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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by empoleonperson, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    So i got a wii for my birthaday even know i wanted an ipod touch more but after playing the wii for a little whole it was pretty cool so thanks for helping me out guys. And now i want a refurbished ipod touch 8gb from apple for like 199.99 or 200 with free shipping and i made a bit of money off england i love england pounds btw and my birthaday money. To get one. Now the thing is what i read on Apple is theyle seal it give you new headphone and seal it up but and give you new parts or fix them. But the thing is i dont want a messed up ipod touch. with dents in the case before i touch it. So is it wise to by refurbished items?
  2. marill95

    marill95 New Member

    i would say only buy refurbished if there is a warantee, but there shouldnt be anything wrong with it, they check to make sure all the scratches fingerprints and other stuff are all gone, also they clean everything so i would reccomend buying refurbished but just make sure there's a warantee
  3. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    If it's refurbished by Apple it means it's pretty much brand new. They examined it, probably from another customer who sent it in, replaced any non-working parts, and then sell it.

    If it's manufacturer direct and refurbished it's probably safe to buy.
  4. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Apple is also very well known for the quality of their merchandise also, and have great warranty programs for it. If you're worried about getting a crappy one, just make sure you have a warranty for backup.
  5. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    I've bought a refurbished iPod Photo recently, and they did a REALLY nice job. They resurfaced the whole thing. The buffered the back to make it scratchless and mirror like. They put some kind of smooth clear stuff on the faceplate to make it smooth and scratchless too. It covered the click wheel, which made it a little harder to scroll fast, but your iPod touch would have like a glass faceplate that they probably wouldn't do this to. It looked really nice, but you could still see some light dings or scratches on the sides of the iPod that could not be filled in. But they were so minor and unnoticeable. It came with the second generation earbuds sealed in some shrink wrap.

    I'd say it would definitely be safe to buy an Apple refurbished one. But wait... there's a catch!!!!!!!!

    ! They destroy my ears, and sound like garbage. I know when you get them, you'll be like, "Wow dessse are sikkkk... sound sooooo good" but NO, don't use them. They provide no isolation, and play at low range unless the volume is really cranked up. Until you get a quality pair of earbuds, you won't know how bad they are!!

    Seriously, get some V-Moda Bass Freq earbuds. They're what I use. They sound 10 times better, and block out a lot of noise because they fit to your ear so much better, Plus, they're very inexpensive considering the quality that you get, less than $20 on eBay. I actually got mine free with 150 Pepsi Points on Amazon that you may be able to find laying in the street/trash in your area if the promotion is where you live... lol. 150 sodas = free headphones

    The only headphones that I've heard that sounded better were Bose Quite Comfort 3... but they cost something like $350 :x

    You'll thank me later :thumb:
  6. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    I bought a , what I found out about awhile afterwards which I will get to , GE cell phone refurbished and the first one wouldn't take the programming....So back to the store I went and they gave me a new one which did work! And the reason behind me buying it was it was $69.99 regular $299.99! I was like wow this is a super deal. So I told my mother about it and she ended up buying one to and hers oprogrammed fine, Now we have two working out of 3 so far. Now my son thinks it would be nice if he could have one to so back to the store we go and get him one and we take it home and it programs as well but one of the lights on the front won't turn off no n\matter what and after a couple hrs the power bar is already down one bar........Back to the store and I take my mothers to compare so they give us the 5th and last one available in the store and we try program it right at the store and it doesn't was then the store manager pointed out to me that these are refurbished phone! I was like " Where does it tell you this?" He points to the box where it say "previously enjoyed bundles".......Why not just put "refurbished used phones" for crying out loud!":biggrin:

    So to make a long story short why buy a used ipod touch when you will be only buying someone else's headache!!! For $279 Canadian (as I am canadian!!!:tongue:)you can buy a brand new 8 gb with warrantee!

    Hope this helps, Mike
  7. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    ^ Previously enjoed bundles? lol, is that supposed to mean they were used up by someone else or that they were broken AND used up by someone else. Another term to look out for is "Reconditioned"

    No, way I wouldn't pay an extra $100 (in my area) for a new one. I see far less broken flash based iPods on eBay, and a ton of hard drive based broken one. The flash based iPods generally only break from abuse, not just natural hardware failure since there are no moving parts. My guess is that the majority of iPod touches sent to Apple would be dropped ones with shattered faceplates and broken screens not covered by the warranty. Getting a new faceplate would make the thing look new on the front.

    Also, the parts in iPods seem to go bad one at a time, unless the iPods were submerged underwater (like went through name it >_<). There are only about 6 parts in there. The battery, headphone jack/hold switch, click wheel, logic board, hard drives in some, and the screen. When you replace that one broken part, the iPod works perfectly again until someone abuses it or the battery naturally runs out (takes a long time, longer than warranty anyway... less than $7 DIY anyway)). Flashed based iPods don't to break on their own from what I see on eBay everyday.

    So just take care of it. I recommend a "crystal case" for it to protect from falls, but without hiding the beauty of it's design or access to screen :thumb:

    So yeah, still don't see the harm in buying refurbished in this case because the price differenced is huge, risk is extremely low,...guess the same doesn't go for cell phones.... well, lets just say never buy things that have shady messages on the box like "previously enjoyed". I like when they flat out say: it's USED, REFURBISHED, PREOWNED, or at least Reconditioned.
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