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Discussion in 'Redshark' started by mai_kingdra, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. mai_kingdra

    mai_kingdra New Member

    I'm nearing the release of the newest version of Redshark. The Boundaries Crossed version, 5.00, will be the first to have the ability to view actual cardscans within the program.

    Because this is a major enhancement, I'm looking for a couple of beta-testers to assist me.


    1. previous redshark user (Windows version)
    2. have time to test between 10pm and midnight (US Eastern time zone) between now (11/14 and 11/30)
    3. good communication skills & willingness to converse via skype or phone
    4. at least semi-computer savvy
    5. responsible
    6. gmail acct is preferred (I like to use Google Docs/Drive to distribute the installer file.)

    I definately don't expect to be testing everyday for the rest of November, but perhaps 5 or 6 times. Some testing will be "on your own", and some will be while playing a network game.

    Interested indviduals should email me at [email protected]

    Thank you very much for your interest in Redshark,

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  2. cabd

    cabd New Member

    I'm game. Email sent to you.
  3. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Great to hear about this wonderful change. :D
  4. fluttercraft

    fluttercraft New Member

    im cool for testing, i emailed you
  5. cabd

    cabd New Member

    Got to say, I'm loving it so far. I'm keeping a log of stuff I notice.
  6. mai_kingdra

    mai_kingdra New Member

    Thanks to beta testers!

    I just wanted to publicly thank those who volunteered to be Redshark beta testers. Their input was very helpful!



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