Rare Candy and LV X

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Professional Caliber, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Can I use rare candy to evolve something like kirlia into gardevoir lv x, or can lv x's only be played on top of the card it says (ie. gardevoir lv x on gardevoir)
  2. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member


    You can only Rare Candy Ralts into Gardevoir then next turn level up gardevoir into gardevoir Lv.X ONLY if gardevoir is your active pokemon.
  3. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    you cant use rare candy on an evolved pokemon
  4. V_For_Vendetta

    V_For_Vendetta New Member

    1. You cannot Rare Candy a non basic pokemon.
    2. Gardevior Lv X is not an evolution, so you cannot use it to evolve. You also cannot use cards that make you evolve to Lv Up.

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