Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Fantasy Fox, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Fantasy Fox

    Fantasy Fox New Member

    Is there anymore ratings and rankings for Pokemon like the one Wizard used to do(DCI Sanctioned), for Nintendo?
  2. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    there should be one on nintendo's pokemon tcg site, all you need is your pop id and a few sanctioned tournaments.
  3. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    The publically listed rankings (where you could see other player's ratings) has been taken down due to COPPA restrictions I believe, so until Nintendo can make a system to get around this, all you can view is your own rating and ranking by using your POP ID and password at http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/tournaments.

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