Regional Championships 2008, Colorado Springs CO

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by EeveeLover, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. ColdFire64

    ColdFire64 New Member

    First off judges/staff, thank you very much for making this event a huge success. Everything ran very smoothly because of all your hard work...

    As for me, I cannot believe I came in 5th place at regionals with my Blissey deck!!
  2. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    WOW!! What a night. Everything was so smooth, I forgot that we were running a major event.

    @ ColdFire - awesome job! Having some of the North players represented in T16 was great, GJ to you and Hookshot on both your standings for the day.

    Everyone that attended made the day a really fun day for us. Yes, it was long and all the Staff were about dead by the end of the day, but we all had a great time.

    Thanks to everyone on the Masters / Seniors side, you guys made my day easy.

    Thanks to MHJ Ken, MFJ Paul, SHJ Steve and SFJ Ron, PTO Dwayne, Tonja, Patricia, Andrea, Cathy, Liam, Stewart, Rob, and Simba. It was great to work with you all day.

    Really pumped to work with most of you at Nats in a couple months.

    Great matches and Players.
    Awesome Staff to work with.
    Great food from the restaurant.
    Great location - Dwayne did good on this!

    Really none. It was a really good day.

    Thanks again.
  3. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    I really think Kevin deserved to win against me, and he did! I think going 8-2 (only losing to Kevin twice) the day, getting 2nd, and winning the scholarships and stuff is all good for me. My trophy looks nice in my room and look forward to Battle roads then nats if I can make it.

    good players
    4 different states with us
    enough for T16 in Masters and Seniors
    Cool hats
    New friends
    some new deck ideas

    Keivn and I getting pounded for not putting Pop 7 for some my Ralts and Sentet, and his sentret resulting in a caution
    Me getting another caution for saying telepass right after my Gardy dies... :lol: (My fault entirely though)
    Tyler for getting extra pounded! Saying he cusses, stackes, and switched sleeves to mark... :nonono: Resulting in a game loss, a talk to, made him lose T16 cause he was nervous... lol, sending in the sleeves to get checked, maybe resulting himn in a ban from pokemanz

    Besides that it was great! :lol: I had a great time and hope to see you all again soon!
  4. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    As promised, I'll reward those who went 4-2 in the Masters and Seniors but didn't make the playoffs. There were 4 in the Masters and 2 in the Seniors. I'll split a box of GE of with them - that's 6 boosters each.

    The event was VERY well run. With so many great judges and staff, maybe next year I can step down and play at a Regionals for once.

    Bummer that some of the Rogue-ish decks couldn't crack Top4.


    - Props to Daniel and Joss for trying something different and barely missing the top cut.
    - Props to MelinaK for playing Rogue (Skittles) and WINNING!
    - Props to UT players for putting 5 Masters in the Top16.
    - Props to PTO Dwayne for everything!
    - Props to all out-of-staters for making the trek.
    - Props to Anthony from AZ for using and doing well with Ken's Japanese rogue deck! It gets my vote for the favorite deck of the tournament. He could've easily made it to the finals had he not faced the best Seniors player in the US (KrazyKevin) in the quarter-finals.
    - Props to ChristianM for making it an all-CO Seniors final - beating an OUTSTANDING AZ player (JoeyL) in the semis.
    - Props to the Brander Bros for their great Top2 Finish, skyrocketing their rankings. Bummer that Ian got his third 2nd place finish this season (2nd in 2 States and 2nd in Regionals).
    - Props to the UT Profs who helped do TopX deck checks.
    - Props to all the CO players for coming, despite many being sick. KevinA had larengitis, Christian was sick, and Pablo had a 100+ fever. I missed church today because they passed on their bugs to me after being with them for 12 hours.
    - Props to son Michael who did well (3rd place).
    - Props to all the free meals and soda provided by the PTO.
    - Props to Patricia for flawlessly running TMS and getting the results reported at 12am, just in time for the rankings update; thereby putting KrazyKevin on the top (for North America), if only of a day, and putting the Branders in the Top 10 for Masters, if only for a day.
    - Props to Andrea for making sure all the judges "got it right." My toughest ruling was figuring out what attack on Murkrow that Sableye could Disable. We had to call PokePOP to get that one right.
  5. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    That deck was intresting. Kevin was killing him with te least expected pokemanz of the day... Furret! lol Hey, i'm in the props! weeee. I didn't know he was that good, but he did put up a good fight. I sure do honor him for that. Whta bout props for CO keeping their trophies? lol I luv Pokemanz BTW. I gained 70 points and am sitting in 15th spot in North America in Seniors. So, Melina played Skittles huh? Glad to hear she did that well. I'd say Skittles is becoming more and more a Archtype. I just want to thank all you for making this tourney happening!
  6. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    More Props:

    - Props to JoelE who finish 17th. It was sure good to see him come back after being gone for months.
    - Props to Ben with his InferCatty deck. Top8 was a VERY GOOD finish.
    - Props to Ken and Dwayne for their "loud" voices, keeping the players silent during announcements.
    - Props to those who help me get rid of all my extra Pokemon Beanz, deck boxes, and T-shirts. Someone got a VERY RARE Tropical Mega Battle T-shirt.
    - Props to PTO Dwayne for the Regionals Polo shirts and imprinted dice.
    - Props to Dwayne for finding a Wii to give away. I was really hoping my kid would win it.
    - Props to all the Seniors and Masters who came so we could do Top16.
    - Props to my fellow judges from CO - PaulK, RonP, WayneC, and StewartT. It's always a pleasure to work with you guys.
  7. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    did u guys cut t4?? or 16?
  8. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Look in his props.

    Juniors: Top 4
    Seniors: Top 16
    Masters: Top 16
  9. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    luckys we got done by like 12 st louis time
    IT WAS HORRIBLE :nonono:
  10. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    Made it back to the AZ 12 Hours 24 hours of Driving for one event and I wouldn't change it for anything

    Cathy and I had a great time Very proud of all out AZ players.

    Had a great time with my fellow masters Judges (Looking forward to doing it again Wayne)

    Saw some great play from all players

    Watched our head Judge work her very hard (nice work Andrea)

    The tournament ran super smooth (As Always Trish)

    The Organizer was a madman all over the place and a true pleasure to work with(Had a Great Time Dwayne)

    To everyone I didn't mention thank you for a wonderful event.

    Our Great Judging Staff
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  11. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    BLiZzArd... just a question. In the gallery, I don't see my photo (and kevs) when we get handed our trophies. Just a question. Thanks!
  12. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Final Props:

    - PUI and the PTO for great staff support.
    - Ken for helping me get a couple rulings right.
    - James for getting his highest Seniors finish ever (4th).
    - Tristan for finishing 3rd. Hopefully, his parents will spend the money to get him back to US Nats to defend his title.
    - Cathy and Stewart for working the "hardest" of all the judges with the toughest age group - the Juniors.
    - LoganC for representing his UT Poke family very well (made Top16). Good luck on your mission call. Hey SteveC, the IRS hit me hard this year too, and I'll bet my son's Regionals booster box that your hit pales in comparison to mine. :biggrin:
    - The weather for "stessing out" the AZ, UT, and SD travelers just enough to give the CO players a slight edge. :biggrin:
    - PUI for the cool trophies, including a 4th place trophy. Those trophies will make a great WWF-style belt buckle. :biggrin:


    - None. There never are any at premier events in CO. :biggrin:
  13. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    I sooooo agree with your slops. Except a CC in a brunswick zone, Tanya was trying to help judge my finals, and basically keep her whole family and nices running amuck screaming and stuff handeled. But it was amazing how she did it.

    Thanks all for a great tourney, hopefully see ya in a year. (Hope it's not in UT, then I prob. won't see you guys in a year. lol)
  14. ShinyMedi

    ShinyMedi New Member

    No Adrian Montoya?!


  15. ColdFire64

    ColdFire64 New Member

    LOL. Nope. Surprised he didn't make it up to the top cut. I'm also surprised you didn't come down either Roberto! If you are still on this site and keeping up with stuff, you should come visit us on a Thursday at league! Haven't seen you in forever!
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