Lake Boundary (MT)
    1- Windstorm (CG)
    2- Steven's Advice (PK)
    3- Team Galactic's Wager (MT)
    2- Roseanne's Research (SW)
    2- Celio's Network (CG)
    3- Rare Candy (GE)
    3- Super Scoop Up (DP)
    3- Energy Removal 2 (PK)
    2- Night Maintenance (SW)
    1- Time-Space Distortion (MT)

    Energy: 19
    6- Electric Energy (DP)
    4- Psychic Energy (DP)
    3- Water Energy (DP)
    3- Fight Energy (DP)
    3- Fire Energy (DP)

    Deck total: 60 cards (modified)

    Card Analysis:

    This card is the acceleration of the deck. You play this card down to power-up the right Pokemon at the right times. This card can also double as an attacker/staller/etc./etc. so don't feel worried of playing it down for some witty moves:p Togepi can also be helpful because it's "Find a Friend" attack can give you extra help (search your deck for any Pokemon and put it in your hand) but, is flippy.

    This is a very great "engine" Pokemon! It allows you Team Galactic Wager recovery for a win/win situation and can be used by itself for draw-power. Baltoy is also a very good card because it can get you out of sticky-situation.

    This Pokemon allows you to void out those pesky Lv.X's (Gardevoir Lv.X & Magmortar Lv.X come to mind;)). It's attack is a great counter to Magmortar (Lv.X)/ any other Pokemon that requires energy or is weak to fire (or both) because with luck, you can discard up to 2 energy which pairs up with Energy Removal 2 perfectly! With a Lake Boundary in play, this can be a heavy hitter in the right cases. Feebas can get you some Pokemon too (just like Togepi) but, it costs one Water Energy.

    This card allows you to get prime set-up. Try to have a Rayquaza ex, Togepi, & (insert tech here) (Mew * d/Mew ex/Mew d/Feebas/ Baltoy). The tech you choose depends on the situation because the deck can gain advantage early game with type-advantage. Sacrifice Pachirisu for a Rayquaza ex to do some ripping:D

    Rayquaza ex d
    Rayquaza ex is a great recovery card because after a painful knock-out, you can easily slip on one-two Electric Energy on him for 30 to anyone, 50 to a Pokemon with a Poke-Power, or a flat-out 70!!!. This beast can be considered the main Pokemon in the deck.

    Mew ex
    This is one heck of a card! This is the secret G&G counter that everyone overlooks:D!!! It has a nice Poke-Power that works wonders with Team Galactic's Wager because it lets you see if they have a yeaherz or oh-noz hand. It is played for it's main attack, Devo Crush. You send this up with or without a Lake Boundary and you can take out a Gardevoir Lv.X or Gallade by discarding two energy (You can get them back with a Night Maintenance).

    Mew * d
    This is another all-out tech that especially kills Magmortar (Lv.X). Play this according to the situation.

    Mew d
    This is like Mew * d but, you play it when your opponent plays out a Pokemon that is weak to Fire-type or a Pokemon ex. This is a great pawn in you metaphorical chess game because it can do alot of thing that are surprizing (Psychic Cut/Bring down sound really fun:) lol)

    Crystal Beach: Play before a Scramble, Double Rainbow, and/or Boost Energy comes out.

    Lake Boundary: Play when needed (Warning: DO NOT WASTE)

    Windstorm: Play to discard annoying Pokemon Tools/Stadiums late game, let Pachirisu discard the Pokemon Tools earlier on.

    Team Galactic's Wager: Play when you have a terrible hand or when you need a game-winning card (be sure to use Mew ex's Poke-Power 1st if possible)

    Steven's Advice: Perfect synergy between this and Claydol, what else can I say.

    Energy Removal 2: Burn your opponents hard by using this and Milotic's Twister attack. Your opponent will be really fed up by all of their wasted energy.

    Super Scoop Up: Re-do Togekiss' Poke-Power again and again for a super-effect!

    Rare Candy: To get out a quick Togekiss (you can also get out a speedy Claydol or Milotic)

    Roseanne's Research: Can get specific energy and get more Pokemon, use wisely.

    Celio's Network: Get's you the Stage 1 & Stage 2 Pokemon you need. Only get Basic Pokemon in bad situations where you have no other options.

    Night Maintenance: Gets back energy into the deck for Togekiss to have better effects. Get back Pokemon if there are no signs of a Time-Space Distortion coming up soon.

    Time-Space Distortion: Can get back a Rayquaza ex or a Stage 1 line back for desired effects. Good luck with the rolls:)

    Energy: Straight forward... Mew * d & Mew d

    Other Techs:

    Just about anything.

    I meant to post this up earlier so yeah, sorry:lol:
  2. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    how have u done with this deck?

    i would try at least 3-2-3 togekiss line
  3. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    I have had some mixed results because I am a die-hard G&G player but, I built this deck for fun and to show that it can do somewhat well against some Top Tier deck:) 3-2-3 is too much
  4. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    nice deck:thumb:

    i REALLY hope to see some one play it at regionals :wink:

    throw in some cessations to be played on your mews just to mess up your opponent even more :tongue:
  5. Broccili_ Boy

    Broccili_ Boy New Member

    Could You be more Specific about The strategy Please?
  6. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    Sorry but i dont like the deck, you have energy acceleration but nothing to actually get ko's to win games XD.
  7. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    I dislike the deck due to its incosistency. However you do bring a good point with mew ex

    Gardevoir Pk + Mew ex + Cres L.X I am sure can be deadly. Devo crush a maggy x and bring them to a magmar with 20 hp. maybe drop a Phoebe's or a 1-1 Jynx DF to bring the retreat cost to 0, switch it and take 2 prizes. If they have something to get that evo back you can look in the hand, if they do Wager it back and use maybe a 1-1 claydol to get that win/win situation. I have to give you props for that idea.

    I say if you think this deck is so great then prove me wrong but I still suggest you explore that Mew Ex.
  8. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    I like the deck zach, very creative!! What happened to the Lickilicki deck you were going to build?
  9. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Sean: Lickilicky is a beast so don't under estamate it:lol:
    BloodDraek: The deck is just a fub deck so I am not proving anything
    Geneses: I can make rogue
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