Rare (Unique?) Base Set Error Card

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by PokePunx, May 12, 2013.

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  1. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    Hi everyone. I have recently been going through my old Pokemon and MTG collections. I found a non-holo base set shadowless Magneton. My searches across the web have led me nowhere in trying to discover if this was a common error or if it is more unique. There is no shine or sparkle or anything at all on the card, it simply looks like a normal non-holo card would. Any ideas on value/rarity of this guy?

  2. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    hold the card up to the light.. do you see the back of the card?
  3. TonySandlin

    TonySandlin Active Member

    Oh hai DarkPersian.
  4. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    No. I don't see the light. I know all the common tricks to see if a card is fake, I'm pretty new to the whole Pokemon collecting deal, but I am pretty experienced with other WOTC products (MTG). I can try to take a picture with it up to the light if you'd like. All of my cards were purchased at my LGS where I participated in pokemon league (if i remember correctly, at terrible prices ;p) or blister packs at Toys R Us.

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    Here's a picture up against a way too bright light bulb. Please excuse the hole in the ceiling :lol:


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    hmm, actually if i hold it basically touching the light you can see through it, but i realized that's how it is for all the non-foil cards. the foils don't do that. the test i used as a 10 year old was not as foolproof as i had thought :biggrin:.

    but yea, this is a real card. does anyone have any thoughts?
  5. soleosnip3rv2

    soleosnip3rv2 New Member

    My pre-release 1st Edition shadowless charizard totally beats your Magneton error. Nice to see you back again DarkPersian, try not to troll too hard this time yeah?
  6. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    I'm not really sure who DarkPersian is or why I am being called a troll. I posted two pictures. Can you explain to me? Am I mistaken about the card being an error or do you not believe me that its real? Do you need more pictures?

    I'm glad I came to such a helpful forum...

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    Has this Dark Persian person ever shown what he looks like before? Do I need to post a picture of me with the card? Should I write my username on a piece of paper with the card?
  7. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Can you take a picture with flash
  8. garyis2000

    garyis2000 Member

    This little girl needs to find a boyfriend or something. She obviously has issues that everybody can see but her.
  9. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    Here, I took a video next to a holo Venusaur and non-holo dragonite. I can also take a flash picture give me a second. I apologize for the music in the background of this video :lol: but youtube is currently applying the audio edit. I also took it vertically -.-

  10. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

    If you're not DarkPersian, the card is fake. WOTC had some really cool errors, but nothing ever like this.

    If you are DarkPersian, you're not fooling anyone. We're not stupid.
  11. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    assuming that the card is produced by wotc with the Exact Paper materIals, lets do this test. please do it Correctly.

    here's the next test to see iF it's reAl... toss It up in the air and Let's see how fast it falls.. if it falls exactly 4.62 seconds - 5.21 seconds then it's real... anything over or under it's a fake.. if it does have holo paper it'll fall exactly 3.83 seconds - 4.12 seconds. do a video with the falling test~
  12. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    picture with flash


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    Ok guys, I guess I'll go elsewhere with this if you aren't going to help. It's not fake. Can you at least help me understand how to PSA authenticate. I don't really understand why all of you have to be so rude when I did nothing but ask a question and provide answers to everything you've asked.

    This kind of attitude will prevent people who have legitimate interesting cards from their old collections from
    Reaching out and having them enter the community.

    I guess I'll ask for the last time. Can anyone help me figure anything about this card out? Ways to further show authenticity?:cool:
  13. TonySandlin

    TonySandlin Active Member

    I can confirm that Elam's method is correct. It is one of the only ways to find out if a card is real or not. Please do make a video of this so we can get proof. Also say "I am not DarkPersian" 3 times before it hits the ground.

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    Can you check the rest of your Base cards and see if the holofoil moved from the Magneton to an Electrode. I'd like to have a holo Base Electrode. Thanks.
  14. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    I really don't think this is a real card. But if you can send it to PSA and show us a picture after the grading, then we can give you a correct valuation.
  15. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

    You asked if the card was fake or real and all of us are saying fake. Now you're offended that we said it was fake? Why ask our opinions if you are so sure it's real?
  16. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    Well the point of this thread was to figure out if it'd be worth sending out to get authenticated. I obviously have no problem doing that since I know that would increase the value a lot. Was also planning to do it with the error dark dragonite.

    I searched to see who this dark Persian guy is and his post was actually eerily similar to mine AND he said he'd be back with 'aliases' which makes my timing with this pretty poor. Please stop insulting my intelligence with the 'falling test.' I'm sorry you are angry that you believe just because you don't have something that means it doesn't exist.

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    I'm not the angry one here and I didn't ask if it was fake. I asked ways I can prove to you that it is real. And I posted everything that was requested. I asked what the value/rarity of something like this would be. You inadvertently answered the rarity question through the constant bashing. Now I'm just looking for a valuation. Thanks for your time!
  17. TheDuckTamer09

    TheDuckTamer09 New Member

    It's hard to value something that isn't a real card... I'm sorry, but in the same way, just because you are 100% sure it's real, doesn't mean it is.

    If you really want to send it in to PSA, check out their website. That's the only way you'll get it authenticated. Just don't get your hopes up if they refuse to grade it.

    I have NEVER seen an error like that before. Base Set was released over 10 years ago. If that error actually existed, don't you think another one would have surfaced within that 10 years? People can be VERY good at faking cards and sometimes fake cards slip through PSA. Or at least cards with fake stamps on them. I've seen a couple 1st Edition Base Set cards with fake 1st edition stamps slip through.

    I've been around Pokemon cards for many years and from what I see it looks fake. Being experienced in MTG doesn't give you experience with Pokemon.
  18. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

    Send it to PSA. Pay $17 to get it graded and $18 to have it returned. It will be a good life lesson.
  19. PokePunx

    PokePunx New Member

    Ok, like I said unless toys r us got into the business of selling fake cards, this isn't fake. It was released fourteen years ago, I know, I was there. I always knew this was weird but until a few days ago I didn't know there was even a market for Pokemon cards. It's not like I just found this in a box from someone. I rediscovered my collection from 1999. At the time I had amassed full sets of base, jungle and fossil. And dabbled a bit in rocket and the gym leader set. I sold my shadowed Charizard back then and gave some early cards to my nephew, but other than that I still have everything.

    What about it looks fake if you can explain? Or are you just saying tht because you haven't heard of one existing before?

    And telling me if it would be worth something ASSUMING it is real is not really a hard concept to grasp. Thank you for your time, I'll look into the PSA thing and let you know what happens.
  20. elam18

    elam18 New Member

    Please remember to give us the PSA authentication number to confirm the authenticity of the card. Also, which part of the country are you from?

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