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  1. Dual_Draw

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    So these are some of the first cards me and my friend made for a set with a Japanese like title (Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky) called Corrupted Prince of the Emerald Sea. Basically Darkrai corrupts Phione who is set to get his crown in a couple of days to replace Manaphy as King of the Sea, so in a way it's another movie. Oh right, Darkrai abuses "Lost Zone", but the wording is a bit wierd, Phione is Dark because it is corrupted making it Dark

    Phione L.23-60HP-Water
    Basic Pokemon

    :)colorless) Call For Friends. Search your deck for up to 2 Basic (W) Pokemon and put them in your hand.
    :)water::water:) Water Charge. Discard an Energy Card attached to Phione. This attack does 50 damage to the active Pokemon and 10 to each of your opponent’s bench Pokemon.

    W: :)lightning+10)
    R: 1

    Phione Lv.X-100HP-Dark/Water
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Body: Dark Control. Each players (Both yours and your opponent’) evolved Pokemon with Poke-Bodies may not attack.

    :)water::water::dark::dark:) Dark Force. 120. Discard 3 Energy cards attached to Phione. This attack does 20 to each player’s (Both yours and your opponent’s) benched Pokemon.

    W: :)lightningx2)
    R: 0

    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power: Corruptive Shadow. When Darkrai is knocked out by an opponent’s Pokemon that has 3 Prizes or less remove the Attacking Pokemon from play into the Lost Zone.

    :)dark:) Search for Minions. Search your deck for a Basic (D) Pokemon and put it on your bench.
    :)dark::dark::colorless:colorless) Dark Void. 60. Put damage counters on one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon equal to the amount on Darkrai.

    W: :)fighting:x2)
    Res: :)psychic:-20)
    Retreat: 2

    Kyogre L.57-100HP-Water
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power: Overflow. Once during your turn you may use this Power, choose one of your opponents’s benched Pokemon and return it to his or her hand. Then your opponent may choose one of your benched Pokemon and return it to your deck.

    :)water::water::colorless) Hydro Pump. 40. Search your deck for a Basic (W) Energy and attach it to one of your benched Pokemon.

    W: :)lightningx2)
    R: (3)
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  3. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Try this for Darkrai's wording...

    Poke-Body (seeing Abomasnow as reference, makes more sense as body then power): Corruptive Shadow.
    If your opponent has 3 or less prizes left, and Darkrai is knocked out by an opponent’s attack, the Attacking Pokemon is now removed from play and sent into the Lost Zone.

    Kyogre's Overflow likely needs the "this power can't be used if Kyogre is affected by a special condition" text. Also, period after the "You may use this power" text

    Water Charge should say the Defending Pokemon, not Active.

    Dark Control should say "Can't attack" rather then "May not attack".

    Oh, and don't forget the "don't apply weakness or resistance" text on Dark Force and other bench hitting attacks.

    Other then those wording issues, the cards are pretty well balanced out. (Kyogre's power is... A TAD iffy. Maybe constrain it to be only if Kyogre is active?) The only other thing I'd say is that I think Darkrai's Dark Void is priced at the point where it'll rarely get used. It might be more effective if you lower the cost to only three energies, then lower the damage to 50 or 40? That'll make it still out of the "Whoa, easy to abuse" attack category, but low enough that you can actually expect to get it off. Ho-oh really only gets away with a 4 energy attack because of it's power. Darkrai here is one of those pokemon you... WANT to die. Bit of a difference between the two. It's totally your choice with this though. It's fine as 4 energy for 60, but might be slightly better for slightly cheeper (especially since Dark Energies add to damage anyway)
  4. darkrai_90

    darkrai_90 New Member

    Dark force KO's most things.
  5. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Looks pretty good for a first.

    Dark Void can be broken, and Hydro Pump tends to do added damage for extra Energy.

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