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    OK, I've never written a story on this forums before, so I'll try my best to live up to your expectations by starting a story. :) It's called Reeling in the Shot, which is about a girl who journeys through Sinnoh to catch legendary Pokemon and retrieve the lost Statue of Pinthos. With this statue's power, she will become the Champion and bring peace back to the war-hungry Sinnoh. Hope you enjoy ;)

    Team: Sealeo, Venusaur, Charizard, Gabite

    Chapter 1

    "Angie, help me with the dishes!" my mom called.
    I groaned. "Mom, do I really have to? You promised me that I could train the Gabite I caught yesterday."
    "Never said you could train before you helped!" I groaned again and helped her to train Gabite.
    When I opened the window, I felt the gentle breeze that Ho-oh of Hoenn probably sent north, or was it with Tornadus of Unova? I dismissed my thoughts. So many wind Pokemon! Still, how was I supposed to catch a legendary being ignorant?
    Before I knew it, the dishes were done. "You can go train now," my mother told me, picking up a magazine scattered on the floor. "I'll tidy up the house for now."
    "Okay!" I nodded, and set off with only my Gabite and Sealeo, the ones I most needed to train overtime. I'd not heal them in any battle.
    "Be back before 4!" My mom called, but of course that went in one ear and out the other.
    As I approached the deep, dark forest, I felt a twinge of fright. Who knew what Pokemon lurked out there? Maybe, I could turn back now. Once I went in, I couldn't go back, could I? What if I died there? What if...
    To be continued...

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