Redshark online play request thread

Discussion in 'Redshark' started by SD PokeMom, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. reshinov

    reshinov New Member

    Network: reshinov
    PW: shark
  2. Kamekameleon

    Kamekameleon New Member

    ID: Old Skool Pokemon
    Pass: OSP

    Im new, lookin for my first game to test the program.
    Only games with the first 150 pokemans pls, yes, the old skool way.
  3. josetron

    josetron New Member


    my network is briceno1
    and password is pokemon
  4. fluttercraft

    fluttercraft New Member

    ID - pokemon12-13
    PSW - 12-13
    looking for good players to test decks for this season
  5. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    New, would like to test it out. BW-On would be lovely.

    ID: Todd_Ingram
    PSW: milkandeggs
  6. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Hello. My usual testing partners aren't available regularly and most of the times I come to check this thread I don't find anyone online. XD

    Open to playing multiple formats, from the current BW-On to some odd ones like Base Set through Fossil sans Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal.

    Network: Pokégym Players
    Password: Otaku

    PM me if you have questions. I am online quite a bit, though I usually don't have Hamachi up and running.

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