Regigigas for Regionals?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mrbusterman11, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. mrbusterman11

    mrbusterman11 New Member

    Here's my list,

    2-2regigigas (drag off)
    4 mespirt
    3 uxie
    2 crobat
    1 regice
    1 giratina
    1 azelf


    4 poke on collector
    2 bebes
    1 lookers
    1 seeker
    4 SSU
    3 expert belt
    2 warp point
    3 poke turn
    3 poke on rescue
    1 premier
    1 snowpoint temple
    1 galactic HQ


    4 DCE
    4 fighting
    4 water
    4 metal

    STRATEGY;Attack with regigigas.Sacrifice mespirts and then use pokemon rescue to take them back from the discard pile so you can use Psychic Bind.

    I know that is list needs a lot of tuning up so feedback and advice is greatly appreciated
  2. kyle_thomas

    kyle_thomas New Member

    Definitely add in Junk Arms and Poke-Healer +'s incase of a power spray of sacrifice. Poke drawers are another good option. Twins are a great option since you can sacrifice to get down on prizes. I'd personally run a 3-1 Gigas line, starting with the gigas is so much easier then starting with any of the tech cards you have. I'd also run 3 Mesprit's and 2 Uxie's, and only 3 of each of the basic energies.
  3. mrbusterman11

    mrbusterman11 New Member

    Pokehealers? I've never heard of anyone using them in gigas.
    Thanks for the advice
  4. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    Pokehealer is gawd...please allow me some time to finish off my actual post...

    ---------- Post added 03/20/2011 at 11:30 PM ----------

    drop a mesprit. 4 is WAAAAAAY too many, and in practicality, you will NEVER flat out bench all four in one game without being uber inconsistent else where

    drop an e belt. Sure it SEEMS nice but flat out you only need 2. Plus the difference in drawing 2 vs 3 is like 5% or something stupid like that.

    Drop your stadiums. Snowpoint hurts in sp which is 90% of the format and you won't fish that ONE galactic's HQ before your opponent sets up.

    Think about dropping Azelf. With a 2-2 line prizing something important is rare to NEVER. I haven't played it in my build since the end of LAST season...and last season I ran 3-1...

    Think of a secondary draw card for yoru deck that fits YOUR playstyle. It could be looker's, it could be sage's training, it could be Engineers adjustments or even 2 more judge. The deck NEEDS different draw and contrary to popular belief can NOT rely soley on Uxie when you have 5 bench spaces and 4 power spray in just about every deck in format.

    Think about switching bebe's for communication. It's a personal preference/meta game choice, but honestly it really IS beast in gigas outside trainer lock.

    Drop Looker's for judge and find space for another one (2 total). Looker's is cool, but judge is not only more painful but also more beneficial in that you can use it when YOU need cards while still screwing over your opponent.

    Drop one crobat. I'll admit it's a good card now, but 2 is overkill.

    Look at VS is a BEAST card...

    Also add one Seeker

    You either need to play 4 pokehealer or 4 life herbs.

    Junk arm is nice. Play no more than 3.

    Plus power is nice. Play 4 if you do.

    Alot of this comes down to flat out just player choice. Gigas is NOT something you can just build and pick up then play a tourney with and do well. If you do not have the proper testing you will lose. Especially in this format.

    Is the format GOOD for gigas? Yeah, but the format also has a lot of stuff that will WRECK your day if you don't know what your doing, vilegar, magnezone and machamp being 3 big ones. Even Luxchomp and Dialgachomp arent auto wins right now.

    I'm also gonna post what I've been posting to people asking for my list.

    Hope this and it will help and as always, questions, just pm me.


    Try this, it's what I've been giving out to people asking for my list.

    Your base Pokemon List will look something like this

    2-2 Gigas (drag off) or 3-1 Gigas (2 drag off 1 recover mech)
    2-3 mesprit (I've always run 2 and had no problems, but my current list runs 3)
    3-1 uxie (this helps guarantee draw for when you play or play against judge/giratina. The x is also great to use vs machamp and sp)
    1 Regice (drops energy, manipulates sps pokemon and can even counter mewtwo to some degree)

    Then the optional cards are:
    1 unown q (obvious retreat)
    1 Giratina pl 9 (searchable disruption. Great vs sp and gdos)
    1 Crobat g (search able plus power and a decent fainting spell counter)
    1-1 Dialga g (helps vs trainer lock, helps vs mewtwo, helps vs donphan. It also works as a decent attacker)
    1-1 Umbreon ud (A great card but forces you to switch your energy counts to play Rainbow)
    1-1 Honchkrow sv (see above)

    Next I'm going to go over energy. I always do my energy count for Gigas before my trainer list because that way I know exactly how many spots I have for T/s/s.

    There are 2 popular counts imo:

    I always do:

    4 water
    4 fighting
    4 steel
    3 dce

    But other people mostly prefer

    3 Water
    3 Fighting
    3 Steel
    4 dce

    The extra dce in the second list is pretty helpful, but the first list can utilize the engineer's adjustments trainer engine and it's generally easier imo to get the necessary energy to Giga Blaster. Your energy count is laregly hinged on your build and playstyle. If you can handle playing more calculated and don't mind being a bit lucky, then go with build 2, especially if your particular build needs more room. If you like moderate consistency for a more giga blaster aggressive build, then use list 1.

    Now for the trainer list. It varies ALOT and this is where it gets harder.

    Your base t/s/s list is this:

    4 collector
    4 SSU
    2 Ex Belt
    2-3 pokemon rescue (depending on your build)
    1-2 Premier Ball (personal preference and dependent on your build)
    2 Pkmn Comm./ Bebe's

    The above is none negotiable. If you're missing these cards, odds are your Gigas list won't be running well anytime soon.

    Now for the rest of your varying t/s/s list and these are all based on personal preference and build style. I'll mark what I think is necessary with an(*).

    2 Judge* (Flat out, imo this is probably the second most important supporter to Gigas second only to Collector. It's not search able, but when you drop this after your bind I can guarantee your opponent will be hurting pretty bad.)
    2-3 Engineer's (depends on your energy count and build (see energy)
    2-3 Sage's Training (Depends on personal preference. I don't like it because of the potential to discard important cards, but I AM using it in my current list and will support than when you play it right it's beast).
    2-3 Warp Point* (my favorite trainer. It can score you a free prize, reset Giga Blaster and even get around mewtwo if need be. I always run 3 because it's just that good).
    4 Poke healer +* (Great vs sp when you can't get rid of their power sprays an need to heal. After I started using this this year it's a staple in my gigas lists. You can also try subbing out life herb if you're running junk arm and don't mind the flip.)
    2-4 Junk Arm (not necessary but definitely nice. I went the whole season not using it until this last week, 3 is a good number here, but this varies on your build.)
    2-3 Seeker (Another card I just now started messing with. Great for mid game when you NEED to bind/heal/draw. If you run VS Seeker, stick to 2. One downside to this card is that too many will kill you early game. Works great as a mewtwo counter when paired with warp point.)
    0-2 twins (I don't play it. I don't like it. It's virtually dead early game and you want it to be dead late game or you're doing something wrong. Some people like it, but I would never play more than 1 or 2.)
    1 VS Seeker (Great with Junk Arm. Great with Seeker. It also allows you some flexibility in your build in the sense that you can usually drop your draw supporters to 2 ea and be fine. I just recently started using it and I gotta say it IS pretty fun.)
    3-4 Plus Power (A personal favorite of mine. Not necessary but definitely nice for adding damage in a pinch, especially with drag off. I've played 4 of these all year until my new list, and they've won me games.)
    1-2 Black Belt (Numbers are a personal preference. 2 Gets you them more often, but in you're opening hand, you'll be kicking yourself for having them. I run 1 in my new build and the vs seeker works to reuse it if need be.)
    0-2 Snowpoint Temple (haven't played it since last year and even then I took it from my list by regionals. Great for tanking but virtually useless vs sp).
    0-2 Cyrus Initiative (a great card for disruption when it works...but it has to work).

    Now in regards to strategy, your strategy is pretty much the same. You maintain your bind with SSU/Sac/Rescue/what have you while taking prizes. I focused a lot less on an all game bind this year and I did fine. With practice you learn when you can skip a bind to save on resources. The second thing you need to apply is disruption and in all honesty THAT'S what kills your opponent. Judge, Cyrus, Giratina, Weavile, any thing that strips resources is a great tool.

    Hope this helps
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  5. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    Edits in Bold
    Hope this helps:thumb:
  6. mrbusterman11

    mrbusterman11 New Member

    Thanks Cetra for taking the time to write that post and all the advice.It is really helping!!!
  7. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    Hey Percy, you know I played Gigas for a while haha, Rayquaza, those edits will NOT, help Gigas. Cetra was right but Rayquaza, 4 seeker? no. 3 cyrus? no. This deck is extremely difficult to use correctly (percy you can do it!) so rayquaza pleaase don't post edits that you don't quite understand the deck.
  8. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^ since it is difficult, I can't make good edits to this. So correct the edits that will work for Gigas
  9. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    On Rayquaza's edits...
    NEVER use only 2 uxie and in competitively play NEVER play without Uxie X. W/o the X, your machamp matchup is an auto loss with no outs. You have no means to counter Lucario GL drops if something goes wrong and you somehow get KOed by it. Same with promo croak. Also Uxie X us great draw and a decent secondary attacker for taking cheap prizes off things like Fairies your opponent promotes and spiritombs which resists gigas.

    No SSU is just ASKING to lose. Play no LESS than 3, but even I play a full set. It's just that necessary.

    4 Seeker is WAY to much. Why? Because you can only play one supporter the whole turn and in an actual match you'd see how having a handful of them would backfire.

    The same above principal is why you don't want to play Cyrus. If you aren't trying this with Sableye as a starter, Cyrus is a real waste of space. It nukes your speed while also doing little to improve your consistency.

    Glad to see my posts helped.
  10. rokman

    rokman <a href="

    What do you do against mewtwo lv.x
  11. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    His list specifically? Pick off bench stuff that can be removed from the field (Uxie, sp stuff etc). When your opponent gets down to 1 benched pokemon and an active mewtwo, you warp point then seeker for game (assuming you can KO the new active).

    Other counters include dialga G (DUH -_-')

    Black Belt Drag Off the basic

    Abamasnow (still not a fan)

    Drifblim UD

    Honchkrow (love it but its uber hard to play)
  12. rokman

    rokman <a href="

    What if they poketurn / seeker their 2 benched pokemon at the same time?

    Then you lose
  13. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    Yup. And that's a risk you take not putting a specific tech in your deck. My area? There ARE no mewtwo techs in decks. If that were to change or I were playing a major tournament I would find room for an actual tech, like Dialga.

    However, I'm just saying that you DO have SOME out against it built in to the deck already.
  14. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Hey Rayquaza, noticed you've been suggesting 4 seeker in every single deck in the deck help and strategy thing. Just curious why? lol
  15. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^is there somthing wrong with that?

    The card is good
  16. YogiBear

    YogiBear New Member

    yeah its good but not for every single deck.
  17. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^ Ok, but I would use it to take Damage Pokemon and Uxie/Azelfs out of bench
  18. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member


    I have seen you put 4 seeker in every list haha, and I think its time for you to stop saying seeker stuff haha. Seeker is nice, but 4 excessive, and a waste of space.
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