Redshark 5.15 - Plasma Storm (again...but better)

Discussion in 'Redshark' started by mai_kingdra, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. mai_kingdra

    mai_kingdra New Member

    Let's try this again :).....the New & Improved Plasma Storm version of Redshark (5.15 ) is now available for download now for both Windows and Mac.

    Redshark download page

    In addition to the Plasma Storm version, I've also added the cardscan files for these sets available for download via Redshark:

    Dragon Vault
    Boundaries Crossed
    Plasma Storm

    This version (like the previous) of Redshark has cardscan image functionality! It does require an internet connection to download the image files as they are not included in the installer.

    Also, thanks to user feedback, this tweaked version has a few small enhancements:
    • Deck Builder - better card search and card text search (e.g. just type "catcher" for Pokemon Catcher)
    • Added some new promo cards
    • Updated the Modified Legal Promo list (removed old promos)

    Again, I want to say, THANKS!! to the excellent user feedback in identifying the Network N Bug so quickly, so that I could find and correct the issue quickly. Great Job!

  2. cabd

    cabd New Member

    You call that a small enhancement? You just made my WEEK.
  3. Mekkah

    Mekkah New Member

    It's good to see that you're listening to feedback and implementing it so quickly! Is there any way to contact you over instant messenger to discuss Redshark? I remember this being the sim that kind of got me into the game, and I think it deserves more attention than it currently gets.
  4. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    I really love the new card search, but now, there is the reverse problem when it comes to Pokemon like say, Slowking. Since Dark Slowking exists, I have to manually scroll down to the S section every time I want to check a Slowking there. There are other Pokemon with this problem as well, like Vileplume etc.

    If you could give the search a functionality to cycle through the matches for a name when you search for it again, it would be really useful.

    EDIT: Actual error: Garbodor DRX-54, Seedot NEX-2 have no attacks.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2013
  5. StormFront

    StormFront New Member

    I've noticed that Tool Scrapper has been spelt wrong.

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